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Very Sweet

I love women. I love how they look, how they sound, how they smell, and how they feel.

I love women. I love how they look, how they sound, how they smell, and how they feel. When properly done up their hair is a cloud of glory around the face of an angel. Their skins so smooth, their bodies so round. The sight of a naked woman sitting with her back to me, her hips flaring out from her waist, and perhaps the sight of her breasts swelling on either side makes me weak, and men must be strong.

 When she turns and looks at me, maybe she will smile. Maybe her eyes will sparkle, and her lips open in joy at the sight. I sit beside her and take her into my arms, ever so softly, cuddling her like a child. I get the shakes at the very touch of her skin, it is so soft and smooth, like that of a baby. It strikes me as a bolt of lightning to the core of my being, that touch. What can I say, we men are designed from the atomic level up to love you, to want you, to die if we can't have you.

  The taste of a woman is a part of the feel of her. Lips feel like pillows, red chinz, tightly packed. Like one of those little shiny square sugar mints, except springy. Her teeth like porcelain as I run my tongue over them, and then her tongue dances with mine, each contact as if it were an electric shock like you get on a cold winter night and touch a doorknob...ZAP!

  I feel those at the base of my spine, every one. It stabs my groin and makes me hard. Sometimes I really do get so hard that it feels like my cock will burst, like a balloon with too much air. I can feel it throb, and my balls squirm in their sac as I make love to my woman. I hear her moan as I stroke her pussy and stir her honeypot to the boil. She stiffens...and then the moment passes. I change my position and kiss her slit, teasing her nub with my tongue. She stiffens again and releases again, as she throws back her head, eyes shut, and mouth wide open, her silent cries louder than any thunder.

  Her beautiful curls tumble down her back until the storm in her loins has passed. Fully aroused now, she takes charge of the situation and pushes me on my back, and attacks my cock and balls, now sucking, now jacking, now pulling them out by their roots. Oh, please do! Now, wet with her spit, she straddles and impales herself on my spear in one fell swoop, plunging herself fully onto me, making the final contact, the ultimate connection.

  My cock stabs into her cunt, and it hurts a little. She is wet, but tight, and the skin of my member is stretched painfully this first time. But it is the pain of lovemaking, of coitus, of full penetration. The last frontier between lovers, and I redirect it into the stimulation I crave.

  I reach up and squeeze her fine tits. I love tits. Tits, charlies, wabbos, boobs, breasts, bosoms, tah-tahs, chesticles, melons...all the nicknames parade through my mind like a chorus line in a strip joint. I'm a guy. Say what you want about psychology, about Oedipus complexes or whatever, we're designed by GOD to love TITS!

  You sit up straight as you cycle up and down on my rod, and hold my hands even tighter to your breasts. You're too far gone now to make articulate sounds, no more "Fuck me! Fuck my cunt! Fuck my pussy!", no more demands that I pound you harder, or shoot my load into you, now you just scream as if you are being murdered. For a moment, I get the funniest thought of having to explain all this to the police and the neighbors. Will they cheer us?

  You are gushing your girrlhunny all over my cock, making it slick and wet. It drips down me and makes smacking sounds as our bodies collide. The sight of it sliding in and out of your pussy makes me even harder. There's another word that processes acoss the stage of my mind: pussy, cunt, slit, hole, well of womanhood...ever more obscene, ever more erotic. Each moment I can see a woman's cunt is precious to me. My hips spasm at times as nature takes over and I reflexively thrust into you, at times making you fall forward onto my arms, or even having to put your hands out to steady yourself. You're fucking so hard that you're losing your control and balance, and I can't help but add to your instability. We're beyond conscious control, from now on there is only animal instinct.

  When I am coupled with a woman I feel as if I shrink to microscopic size behind a penis the size and power of a locomotive. I become insignificant, my cock is my entire being. We go faster, slower, harder, then softer. I try to make you feel every thrust each time I plunge deep into you.

  And then the moment comes. We both can feel it, as we are one beast now. We instinctively pause for a second to catch our breaths, looking deep into each other's eyes, because we each know the other is saying. You rise on me, ever so slowly, until you reach the very top...

...Then you SLAM down on me by letting your entire weight drop you down my shaft, like sliding down a fire pole. This time, we're both slippy, sloppy wet, and I plunge all the way into your pussy like a ramrod shoved hard into a firey furnace. You rise again, then fall, I bring up my knees and you lean back against them for support. I grab your fine wide ass to guide you, pulling you onto me as hard as I can as my hips jerk up against you reflexively. Again, and again, and again, our speed building up like a steam piston. We even supply the sound effect, as we hiss through our clenched teeth with each thrust until...

  It is as if the entire universe explodes in a burst of light, the like of which few ever see. We cling to each other for dear life as we are catapulted through the air like a ball thrown by a willful child, our cries are those of ones falling from a great height. I shoot my seed into your furrow, and the feeling of my hot wet cum jetting against your cervix triggers a release that splits you apart at the seams. We both shatter like crystal dropped on a stone floor, all our parts glittering in the candlelight as they scatter from our point of impact.

  And then we fall into deep, dark, warm, calm water, still entwined and connected together. You fall on top of me exhausted, and I gather you to me, savoring your warmth and female softness. It is water which does not suffocate, and at last we remember to breathe, first a single deep sigh, a grand gasp as a swimmer coming up for air that fills us with cool and refreshing vapor, and then many soft and quiet sighs, just as babies make when they sleep.

  After a moment, I go limp and slip out, which makes us both jump and yelp reflexively. You lie back down full upon me, completely spent, and I stroke your soft hair as your body begins to quake from the shock that has been done to it. I hold you in my arms, our hearts beat together, and the night passes silently overhead.

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