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Unexpected Surprise: Suspense

Time between visits makes...well, something grow fonder! ;)
My life had very quickly become boring in the aftermath of "Pure Lust". After we parted ways, we had kept up with our usual chats on Lush, but I just couldn't remain happy with this form of communication for long. She was so alive in person, and text just wasn't cutting it any more. So, I decided I had to act quickly before I ended up in a straight jacket!

I made my arrangements and managed to score quite a good all-in-one package on line. That's when the countdown began, and I spent my nights awake with thoughts filled of what was to come.

My trip ran very smoothly, and upon my arrival at the hotel I was happy when I realised it was central to the Perth CBD. I settled in by unpacking and then grabbed my laptop. I made myself comfortable on the bed, and logged on to the hotel's Wi-Fi. Due to my travels it had been over a day since I last chatted with her, and I missed her. I opened Lush, and my heart skipped a bit when I realised she was online!

I immediately opened up a chat box and she accepted. Within a minute, the banter had started, and soon I was smiling and laughing in my own little world as always. She had no idea I was in her home town, and I made sure she'd be in the city working for the week before saying goodnight when it was time for her to head to bed.

I woke up the next morning feeling jet lagged, but after a lie in to try and accommodate I found I felt much better. I dressed and left the hotel just before lunch time. I was not at all prepared for the Australian heat which had sprung itself upon me with force as I left the hotel - it felt nothing like home! I felt like a real tourist with my map, but I still had to try and reach my destination before time was up, and I did not want to risk being lost in a strange city.

As I approached a large building, I noted the name of the company in big letters above the door which confirmed I was in the right place. I smiled to myself, and found a ledge nearby to sit on while I waited. I could not help but check my watch every few minutes as my nerves started to get the better of me!

Finally! I dropped down from the ledge so I could keep a good eye on the front doors. My eyes scanned the people exiting the building at random, until my heart leapt. After all these months, she was again standing in front of me. Although her 'moment' was delayed as obviously she was not aware of the fact I was there.

She was wearing a modest black dress which hugged her curves, and she had a beaming smile on her face as she walked alongside a colleague, a joke shared between them. Her brown eyes were hidden under her sunglasses, but I could tell that she was scanning the street, almost like...

Oh my gosh! Her mouth all of a sudden opened into a silent O as she saw me, and her slender hand rose to her face to lift her sunnies to her head. This allowed her gorgeous eyes to meet mine in shock.

She turned to her friend and waved them off as I heard her say in her amazing accent "I'll see you back in the office." Her friend acknowledged this with a smile, and when the coast was clear, she came wandering over. I could tell she felt slightly awkward, not wanting to make anything too obvious as people she worked with were milling around, but I could see in her eyes how amazed and excited she was.

We walked away from her office. All I wanted to do was hold her hard and tight, but again, it was too risky in public, so I had to make do with the friendly and animated chit chat for now. She wanted to know everything - why was I here, how long for, when did I arrive. I told her I was there for her, and only her. I was there for a week, and wanted to see her as much as possible during that time.

For the entire lunch hour we just walked and talked, flirted, and made plans. She had to work that week as it was a busy time of year and she really couldn't take time off without any notice. As I walked her back to her office, she leant in to hug me, and she whispered something in my ear. I smiled, and handed her a small slip of paper. She pulled away and waved at me as she walked back through to her office.

As soon as she was out of sight, I started to run back towards my hotel, and hoped I again wouldn't get lost as I had to make a slight detour on the way. I had a lot to prepare for!

A few hours later, I was ready. Right on time too, I thought, as I looked at the clock which advised the time was 3.30pm. I jumped as I heard a soft knock on the door.

She still looked as gorgeous as before, even after a hard day at work. Her feet were in colourful 5 inch heels, which complemented her black dress, and her red fringe was slightly damp due to the heat outside. Her brown eyes were highlighted by her long, dark lashes, and her cheeks were flushed which gave her an amazing glow. Her lips tilted into that smile that made me weak at the knees, and she walked in to the room, shutting the door behind her.

She moved to kiss me, but I evaded her – only for the moment! All I wanted to do was take her straight to bed, but I had a plan, and I intended to follow it. She looked hurt, only for a second, until I showed her in to the bathroom. I explained to her that after a long day at work, she deserved a break, a bit of a treat. She smiled at me again, and nodded, obviously waiting for what I had in store. I had lit the candles surrounding the tub already, and the bath was filled with warm water. I poured some bubbles in to the water which immediately filled the room with a sensually sweet smell. I told her to undress and to make herself comfortable, and told her I'd be back, shutting the door behind me.

I left her waiting for a number of minutes so she could relax, but also I wanted to create some suspense. While she soaked her soft body in the bath, I gathered my equipment from the mini bar fridge, and opened the bathroom door.

She had turned the lights out, and I could just make out the shape of her body in the dim candle lit room, which was hidden under the bubbles which covered the surface of the water. Her eyes were closed, those lashes framing her cheeks, and her head was tilted back. All I wanted to do was lean forward and kiss all along that soft neck she had exposed to me. I put the tray down next to the bath, and leant my body over the tub so I could kiss her softly on the cheek. She smiled and opened her eyes as I handed her a glass of white wine, and sat down near her feet. I grabbed her right foot gently, and asked her to tell me about her day. She started to explain what her work load was like, and told me stories about the interesting things that had happened throughout the day. As she spoke, I slowly rubbed at the balls of her feet, hoping to release the tension built by wearing those high heels all day.

She returned her head to the relaxing position, and closed her eyes again. She continued to talk and sip her wine, but paused to moan or sigh as tension of her day slipped away at my touch. My thumbs were pressed into the flesh of her foot, my fingers rested around her slim ankle to support my hand. After a while I gently placed her foot back in to the water, and reached for her other foot to repeat.

Her eyes opened to meet with mine, and she asked me join her in the tub. Don't need to ask me twice! I thought, as I stripped off in record time and settled in at the end near her feet. I reached for the tray and topped her glass of wine up, before reaching for the plate of strawberries I had prepared. I held one in my fingers, and placed it against her mouth to tempt her lips open and take a bite of the strawberry. The juice dribbled down her chin, which I caught with my finger. I traced my finger up her chin to her lips, and she drew my finger in to her mouth, gently sucking the sweet fruit essence from my skin.

The feel of her lips on my skin again, after all this time, had me instantly starting to swell beneath the bubbles. I fed her another strawberry, her lips closing around the fruit as her white teeth bit in to it. She smiled at me, telling me the fruit was delicious.

I reached for the loofah, and squirted some liquid soap into its folds. I rubbed the loofah between my hands, working the soap into a lather before I touched her wet skin with it. I started from her shoulders, and with gentle movements, I soaped her body, over one shoulder, and then the next. She sighed, and her body melted further into the water, further relaxed at my touch. My hand, at the base of her neck, pulled forward slightly until she was leaning away from the side of the bath. I continued to wash her, circling her back. My hands drifted further down her back and around to the side, just grazing the side of one of her perfect tits. She moaned at my touch, her eyes urging me to continue....

Credit goes to Funguy27 for the idea's behind this one! :) This was only going to be one long story, but I've managed to get a touch of writer's block (haha). So I thought I'd submit what I've done, and turn it in to a 2 or 3 part 'series' - we'll see how I go!

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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