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Valentine's Day Part 1

Going down memory lane leads to a nice surprise.
It is just a normal Saturday for me, as I'm at home cleaning house and planning on baking something special later. You are off running the few errands I gave to you, and should be back anytime soon.

It feels so good as I go room to room, dusting, fluffing up pillows and such, making the books on shelves nice and neat again, and so forth. It's about 2 p.m. now, and I've made my way back to the kitchen to get all the ingredients for the dessert I plan on making. It's Valentine's Day, and I planned on strawberry cupcakes with a Hersey's kiss in the middle, and strawberry icing.

Being in the kitchen baking and cooking and loving it sounds clichéd, but it's the truth. When I'm baking or cooking, I feel in my element. Whatever I cook or bake comes out tasting even better than I imagined. You're always telling me it must be my genes, since you can't make a meal without burning it. I got to love you though.

Back to the baking though, and I'm mixing all my ingredients and am about to pour them into the cupcake pan, as I hear a key in the front door and hear you say "Hey beautiful, I'm home!" as I call out that I'm in the kitchen.

You walk into the kitchen and remark how good it smells, as you lean down and brush my curly brown hair to the side and start kissing my neck. You know that always turns me on, and I let out a tiny moan as I push you back with my shoulder. "Babe, I have work to do. Don't."

Walking away with your hands thrown up in the air, I let out a laugh as you go back outside. You must be going to get the things out of your truck I asked you to get. A nice red tablecloth, candles, two wineglasses, and of course a nice bottle of wine. I plan to make this a very special day.

You are the best husband I could ask for. You're my best friend, my lover, my soul mate. You treat me like a queen, in and out of the bedroom. I am glad to call you my Valentine.

You come back into the kitchen carrying a few bags and I tell you to just place them on the table, and before you leave you give me a peck on the cheek and whisper into my ear that you have a surprise for me later.

I begin to ponder what my surprise could possibly be as I pour half the batter in the cupcake holes, then placing a Hershey's kiss in the middle and pouring the rest of the batter on top of each. I slide the pan into the oven and start on making the frosting. I can't help but stick my finger into it once I'm done, and taste for myself how delicious it takes.

"Mmm, this is good," I say with a moan. Next thing I know you have come up behind me and wrapped your arms around my waist. I'll be honest; I've always been self-conscious of my body. I have nice sized breasts, and hips. My breasts may not sit on my chest perfectly like other women's, but they're nice nontheless. I have nice sized nipples that love getting attention lavished onto them. I am a bigger woman, and have always been overweight, but when I met you, you never saw my weight. You would always tell me how beautiful I am from the inside out.

That night after being together for a year, I finally mustered up the courage and we made love. You took my virginity, and I expected it to be awkward and painful. But you made it so, so romantic and special. You kissed me for a few minutes, and you wandered up and started kissing my forehead, then my closed eyes, my nose, my cheeks. You ended up stripping me naked, all but for my underwear and kissed every inch as you uncovered me.

Even thinking about that night, I can faintly feel you kissing your way up my thighs and above my panty line. Faintly kissing my mound over my panties. I can feel myself getting wet right now. Back to that night, and you slid my underwear down my legs and you looked into my eyes and I could see lust, love, and affection swarming into your eyes. That night I honestly fell in love with you.

When I was naked before your gaze, I got shy and slid my hands to cover my breasts and pussy. You faintly laughed, but leaned down to kiss me again, and move my hands away. You gazed at my body for what seemed like hours, but was only a mere minute before you leaned down and started kissing my breasts, and finally took one nipple within your mouth and started suckling on it. I could feel you lightly nipping as your tongue ran over the top. I started moaning like crazy, and felt myself getting very wet. I looked down and caught your gaze as you started sliding down, and placed your face between my thighs, and at my pussy. You grinned, and stuck your tongue up and slid it up my slit, causing me to moan and lay my head back as I closed my eyes.

I could feel your entire mouth over my pussy, as your tongue continued sliding up and down and circling over my clit. Involuntarily, I arched my hips up as I slid a hand on your hand, silently urging you to continue. I felt your big hands parting my thighs even more, as I continued to undulate my hips. I heard and felt your breath on my pussy as you let out a chuckle and placed a hand on my lower tummy, trying to stop the movement on my hips. It was feeling so good. All these sensations seemed to have me on edge. Like I had electricity flowing through my veins trying to escape at one point, my pussy and clit.

I was startled when I felt your other hand creep closer to my pussy, and I felt you gingerly slide a finger inside me. I was kind of tight, but you slowly moved your finger around the walls of my vagina, and added another to help stretch my walls. It felt uncomfortable, and I told you so. You looked at me with a touch of sadness in your eyes and said that it would be uncomfortable, but that you were trying to stretch me out some, so that when you did penetrate my entrance with your cock, that it wouldn't hurt too bad.

Even then, you were always kind and thoughtful of me. Always making sure I was comfortable, and such. I had to smile and just nodded as your mouth once more engulfed my pussy and I felt your tongue lavishing my clit. You had removed your fingers and were stroking the inside of my thighs, as I brought my hands up to play with my breasts. I gently tweaked both nipples as I felt myself seeming to climb higher and higher. I could feel as if all my energy was going from the top of my head and feet to pool into my center, and with one last lick of your tongue on my clit and I went over the edge as I climaxed. My legs clamped around your head as my back arched and I let out a long moan.

It took me a full minute to come down from that high, and as I brought my head back up to look at you, you had this really goofy smile on your face, as well as your eyes being filled with nothing but lust. You still had your pants on and when I glanced at your crotch, I could see a big tent that had formed. I let out a giggle as I brought myself up and unbuckled your belt, and unzipped your zipper. I slid your pants and boxers down, and your hard cock sprang free, almost hitting me in the face.

I sat back and looked at it with awe and a bit of shock. It looked so big, and powerful. You stood up and divulged yourself of your pants and boxers and stood by the bed in your full glory. Raging hard on poking at me and a devilish grin on your face. I gingerly reached over and slid my hand around the girth of your cock, and you let out a moan. I apologized since my hands were kind of cold, but you assured me that it actually felt nice in contrast to the heat that was coursing through yourself.

I honestly did not know what to do, but I just slowly slid my fist up and down your cock. I noticed that a shiny substance started leaking from the head of your cock, and without thinking I moved and slid my fist up your shaft, stopping below your head and stuck my tongue out to slid over the tip of your head. I slowly slid my head down, taking more of your cock in my mouth. I could only get half, but as I came up for air, you leaned down and kissed me solidly on the lips with such passion.

"You don't have to do this, babe. I understand since this is your first time, that you might be wary, and I in no way expect you to reciprocate," you stated. I kissed you again, and nodded my head. It felt good with your shaft sliding into my mouth, but I don't think I was ready to fully give you a blow job.

You placed a hand behind my head and gingerly pushed me back on the bed, as you kissed me with all the passion you could muster. You loomed over me, and it only excited me. I could feel myself getting wet again, and I knew I was ready.

You settled yourself between my thighs, and with one hand on your cock, you guided the head into my entrance. You pushed the head and about an inch of your cock into me, and I felt my hymen pop and a few tears filled my eyes as a bit of pain engulfed me. You stopped moving, and let me get adjusted. Within a minute the pain had subsided, and I brought my hands to your waist, and told you that you could go further.

You surprised me, as you quickly slid the entire length into me, and I let out a moan as I brought my legs up and crossed them around your back. You let me feel for a few seconds, the glorious joy of feeling your cock inside me before you starting pumping your hips back and forth. It was feeling so good, my pussy being invaded by your cock again and again. I brought myself up to kiss you a few more times before I settled back against the bed and brought one hand between us to rub at my clit.

The entire time we were either kissing, or gazing into each other's eyes. I'd slid my hands onto your waist and around your back. Lightly run my nails across your back, and make you arch a bit and moan out. What felt like a lifetime of you sliding your cock back and forth in me, was only 20 minutes. I once again started having the feeling that I was close to climaxing again, and I told you so. On a breath you said you were close too, and I slid my hand back down between us to rub my clit.

A second later I felt you tense up, and rubbed my clit harder. I wanted us to climax together, and I got my wish. We both arched ourselves, and I felt you spurting your seed inside me and coating my walls. We probably should have used protection, but I was on the pill so we should be good.

As you pulled out, I felt a little of your cum slid out of my pussy, and I just slid my legs together and got up to go to the bathroom. I had to pee.

After I washed up a bit, I came back into the bedroom and you were just looking at me, with a cute grin on your face. I hurried back to the bed and curled up under the covers with you. The words "I love you" were on my lips, and I hesitantly kissed you on the lips, looked you in the eyes and told you. You kissed me again and said, "Beautiful, I have loved you for the past year. Since that moment when we first met. You were looking all kinds of pretty in that vintage dress and heels and your mama's pearls around your neck. You had this smile on your face that light up your face and eyes, and I was blinded by your beauty and you stole my heart right then and there."

Being brought back to the current moment with tears in my eyes, your arms are wrapped around me tight and your kissing my neck. I sniffle and alarmed you turn me around and ask me why the tears. I give you a watery happy smile and tell you that I was thinking about that Valentine's Day 4 years ago when I gave you my virginity and we admitted we were in love with each other.

You just smiled and leaned down to kiss me on the lips and I slid my hands around your neck. I arch up against you and my breasts are brought flush against your chest. I moan out, and can feel your hardness pressing into my stomach. You bring your hands to my top and slide it up and off me and throw it to the kitchen floor. As you reach to slide my workout shorts down, they hit the floor and the buzzer on the stove goes off.

"Shoot! My cupcakes are done!" as I scramble over and grab the pot holder to get the hot cupcake pan out of the oven. I close the oven and place the pan onto top of the potholder on the stove and I feel you come up behind me, and push your crotch into my butt.

"How long do you think it will take for those cupcakes to cool?" he whispers in my ear.

I get shivers and respond with about 15 minutes, and he lets out a whoop and says we have plenty of time for some fun.

I can feel myself getting wet at that thought, and I go to move the icing onto the counter by the stove, and once the other counter is clear you place your hands on my hips and lift me onto the counter.

We are kissing passionately and eagerly ripping each other’s clothes off. My bare bottom is slightly cold on the granite and I swear there must be a pool of my juices on the counter as your hard cock thumps into my thigh.

Your hands slid from my hips and up to under my breasts. Gingerly you cup them in your hands as you lean down and suckle one nipple then the other into his mouth.

"Babe, please. I need your cock. My pussy is hungry for it. I'm so wet, and desperately need you in me." I'm desperately pleading with you.

You naughtily slide one hand between us and over my mound, and insert a finger inside me to feel how wet I am.

Chuckling you slide me to the edge of the counter and off. We are pressed so close together. I lightly push you away and go to get on the floor on my hands and knees. This time I want to feel you enter me from behind. Thrusting your cock into me, over and over is what I crave.

This will be a fast coupling and there is no time for foreplay as he kneels behind me and slides his cock into my pussy. One hand is placed on my hip and the other comes around to rub at my clit as he starts thrusting to and fro in my pussy.

I love being taken from behind. Hearing the sound of your crotch hitting my ass cheeks, making them move. I just get even wetter, as you really start giving it to me. My breasts are swinging with the force of how hard you are fucking me.

I begin to talk dirty, and I know when I've hit a spot. You slide out of me and lie on the kitchen floor. That is my cue that you want to me to be on top riding you.

I turn around, and slowly lower myself onto his cock. I can't help but moan every time at the initial meet of his cock to my pussy. I move slightly up and down on my hunches as I rub my clit fast. My head is thrown back and he leans up to play with my breasts. Tweaking one nipple while sucking on the other, and I'm in heaven. So much pleasure, and within a short time I feel myself getting close to climaxing.

I continue riding you, and you grab my hips to still me, as you take over. Bringing your legs up you start pounding into me from beneath me. Oh lord that feels so good, as I take over rubbing my clit again.

We both climax with a bang as you shoot your load deep in me. I can feel you coating my walls, as I collapse on top of you with my arms on either side of your head to support my weight.

As I look down at you, I can see you have a twinkle in your eyes as you lean up and kiss me. I get off you, and we both move to get off the floor. You give my ass a nice squeeze and slap as you go off to the bathroom to clean yourself up. I pout since I actually wanted to clean your cock off. I wanted to taste my juices combined with your cum.

Oh well, there is always next time as I think with a devilish grin.

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