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Make of it what you will.

There’s a level that exists few people can reach it. To most it is unreachable as unreachable as you are to me.

I slap you hard across the face, the slap born from frustration and anger at my own foolishness. Instantly I want to cry with the relief. Your eyes are no longer kind and though it’s not an immediate reflex you react consciously by slapping me back harder and meaner than I ever could.

I slap you again and this time by tears start to fall, they run fast in groups as if escaping the turmoil they’re subjected to.

My face has a red angry handprint but there’s no anger here now because it’s faded and been replaced with something else, a passion, and one that should never be underestimated.

You’re kissing me hard now and I’m kissing you right back as if my life depends on it. My hands, they claw at you as if they can tell you something I never could.

Amid the frenzy I still find a moment to savour the taste of your mouth, it might make me smile one day when I recall it.

Tears that still fall have found their way to our joined lips and I taste the salt and wish for a second I could forget this particular detail.

There’s still a negative emotion lingering as we begin to clumsily remove our clothes and we set about using, enjoying one another one last time.


I beg and you don’t know what it is that I’m pleading for you do not care enough to wonder.

You think you have it sussed when your mouth sucks on each of my nipples in turn but inside I am still begging for something you will never know. My most extreme yearning as unreachable to you as you are to me.

I watch you suck my nipples and would never deny that I’m growing wetter by the second as I watch you at work on me your enthusiasm a switch you press and not a compulsion.

I make gentle noises of appreciation and they’re as real as this moment and as real as the unspoken words that sit like silent ghosts around us.

“Where do you want it?” you ask me and I look at you helplessly because words won’t find me.

“Tell me where you want it or you won’t get it at all!” you tell me with what I presume to be feigned menace in your tone. Then it occurs to me momentarily that I hardly know you at all.

I’m finding it even harder if it’s at all possible, to speak now and my eyes plead with you to make the decision.

“I want it everywhere” I whimper finally and oh so aware that it doesn’t help.

“Oh you’re going to get it! You tell me and in that tone again, the one that unsettles me I decide.

I’m on my knees now because wherever your cock is going I want it hard and fast, I need it.

I look over my left shoulder at you and smile inappropriately, you smile right back at me just as your cock finds my sopping pussy and you drive it into me making me cry out wantonly.

“Give it to me”

I ask you helplessly and it is a question despite the fact that I already know the answer. You’d never know that I was talking about your heart, I’d never tell.

You give me your cock as deep as our bodies allow, my cervix protesting silently as you pound it relentlessly. I betray it by begging for it harder still.

“Spread my arse” I tell you brazenly because I know I’ll just love the feel of it and the knowledge that you’re looking at me as you do it.

The solitary word “yes” leaves my lips and I nod simultaneously as your fingers strive to spread my tightest hole.

“Now finger fuck it!”

I tell you because I’m greedy like that. A finger magically finds it’s way into my tight but avid hole and you spit on me to add lubrication as you enjoy the tight muscles resisting your efforts.

When I’ve relaxed a little and am crying out overwhelmed by only the pleasure at having both holes violated you add another finger stretching me now as you feel your cock inside me through the thin wall that separates my playgrounds.

You attempt to make a scissor motion with your fingers now to open me up so you can see inside and just the feel of it makes me wild.

It makes you wilder though and your cock yearns to be in my arse now so you slide out of me, slick with my juices and replace your fingers with your solid needy cock.

Deeper and deeper you push changing your angle as you meet resistance. Forcing your way in up to the hilt.

Your balls begin slapping away at my swollen pussy as you pound my grateful arse while I beg with tears like a child for an ice-cream for it harder and harder unsure if I can take anymore yet needing it all the same.

You watch closely as you emerge each time, my arse clinging to you perhaps because it knows it will never enjoy you this way again.

“I’ve got something for you” you tell me and you want to know where you should leave your gift. I want it in my fertile pussy but I tell you to give it to me deep in my arse.

You’re silent as you pump your frothy seed into the darkest depths of me and I moan because your gift is gratefully received.

I feel full of you long after you’ve with withdrawn and it’s a feeling that I wish could last forever.

“What are you thinking?” you ask me and though it’s a clichéd question you actually mean it.

“I’m thinking that that was very fucking nice” I respond because you want to hear that more than you want to hear the truth, I decide.

You smile and we lay together watching yet not mentioning those words, the ghosts that are floating around us just out of reach.

“I want to come with your cock in me” I tell you as my hand reaches to your cock to check it’s status.

“You’d better get sucking then” you tell me and I don’t hesitate in manoeuvring myself into position. I start gently with my tongue, just flicking lightly to gain a reaction. You twitch and murmur a sound that indicates your approval and I read it as a green light.

I open my mouth wide and sink my throat onto you now, taking the length of you to my tonsils before sucking firmly as I rise off you.

Faster and faster I repeat the motion until you’re growing harder and I’m finding it difficult to take all of you.

I pause and look up at you, my eyes asking if you’re ready to give me what I need.

My eyes telling you so much more than that before I look away because I don’t want you to know how much I need you, how much I wish I could reach you.

I lay along side you now and drape my leg over you as you guide yourself into me and my reliable fingers get to work on my swelling clit.

You rock gently back and forth patiently waiting for my breaths to quicken. I imagine we’re on a higher level one that can’t be reached with steps and I bring myself off under the false pretence. I scream away from you and the irony is the bitter aftertaste as my ecstasy fades and you continue slowly thrusting as secret tears tickle their way to my ear and cause a sigh that you mistake for something else.

“You’re unreachable”

I tell you because the words won’t sit quietly anymore. I trust that I don’t need to explain what I mean.

You wrap your arms around me and pull me into you.

And then you whisper the words “I’m not unreachable just lost.”

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