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Weekend Celebration Part 3

The day was amazing. I was totally in love with the city, something I never imagined possible. I had always seen myself staying in small towns, living on a large plot of land, but I was changing my mind rapidly now.

We had seen so many sights, from the Ground Zero Memorial all the way to Chinatown. I couldn't even decide what my favorite sight was. I knew my favorite part of the day was just being with John. Honestly, I think with John whatever we had done that day, I'd have been happy just to be with him.

We had stopped at a restaurant he frequented to eat dinner. That was the first time we really talked about us, and what we wanted from the relationship all day.

"So, could you see yourself moving here one day?"

"Yeah. I think Ryleigh would enjoy it here, and we could really be happy. I think it just depends on our relationship. I mean, I can't just go home, grab her, and move here. I think we need to set a time frame for such a move, but I truly think I could be happy here."

"Yeah, I know it can't happen overnight. I agree, it will happen in time."

"Maybe in a few weeks, you could bring Ryleigh out and we can see how she likes it. Does she watch Alice in Wonderland? If so, we can take her to Alice's Tea Cup for a tea party."

"You really are motivated in making her happy too. I love that about you."

"Well, the key to a mom's heart is through her child."

I smiled and rolled my eyes. He always had a way to say the right things, or the thing that would just melt my heart.

"That's true."

"What is the minimum time frame you'd move out here?"

"You know, I don't know. That depends on a few things, but I think in about three or four months I'll be willing to explore that. Why?"

"The lease on my apartment is up in five months, and I figured if it's something you were ready to do, that I should look at two bedrooms. Most places rent out a few months in advance to move in though."

"Let's see how things go this month, and we will look into apartments later. Right now, I think we need to move at a bit slower pace. I mean, it's not going to be easy. Dating me will be a new..."

He cut me off.

"I know, and you're right. I haven't dated a mom before, and I've especially never dated a mom who's child doesn't have a dad figure. I'm willing to do whatever it takes."

"Glad you're committed. Just clarify though, being a dad figure takes more than going to a 'Donuts with Dads' event at school."

"I figured."

We both laughed recalling that time he did that for her. It was a month ago. The Friday before Father's Day, Ryleigh had a 'Donuts with Dad' event at school. She was three, and had started to realize she doesn't have a dad. My heart broke. I luckily operated a travel agency, and didn't have to send her. I had told John how I was going to keep her home, and how it was starting to dawn on me that she was going to catch on that she doesn't have a dad. How could I shelter her from the pictures on the wall with kids with their dad's? John didn't say anything in that conversation. He just listened. Which wasn't unusual, I had leaned on him through a lot of tough times over the years. 

That's why when my doorbell rang at seven in the morning, I was surprised to find him at my door. He had told me he had came to take Ryleigh to school, and would stay until breakfast was over. That was the day my heart had really started to open up to him, I wish when he was there I would've moved for a relationship. 


We went back to his place after dinner, and talked even more. It felt like we had been talking for hours in bed, that's why I decided to make a move on him. I pushed him on his back and leaned on his chest. I cuddled up and kissed his lips. Backing away from the kiss, I said, "Let's save our talks for the phone. Right now, let's just make good use of our time together."

John smiled, he knew what I was getting to. He combed my hair with his fingers, and tucked it behind my ear. We kissed again. "I like that idea," he said.


He climbed on top of me, kissing me deep and passionately. His hands caressed my body, slowly working them down to pull my shirt off. Once off, his mouth instantly went to my breasts, first the left followed by the right.

I gasped and moaned in delight. His tongue swirled my nipples. After a few swirls of each nipple, his tongue licked up my chest to my neck. He kissed my neck and shoulder line. On occasion, he nibbled on my neck and shoulder.

He got to his knees and undid his pants after a minute. While he removed his pants, I removed my own. I playfully shoved him back onto his back once his pants were off.

I grabbed his cock. I gave it a few good strokes with my hand. I laid down between his legs. I told him, "You have no idea how badly I've wanted to have your cock in my hand. I wanted it in my mouth even more though."

I gave him a quick smile as I said that, and than went to sucking his cock. I could hear him moan in ectasy. His hands tugged on my hair. 

My tongue ran up and down his shaft. I had him completely in my mouth. My left hand held, and caressed his balls. My fingers curved up from his sack, rubbing his pelvis and hip bone. When I knew he was moments from cumming, I removed my mouth from his cock. I climbed on top of him, straddling him, I slowly guided him inside me.

I lowered myself onto his shaft, gasping as I slid him inside me, "Mhmm. Ahh." My hands rubbed up his chest to his shoulders. I gave his shoulders a gentle squeeze. 

His hands held my hips. I leaned in for a kiss, before planting a kiss on my lips, he moaned into my ear, "You feel so good." His lips landed on my neck, followed by my lips.

My pace began to slow as my orgasm was close. John flipped positions, putting me on my back and him on top. My legs were spread wide, knees bent. He leaned over kissing me as he started to go faster and harder. I could feel him twitching inside me, and I knew it wasn't long before he'd cum. I was on the verge of orgasmic bliss myself, but waited until he was ready for his.

That night, we both came at the same time. Afterwards, we laid facing each other. His hand brushed my hair back behind my ear as we talked. We discussed our happiness with each other, and what we pictured the future to look like. Neither of us wanted that night to end, neither wanted me to leave in the morning. 


Morning came too soon for both of us. We had breakfast at a local café before John walked me to my car. We said goodbye, it took nearly an hour to finally get up the strength I needed to get into my car to leave. I knew it wouldn't be long before we saw each other again, but the week was going to feel like an eternity for me.





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