Valentine's Day 2010

By mixedchocolate

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A Valentine's Day Fantasy
          The date is Valentine's day, 2010.  No matter how hard you tried, you just could not get the day off at work.  You were understandably upset, but you kept your cool and I just said, 'honey do what you have to do, I'll be waiting at home for you with something special.'  This eases the frustration of the day, and next thing you know you're released.  As you head home you think of the vague promise of happiness that you're headed to.  You're so excited because we had missed the last 2 Valentine's days, that you couldn't wait to spend another one with your husband.  You start getting shivers down your spine from anticipation as you pull in the garage in your new car.  I'm watching and waiting for you to roll in from the spare bedroom's window. 
          As I see your lights roll in, I put everything together so it's perfect when you step in.  I light candles and turn out the lights.  I meet you at the door and take your coat and help you take your blouse off.  I reach up and pull you to me and kiss you slowly, as I run my hands through your hair.  I take your hand and begin to lead you to the kitchen.  You notice that there are no lights on, just candles on the kitchen table that throw mysterious and sexy shadows across the room.  You also notice that there are two trails of rose petals, one leading to the kitchen table, and one leading from the kitchen table to the bedroom.  I take you on the one that leads to the kitchen table, and you are greeted by the sweet smell of one of your favorite dishes, sun dried tomato sauce drizzled over sauteed shrimp and grilled chicken over linguine pasta, served with two glasses of Hatteras Red wine.  I pull out your seat for you and sit you down, then I take my seat and we share an exquisite meal as I have you briefly tell me about your day. 
           When you are finished I take your hand again and lead you to the bedroom, along the trail of rose petals.  I open the door and you are greeted by more soft candle light and a light whiff of incense.   I tell you to lay down on the bed and you ease yourself on the bed, and I see a smile creep across your face. I begin to undress you, the ACU's (military uniform) are hiding you're natural beauty.  As I undress you I get a shock though, to find that you are wearing lingerie underneath.  It's a stunning black satin finished bra, with a matching set of boy cut shorts.  My eyes light up to this discovery and you just giggle and ask if I like it.  I don't have to say anything as the stirring in my pants is a suitable response.  I lean in and begin to kiss your soft lips.  I run my hands across your body, exploring every curve.  A soft moan escapes your lips as i begin to nibble on your ear and you feel my hands cup your breasts.  I slide my hands to the back and slip your bra off.  As I do this you can feel my penis growing harder by the second.  You reach down and begin to stroke it through my pants. 
           You want it, so you begin to unbutton my pants as I pull my shirt off.  You begin to pull my pants down and my penis flies out, already standing at full attention.  You can't wait to feel it inside of you, and you can feel your pussy getting wet and beginning to ache for this massive penis to stretch it out.  I let you play with it and taste it for a little while, and then I push you onto your back.  I get on top of you and begin to kiss you again as my hands creeps down to your panties.  As my hands explore you, I feel that you have already soaked through your panties.  I bring my fingers to me lips and taste your womanhood.  Yes, you are ready, as a sweet, succulent taste is taken from  my fingers.  I pull off your panties and toss them to the side.  I take a moment and just look at you in all your beauty in the flickering candle light. Your eyes sparkle, and I can see the flames dancing in them, both figuratively and literally.  I notice the way that your firm breasts stand up and defy gravity, crested on top by the sparkling beads of your piercings, which lead from your breasts, through your navel, and down to your now glistening pussy. 
          I get on top and grind my rock hard penis against your soaking wet pussy.  The anticipation is killing you, and your pussy aches to be penetrated so badly that you can't stand it.  You sit up and say "This is very romantic and all, but right now I just want you to fuck me."  After you say this a wicked smile creeps across my face, and my eyes flare up.  I say "I was wondering how long it was going to take for you to say that, but don't worry though, I know exactly what to give a cock crazed slut like you."  With that I open the drawer and pull out a tube of lube and the biggest vibrator that we have, the one that I bought you.  You know what's coming next and your pussy and your ass twitch at the idea of it.  I tell you to be a good girl and get on your knees.  You get on your knees and lay on your chest on the bed, so that I have full access to your ever wettening pussy and ass.  Secretly this is what you had been wanting all along, but were worried that I wouldn't think it was appropriate for Valentine's Day . 
           As you think this to yourself I begin to rub lube over my raging hard on.  Then I pour some lube on your asshole and the coldness from it sends shivers down your spine.  Just as you are getting over the initial shock, I slide two fingers in your asshole and you can't help but to moan as I work them around to loosen your asshole up so I can fit my ever-growing cock in there.  I give you the vibrator and tell you to lube it up so it's ready.  As you do this you look in my eyes and see an entirely different man in them.  It's not so much the look of an educated and 'civil' man, but more like an animal, going in for it's prey-which just happens to be you.  These looks and thoughts scare and excite you at the same time.  Just then I make my way over to you with my huge cock leading the way.  I grab your hips and guide the head of my dick to your asshole, and ask you, 'Are you ready for what's comin to ya?'  You're not sure, but you say yes anyways and with that I begin to push my massive member inside you.  As I enter you, you hold your breath.  I'm filling you up quickly, and it hurts a little, but also feels extremely good at the same time.  I grab your hips and finish pushing inside you until I'm all the way inside you, and you can feel my balls resting on your pussy.  You stay there for a little while, and tell me to stay still, until you're body can adjust to having a huge cock inside your ass. 
            After a little while you feel your ass begin to relax around my cock.  You take a breath and prepare for round two.  You push my balls off of your pussy lips and spread them with the head of the vibrator.  You slowly begin to insert it deeper and deeper into your pussy.  The feelings are so intense that you moan and I can feel your body shiver as it takes a 16 inches of cock.  I can feel the vibrator sliding deeper into your pussy through your ass, while my cock is stretching it out.  You think about what you are doing, that you are taking two massive cocks inside of you, one in your ass, and one in your pussy, not even two inches away.  Now that both are fully inserted you feel full, there's no other way to describe it except you are full of cock.  You feel wickedly nasty and incredibly sexy at the same time.  I'm watching you as you do this, and I see you looking incredibly sexy.  You're eyes widen and your mouth forms an 'O' as you take both cocks balls deep.  It's hard to believe but that is an incredibly sexy face and my cock starts throbbing inside of you as you do this.  Both of these cocks inside you feel amazing and you want them both to fuck you now.  You turn on the vibrator and tell me to take you now, cuz you can feel my cock getting harder and throbbing in anticipation of what it's going to do to you.  
            As me and the vibrator start churning inside of you, you begin to feel an orgasm stirring up inside you.  I can feel it through my cock, as the muscles in your ass tighten around my dick and pull me closer, deeper inside you.  The combination of two enormous dicks fucking you at the same time is overwhelming and I feel your body start to shake.  I really start to give you all of my dick and I see goose bumps start forming in the small of your back.  You throw your head back and begin to moan uncontrollably.  Your back arches and I know it's here.  With that I thrust as deep as I can go while I flex the muscles in my cock so that it's extra hard.  Your ass clamps down hard on my cock and I know you're having an orgasm.  You moan and say 'Oh god Joe fuck me! While you scream this you slam your ass against me.  You have what appears to have mini-convulsions on the end of my cock for about a minute, and then collapse onto your face in the bed as you pull off of my cock, and pull the vibrator out.  You stay there for a second and then roll over and say that it's my turn.  You get up and get a towel and clean me off.  You tell me to lay on my back.  I do, and you pause to look at my huge cock standing perfectly straight up for you, and smile at how much pleasure it had just given you. 
            You head over to me and swing a leg over.  Then you line my cock up with your pussy and ease yourself onto my manhood.  You begin to ride me, and while you do you look me deep in the eyes and tell me you love me.  I repeat the same as you slide up and down my cock.  I can feel you flexing the muscles in your pussy and it's driving me crazy.  You and I both feel my cock start to swell and get even harder, even though it seems impossible, as it's already rock hard.  You look me in the eyes and say, "I want you to cum for me."  Those words send me over the edge, and my cocks gets so hard that it hurts.  I start to shake, and my muscles start to tighten up,  as my cock starts to shoot white-hot cum deep into your pussy.  You can feel my cock shooting cum inside you and ride it hard so you can squeeze every drop of cum out of me, you want it all, and you want it now.  As you do this you look in my eyes, and mine meet yours, and as I'm cumming inside you and we lock eyes, the love that I have for you is indescribable.  That was the most intense orgasm that I've ever had and I've just shared it with the woman of my dreams. 
            At this point I'm the happiest man in the world.  As my orgasm wanes off, you keep me in you.  You lean over and kiss me and tell me that this Valentine's day was better than those from your wildest dreams. I echo the same sentiments, and we look in each others eyes and kiss passionately for a few minutes.  After that you pull off of me, and throw your arm and leg over me while you bury your head in my shoulder.  I say 'I love you,' and with that we pass out, completely content, and fucked silly.