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I'm horny.
apathetic_smileyface suggested a spin off with just Bree and Keyes from the story 'CLOSURE'. I liked the idea and here’s what I have. Hope you like it, too. It turned out really sweet.



I'm horny. Bree said to herself rubbing her breasts deliberately and lewdly as she breathed deeply and lolled her head back and forth.

“Ahh, I'm horny,” she pouted, aloud, stretching and rolling on the bed.

“Mmm?” Keyes said looking up from his laptop.


“You have time to rub one out; just don’t make too much noise.” Keyes said with a smirk never taking his eyes off the screen of his laptop.

“I already did.” Bree said still pouting. “Last night while you were asleep!”

“I’m sorry baby, but I have to finish this.”

“I know. I know.” Bree said falling back on the bed, her pale blond curls fanning out behind her. The soft sheets just covering her naked curvy body.

She had been without Keyes’s ‘companionship’ for almost three weeks, which was fine for one of them because she was cycling. But now she was ready for action however, Keyes was still swamped with work.

“You better be glad I love you, Chi.” She continued. Bree called Keyes 'Chi' especially when they were alone, being the Japanese word for 'life' and 'energy' she thought it was very fitting for him.

She sighed heavily and tangled herself playfully in the sheets. The physical contact of the bedding was a poor excuse for her boyfriend, but it did feel good.

“I am glad you love me.” He beamed taking time to look at his extremely beautiful yet frustrated girlfriend. Her thin long ringlets of pale blond curls cascaded down her caramel colored back. His eyes followed the sensuous curve up to her round bottom. She was a tantalizing carnal sight laying in the crisp white sheets of their bed.

“Ohhh.” Bree moaned, squirming in the bed. “Chi, I'm not trying to bother you. It was just a statement of fact. I'm horny.”

“Note taken.” Keyes chuckled as he focused back on his work.

Bree huffed in defeat and rolled onto her stomach, flipping her hair seductively, but he wasn’t looking. Keyes’ his fingers flashed across the keyboard. He had been working nonstop it seemed for the last month and a half. Only stopping for the bathroom or until he fell unconscious sleeping; all to get some proposal or something together for work. Thank heaven it was almost over now.

“Bear with me just a little bit longer baby, ok? I’m practically done, when I get finished, I'm off to take a shower.” He hadn't had one in over 48 hours. “Then I'm all yours.”

She smiled like a little kid rolling over in the bed stroking her body as she waited.

'Practically done', turned into late that evening.

Bree was now dressed only in Keyes’ tank top, laying in bed trying to stay awake, when he finally, saved and sent the documents to his partners.

She smiled excitedly, though she knew it was hopeless. He looked so tired; he could barely stand when he headed to the bathroom rubbing his eyes, going to take a shower. And when he came to bed, crawling seductively under the sheets with her it was all of two minutes before he passed out asleep.

She stared at him lovingly for several minutes, stroking his lean muscled chest and brushing his wild sandy blond hair out of his face as he slept. He was so handsome.

She breathed deep as she stroked his strong jawline. He still hadn't shaved and blonde stubble scattered his chin. Her thumb glided over his thick eyebrows. When he was awake his sensual green eyes always had a twinkle in them, like he was up to something, which he was half the time.

And his body. She stroked his muscled arms and chest, gliding her hands down his torso, and the hard slab of abs, letting her fingers dip into that sexy V just where his abs hit his hips, and down his lean muscular legs, that had such power. Ohh, such power.

She smiled and kissed him on the chest, then his cheek then his lips. He snored softly.

He was the coolest, most charming guy she had ever met, not to mention the hottest. It made her stomach flutter with butterflies.

She knew she was lucky. And he was very grateful for that.

She snuggled into the curve under his arm and draped hers across his chest and went to sleep.


“I'm horny.” Keyes said late the next morning, well rested and refreshed, as his lean muscled naked body stretched in the bed. He had just woken up and rolled over ready to fuck his girlfriend senseless finding her already up and dressed.

“How many days have I been saying that?” Bree said putting on her earrings.

She was wearing a short coral pink sundress that looked fabulous on her honey brown skin; the halter top style of the dress cradled her large breasts in a very alluring way. Though Keyes loved the halter top style on her, he knew other men would like it a little too much.

“I had to finish that report.”

“Now we have to go to that company thing for Cam.”

“I don’t remember agreeing to that.” Keyes said rolling over on his side and watching Bree walk around the huge master bedroom.

“Well I remember you telling me you agreed to it 2 weeks ago when you went out drinking with him, Travis and Shinji.”


She had a good memory when she wanted to.

“Come lay down with me for a minutes.” Keyes said lowly, giving her his most charming smile, and patting on the bed.

Bree looked over at the bed she shared with Keyes. He was laying stark naked in the middle of it. His cock as hard and stiff as a steel rod.

“Hmm. No. If I get in there with you, we’ll never get outta here. And were already late.”

“What time are we supposed to be there?”

“At 12.”

“It’s only 10:30.”

“So. We have to go pick up that cake, then get across town. By that time we'll be late.”

“So technically right now we’re not late.”

“Technically, no.” She said with an exasperated smile. He was trying to be difficult and it didn’t help that he was hot as hell.

“Well then, come get in the bed.”

She shook her head no, even though she had a huge smile on her face.

Keyes started to perform for her, stretching his body and stroking his cock slowly, never taking his striking jade green eyes off her.

Bree’s eyes burned into him, drinking in every lean muscle of his body from head to toe, as her breathing became shallow and fast. She bit her lip taking a step to the bed as if mesmerized by his carnal flirtations, but she stopped herself.

A wicked grin spread across Keyes’ face as he slid from the bed and stalked towards her, his thick hard cock bobbing in front of him.

“You better get dressed.” She squealed, giggling as he trapped her against the wall, hands on either side of her.

Keyes eyes pieced her with an erotic lewd gaze. Bree felt naked and felt she was melting inside.

“You promised him you’d be there.” She said weakly, a smile in her voice, thinking of what he could do to her, what she wanted him to do to her.

“He’ll understand.” Keyes replied leaning in and kissing Bree on her neck, her absolute weak point.

Bree sighed in delight at the warm erotic sensations swelling in her. Keyes trailed amorous kisses up and down her neck flicking his tongue at her earlobe, feeling her small warm hands reach out for him.

He kissed her along her jaw line, slowly ending with a full deep warm kiss on her full lips that she welcomed with a sweet mewl and her tongue meeting and swirling languidly with his.

He pressed himself aginst her, his hard shaft poking her in the belly as she wrapped her arms around his neck kissing him deeper, the passion building quickly between them.

Suddenly music rang out in the room. The two tried to ignore it but it continued.

Keyes groaned. It was his cell.

“See, I bet that’s Cam now.” Bree said taking a deep breath blinking several times to try and clear her head.

Keyes picked up his phone from the night stand.

“Shit, it’s him.”

Bree giggled.

“No man we are heading out the door right now….. I know it’s important…. We’ll be there. Alright… Yes we will pick up the cake as well… alright, alright bye.” Keyes looked at Bree who was trying not to smile.

“Don’t say a word Breezy.” He said heading to the closet.


“So how did I become the go to guy.” Keyes said behind the wheel of Bree’s Mini Cooper as they sped to the bakery, his small Audi wouldn’t be able to transport the cake.

“I think he’s got a man crush.”

“Well I’ll be happy when Desia dumps him.”

“Chi!” Bree said slapping his arm. “That’s mean. Besides I think she really likes him, so you two better get along.”

“Lift up your dress, please.” He said glancing over at Bree’s honey brown legs as he watched the traffic.

Bree continued looking out the window as she lifted up her dress.


She casually lifted it up higher, just high enough for Keyes to see her panty covered mound.

He smirked licking his lips. He slid his hand between her legs tickling her already moist flesh as he pulled into the bakery parking lot.

She squealed slapping his hand away as they got out of the car. The two grabbed each other’s hands and walked into the small but bustling bakery.

They were immediately overrun with the warm delicious smells of cakes, pies and cookies.

Looking around the shop, Keyes suddenly remembered why he had wanted to pick up the cake for Cam.

“Hey, Breezy, look at this.” He said pulling her to the far side of the store where various cake designs were on display, including huge ornate and beautiful wedding cakes.

“Look at these.” He said grinning ear to ear.


Bree took a breath and looked up into Keyes shining face as he beamed smiling down at her.

“They are beautiful.” She said hesitantly. No wanting to have this conversation right now.

“So, when the time comes, what kind do you want?”

He was never going to give it up. Not that she wanted him too.

“Hi, are you all interested in ordering a wedding cake or engagement cake?” A pretty bouncy red head said coming up to the two as they looked.

Keyes looked down at Bree, who smiled at him sheepishly.

“Nothing yet it seems,” he said. “But we’re here to pick up a cake for Cam Lanier, I'm Keyes . He should have called to say I was coming.”

“Oh, yeah. I remember seeing that.” The girl said. “I’ll be right back.”

Bree was still looking at the cakes when Keyes moved behind. He wrapped his arms around her waist, hugging her; he put his head on her shoulder and kissed her cheek.

“I love you.”

“Me too.” She said stroking his hands as they lay across her belly.

The girl came back fairly quickly, and had two men load the huge box containing the cake in the car.

The ride to their destination was silent, but Bree kept her hand on Keyes thigh as he drove.


“We just pulled up.” Keyes said into his cell as he was opening the back of the car.

Cam seemed to come out of nowhere with two of the wait staff.

Cam, Desia’s latest boyfriend was about 6’ tall and unlike Keyes lean muscles, Cam had a thicker muscular build. He had brown glossy hair and bright blue eyes. He was an all American looking guy but very polished, like a model.

“Thanks so much Keyes.” Cam said grabbing Keyes open hand and bumping shoulders with him.

Bree rolled her eyes.

“No, problem.”

Cam didn’t breathe until the two wait staff members had the cake and were moving swiftly towards the back of the luxurious building.

“So what is this place?” Bree asked. “Is this a country club?”

“No, it’s Mr. Liam’s house.”

“This is a house?! Sweet Peaches, it’s huge!” She said. It looked like three large homes put together, and it was sitting far back on an immense piece of land.

“Yeah, you can see why I’m trying to make a good impression. That cake is an anniversary cake for him and his wife. The guy always forgets every year. He even planned this party forgetting so I kinda got the cake to cover things for him. His wife will be happy and I’ll be the lifesaver of the night.”


Keyes and Bree followed Cam into the midst of the party, mostly filled with Cams other coworkers, none of which the couple knew.

“Breezy.” Desia shouted. She was wearing a short and sassy sundress that clung to her petite curves and she ran up to hug Bree like they hadn't seen each other in days; when it had only been about 10 hours.

“I didn’t think you guys would make it.”

“We almost didn’t.” Bree said squeezing Keyes hands.

Keyes made hearty greetings to his other friends, Travis and Shinji and their respective dates.

“Hey, Abs.” Bree said hugging another friend from her inner circle. The group caught upon what was new news since they had last seen each other the day before.


The party dragged on, but the young couple had sneaked away from the festivities. Keyes and Bree were walking the immense grounds of the mansion.

Bree looked over her shoulder. The party goers were out of sight, only the huge house could be seen.

“You know what I want to do?” She said with an impish smile holding his hand as she stepped in front of him.

“Yeah.” Keyes nodded, the fact that they were walking further and further from the party had not gone unnoticed.

“Do you?”

“Yeah.” Keyes replied with a knowing cock of his eyebrow. It was the same thing he wanted to do. This wide open space and greenery of the well-kept lawn was an aphrodisiac for her.

Bree looked behind them again, not a person in sight. Then she sat down at the bottom of a small slope making sure her sundress rode up high on her thighs.

Keyes sat down beside her, his passion quickly building as his dick lurched in his pants.

“We gotta be careful; we don’t want to screw things up for Cam.”

“How can we? No one’s here.”

Keyes lay back as Bree straddled him just below his crotch.

“We’ll make it fast.” She said leaning in and kissing him.

“Ok.” Keyes said breathlessly, as if he had a choice, as she unbuckled his belt. She hurriedly unbuttoned, then unzipped his pants licking her lips as she did.

His cock was already stiff, throbbing and poking out of the top of his boxer briefs.

Bree gave Keyes and impassioned wet warm kiss as she pulled her panties to the side of her swollen pussy lips and forcefully grabbed Keyes long wide cock..

“Hey, not so rough.” He said wincing. He was built like a sex toy. He bottomed out before her got all the way inside her, but she loved the sweet pain of him trying.

“Sorry.” She replied with a warm smile and a wink. She rose to her knees and moved forward a bit until she was positioned over his thick straining shaft.

He watched her hot erotic expressions as she guided his cock into her wanton hungry pussy and slowly lowered herself down on him, mewling in erotic delight as she did.

She draped the bottom of her dress over his lower abs to conceal their coupling; collapsing forward on him, kissing him. He wrapped his arms around her while he slowly pumped into her.

Bree mewled happily with each thrust as Keyes hands became more insistent, roaming over her body.

He was making sure not to get too carried away incase someone did happen to pass by; they would just look like two lovers kissing.

It always felt so damn good with him, Bree mused in the haze of lust as his thick cock spread her pussy deliciously wide with each thrust.

Bree arched her back as hot lusty kisses from Keyes traveled down her neck and across her collarbone.

Keyes, his impassioned hunger growing, started grabbing for her breasts. He palmed her large supple globes in the halter top, crudely pinching her hard until he could feel her nipples through the fabric. All as he continued to pump into her silky tightness while she undulated her hips obscenely.

“Ah..” Bree’s voice was a high sweet intensely erotic mewl. “I’m cumming baby, faster.” She moaned in his ear.

Keyes gripped her waist bucking his hips faster.

Bree ground her pelvis into the invading cock frantically as she felt a violent cascade of raw blissful pleasure burst in her. She bit into Keyes neck, her tongue slathering his skin as she sucked on him.

Keyes cried out in jagged breaths, as the force of her lips and tongue on his neck and her squeezing inner walls sent him over the edge. His hands pushed down on her lower back as his hips powered up into her and his pulsing shaft shot ropes of hot cum into her convulsing pussy.

Keyes rattled breath was thick with lust and pleasure as he continued to pump long steady finishing strokes into Bree until their orgasms waned.

Soon their breathing slowed and Bree sat up lazily. A pleased cum drunk smile on her face, as she lifted herself and Keyes slipped from her, cum and all.

He pulled up his briefs and zipped himself while she adjusted her panties. Once everything was secured, she rolled to the side of him and lay in the curve of his arm, her favorite place to be.

Once they made it back to the party, they were more eager to leave than ever. They stayed until the anniversary cake was shown and cut. Then they said their good nights and hurried home.

They were now in their living room, rushing to undress for ‘bed’, not having made it upstairs to their room in the frenzy of kisses and clothes flying.

Bree stepped on Keyes pants as she was stepping towards the sofa, where he was now. Her foot landed on something hard in his pocket.

“What's in your pants?”

He sat up, reclining on his elbow, on the sofa, naked and hard already, stroking his cock with one hand and trying to pull her to him with the other.

She was going through his pockets to see what she had stepped on.

He knew exactly what it was. He carried the object around with him most everywhere he went with her for the last three and half years. Always waiting for the chance to use it.

From his pocket, Bree pulled out a small black velvet box. She paused, looking over her shoulder at him.

“What is it?” she asked.

As if she didn’t know.

“Open it and see.” He said coyly.

She held it in her hand without doing anything.

“Just know if you do open it, you have it wear and take all that goes along with it.”

She still didn’t move.

He smirked, watching her debate. Her little hands had started to shake.

“It’s okay if you’re not ready.” He said pulling her back to the sofa, brushing her hair to the side rubbing her shoulders as he kissed her back. “It’s ok.”

Bree took the small black velvet box and put it on the coffee table still looking at it. Then she turned and got on the sofa hugging Keyes playfully and straddling him.

She stared at him for a long moment as she sat up looking down at him. His twinkling green eyes smiled warmly back at her.

“Are mad at me, Chi?”

“Why would I be mad at you?” he said putting one hand behind his head and grabbing her breast and gently palming it with the other.

“Cause of the ‘marriage’ thing.”

“No. I haven’t given up. I’ll keep asking.” He smiled broadly at her. There was no bitterness or sarcasm in his words or face, and that made her feel even worse.

“It’s not that I don’t want to marry you. I love you, I want to be with you. I love being with you. And I'm not going anywhere but….”


Her lip puckered out like a pouting little girl.

“I don’t want to be a wife.”

“Hmm?” He looked at her baffled.

“I don’t want to be a wife. I think that’s what screws things up. People stop being themselves.”

His head tilted as he looked at her, trying to figure her out, but he was still puzzled.

“It’s like let’s say, Ted and Jane for instance. They love each other.” She continued. “They decide to get married. Then boom! They take on the husband and wife roles. She starts trying to be a good ‘wife’, he’s trying to be a good ‘husband’ and along the way they stop being Ted and Jane. They just turn into what they think a husband and wife should be and stop being the person the other fell in love with.”

Keyes gave her a warm smile as realization washed over him.

“Do you get it?”

“I think so.”

“I don’t want that to happen to us.” Her face filled with sudden urgent distress. Her eyes tearing up. “I'm so scared of that happening. And I’d hate it because I love you so much. I don’t want to lose you. I love us the way we are, the way we get along; the way we love each other, the way we fight and make up. Even though there’s a lot we have going on. It’s still so simple and clean. Cause we’re just us.”

“No labels.”

“Right. I’m Bree and you’re Keyes. We just do what needs to be done for each other and for ourselves, because we want to. Because we love and respect each other.” She took a breath looking at him. Hoping he did understand. Because it all made sense to her in her head. “ I don’t want to be a wife not even yours. I just want to be your friend.”

“My best friend.”

“Yeah, your best friend like I am right now.” She was smiling again.

“My partner in crime.”

“Right. I can even change my last name, though. If you want me to.”

He shook his head chuckling.

“So, its semantics.”

“Hmm? I guess.”

“So… if understand correctly. If I were to say, will you be my partner in crime for the rest of our lives and the wedding ceremony is just a celebration of that. Does that feel better? You don’t have to be a wife or do ‘wife’ things; you just get to be my Breezy the way you are now. And I'm your Chi.”

“Hmm. Yeah.” She said brightly. It did feel better now that he said it that way.

Keyes slapped his hand to his forehead laughing loudly. She had the oddest most round about way of thinking about things sometimes. But it all made sense to her, and to him. That's why they were so good together.

“What’s so funny?”

“You are so weird. But I love you so much.” He laughed grabbing her by the shoulders and pulling her down to his chest, hugging her then kissing her on the forehead.

"Mmm. I love you, you weirdo."

Bree giggled and hugged him back. They lay in each other arms stroking one another as lust ignited between them again.

After a few minutes, Bree sat up on Keyes as he stroked her bottom; she was looking at the black velvet box. She reached over and picked it up.

Keyes watched her intently as she opened it up revealing a thin platinum diamond encrusted band.

Her eyes widened in awe and a huge grin lit up her face.

“Do you like it?” he asked sitting up.

“Yes! It’s beautiful! It’s perfect!”

She wasn’t one for ornate pieces of jewelry, but this ring hit the spot. Simple, elegant yet very sparkly.

Keyes took the ring from her putting it on her ring finger.

“Ok?” He said sliding it into place.

“Yes!” she shouted throwing her arms around his neck.

~ end

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