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We meet again

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We meet again second time around
We meet again

Time had passed by a few days since we were at the Lake, and my husband  had showed me the film, and although the light was poor I liked what I saw, and was pleased with the results and that everybody was happy.
There was just one thing I forgot to tell him, and that was that I had arranged to see the last man who had fucked me again, and that he had rang  and said "could he see me tonight". He was delighted with me and hoped that he could see me again. I had to say that I would have to make an excuse to get my husband out, but I was sure that I could as you enjoyed his company very much and looked forward to it.
Well at 7-30pm the door bell rang and I let the stranger in .

 " Hello, like a drink" I asked,
"Yes please" he said "and you have one with me,"
"Of course" I replied.
Taking his coat from him, I hung it on a hook in the hall way, and entered   back into the living room. He had made himself comfortable in the settee and looked very neat and tidy. Pouring the drink of red wine I said "I hope you like red wine as I do, as that is all I really buy". "That’s fine" he said, and I sat down opposite to him so that I could have a good look at him in the light,
 Last time it was getting dark when I saw him. "Well what’s been happening to you since we last met"  he asked?

"Nothing really, just an ordinary life that happens nearly always these days."
"Did you enjoy the Lake party", he asks?
"Oh yes that was good, it was a thing out of the blue, and one could not have imagined it happening like it did. It was a thing that one wonders about sometime in ones life and never expects it to happen"

"Did you enjoy it"? I asked.
"Oh yes, it was really good and I enjoyed you very much and that is why I asked to see you again." " Oh that is nice of you" I replied gulping down my drink, "Would you like another drink" I asked?
" Yes please that is a nice wine you have". I got up from the chair and went to get us another drink.
As I was pouring it I spilled  some on my blouse, "oh drat" I said out loud.
" Oh dear what’s happened," he asks
"Oh nothing much, I have just spilt some wine on my blouse".
"Let me see, oh dear  let me wipe it off with a damp cloth so it doesn’t stain" he says. and off he goes to the tap to get his clean white hanky wet to remove the stain
I said,
"No its ok it will come out when I do the washing as have a good stain remover"  "That’s ok no trouble" he says and starts to rub the stain that was on your left boob

 I could feel the wet seeping through my silky bra and onto my breast, and as he rubbing it I was getting a nice feeling in my breasts, he was not rubbing hard but really just caressing my breast.
"There is that not better" he asks looking at the wet  breast , "Oh yes thank you I said much better,"
"That is good, it even shows your breast better" he says with a grin.
We both giggle and go back to our chairs to enjoy what is left of our drinks.

"So how come you were with those other bikers".
"We train together, and we had the invitation so we all accepted ", he said

"Oh I see, and do you always wear those kind of shorts in training"?,
"Oh yes, they help a lot in training and riding, "I am sure they do " I said with a little chuckle, "they certainly show things off"
"Well yes they do a bit, but there if you got it why not flaunt it, nobody else will do it for you".
"Very true" I said,
"W ell you don’t too bad yourself, do you" he said
"What do you mean"
"Well you have a nice pair of tits and they certainly do you proud and they are awfully nice to touch and cuddle."
"Well you did not touch them or cuddle them last time we met", I said
"No I didn’t I know, but I was watching my mates do it, and the look on your face showed you were certainly enjoying it"
" They all remarked on how good you were and how you seemed to have enjoyed it".

"Yes I did enjoy it, but I really prefer a one to one affair rather than a gang bang, but I just wanted to know what it was like to have that type of thing"
"Oh I see, ah well that’s ok then", he said

I was looking at his crutch in his trousers and noticed that it had got a bit tighter and a lot fuller, so I thought I would egg him on a bit further and see what happens to see if it could grow a  bit more in its tight confinement.
I started to rub my breasts that was wet , I undid my blouse a bit further down  to expose my skimpy bra that unbuttoned in the front, that I had put on especially tonight. "Is it still wet"?
"Yes  but its drying quite fast with the heat on my body". I looked over to his crutch again and I was sure it was growing, so I stood up and went to look in the mirror at my wet patch and then said to him, "yes its still wet, look", as I bent down to show him  he placed his hand inside my blouse and felt my tit which was nice and firm and my nipples were hard. With a swift action from his chair his hand reached down and undid the fastening of my bra and my tits fell out of the bra. "Oh that’s nice" he said undoing my blouse and sliding it off my arms and making it fall to the ground.
 He placed his hands on both my tits and gently pulled me to him and then kissed me full on the lips. Soon our tongues were finding each others and we kissed passionately and he stood up and pressed his body into me. I could feel his prick had grown now as he pressed into my tummy and he put his arms around and me and held me tight for a few moments then started to explore my body with one hand and caressing my tits with the other. I was getting wet now in my pussy as I knew what was going to happen very shortly and I could not resist putting my hand down to feel his cock that was straining now at his trousers flies.
I undid his zip and put my hand inside his trousers and immediately felt the dampness  of  his cock and he had already had a bit of pre cum.
As I was doing this he pulled my skirt up and had his hands in the top of my silk panties and he began to explore my pussy,  feeling the pubes and venturing  down into my slit which was very wet now as I felt quite good.
On the way down to my slit he played with my clit giving it gentle circular rubs and bringing the head proud and it was feeling very nice and very exciting.
I gently undid his belt of the trousers and let them fall to the ground and pulled his large cock from his pants and gave it a few quick rubs.  I did not want him to cum just yet as I wanted more from him than just a finger fuck although he was very hard and he had ejected more pre cum from quite a large knob that he had on the end of his shaft. I looked down at it and saw that the eye in his knob was open and his pre cum was just sitting on the top of it.
I put my finger over the top of it and rubbed it gently down over the head, it was warm and very slippery just as it should be when it enters into a well opened pussy.
I felt the button on my skirt being undone and in next to no time it had fallen to the floor along with my underskirt leaving me with just a brief pair of panties on that were already pulled to one side of my now very wet pussy.
My lips  were  being separated  by his fingers as plunged two fingers into  my hole and gently finger fuck me pressing the heal of his hand on my already hard and protruding clit
This was no good to me standing up so I said," We had better lay down on the settee", but he said "No, there was not enough room and it would be better on the floor"

I pulled his pants off and he did the same with me and now I was completely naked. He had only his shirt on which was open all the way down, showing his hairy chest and his pubes just above his cock,  his balls were quite large and hanging down between his legs, I put one hand on his cock and the other on his balls and began to fondle them both and he really liked that , we both lay down on the floor and I continued to give him a steady but gentle wan,  he started to kiss my nipples and  gently rub my tits and ran his fingers all over my tits making them feel that they were going to explode
He then began to move down my body kissing it all the way down while his hands still explored my tits. He went down on me, and eventually came across my clit, his lips engulfed it and sucked and sucked  till it nearly drove me crazy, my pussy was so wet and I just wanted to be fucked with his hard prick strong and fast. I pulled him over on top of me and I spread my legs wide, and he obliged me by putting his hard prick straight in me, getting his knob wet on my juices as it entered me, spreading my lips wide apart, it was so big and wonderful to feel it going right up inside.
 I heaved my bottom up so I could get as much as I could in and as much as he had to give .
 He fucked me hard and it was feeling so good and his balls were banging against me like they did the last time. He gave an almighty push and said that is it fully in and I could feel it throbbing inside me.
 "I am going to pull it out now and I would like you to sit on it and ride it like you have never ridden anything before" he said ,and with that started to bring his cock out from my open  wet juicy pussy. He rolled over on his back an his prick was standing upright and as stiff as ever. His knob was plain to see with my wetness over it. I stretched my legs either side of him and mounted his prick with my open slit, sitting on it until it was fully all in. I waited a minute then began to ride it like hell, it was great and I could feel the tremor of my clit getting stronger and stronger every second and his pulsating cock was driving me mad and I was ready to explode any minute, I said to him "I am going to cum" and he said "ok so am I,"
With that I came and exploded , I could feel him shoot his load right up me spasm after spasm. I think it was the most that I have ever had shot up me, it was great.
We rested for a minute or so laid on our backs, and then I sat up and he was still laid down and his prick had shrunk back but was still quite big laying across his thighs, I said "did you enjoy that ", "oh wonderful, I could fuck you all day long and every day, you would drive any man wild with a pussy like you got".
I laughed and said, "that is nice of you to say , but with a prick like yours  you would drive any woman mad," then I grabbed hold of it and gave it a few rubs and got him all stiff once again and then I went down on him and gave him a few good hard sucks and then got up and dressed.

He then got dressed and I made a cup of coffee which we drank and he said he had to go as it was getting late and he did not want to here when my husband  got back. So  I seen him to the door, but on the way out he gave me a big hug and gently stroked my tits and one last feel of my still wet pussy and said good bye

I went back into the room and tidied up and went over in my mind all what had happened, I grinned to myself and thought  what a wonderful way to spend an evening. span.jajahWrapper { font-size:1em; color:#B11196; text-decoration:underline; } a.jajahLink { color:#000000; text-decoration:none; } span.jajahInLink:hover { background-color:#B11196; } span.jajahWrapper { font-size:1em; color:#B11196; text-decoration:underline; } a.jajahLink { color:#000000; text-decoration:none; } span.jajahInLink:hover { background-color:#B11196; }
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