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Welcome Home

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After months apart, a couple re-unites.
Jen soaked in her bath in eager anticipation of seeing her husband that night. He had been gone for several months over-seas. She carefully shaved her long legs, making sure they were entirely hairless. Next she shaved her pubic region. Touching herself as she did so sent chills up her spine and got her juices flowing. Once she had shaved all but a small red strip, Jen decided to lotion her body to make it as silky as possible. This process turned her on even further, and she began to fiddle her clit.

Due to her high arousal and eagerness for that night, it took very little for Jen to have her first orgasm of the day. It was but a few seconds of play time when she got off.

Jen then realized that because James had been gone so long there was little in the house for real food. Jen decided that she would make James a nice meal for when he got home. So she got herself dressed with a short skirt that would show off her athletic legs, a low cut top that enhanced her pert C-cup breasts, six inch heels, and the coups-des-gras of a thong and Ben-Wa balls placed deep in her vagina.

As Jen shopped for the perfect meal, she worked hard to keep the balls inside of her. Their rocking within her sent Jen into heights of ecstasy she had not experienced in a long time. The fact that she was doing this in such a public place added to the sensation and she was glad for not wearing pants as her nectar flowed uninhibited.

Jen picked out a beautiful steak dinner that would have been hard for James to get while out of the country.

She paid for the food and quickly got home to start preparing it. James's plane was due shortly and he always drove his own car home.

Jen heard the car pull into the driveway and she went to door to greet her husband.

James came in wearing his kilt and doublet, carrying his luggage and briefcase. His years in the service, and now as a security advisor, kept him in great physical condition. His broad shoulders in the doublet made him almost look regal.

James stepped forward and grabbed Jen's neck, under her auburn hair, and kissed her deeply.

"God have I missed you, Jen."

In response, Jen put her hand under James's kilt, grabbed his cock, and began to jerk him. With her other hand she deftly unbuttoned his doublet and began to take off his shirt.

Jen then lifted his kilt and took James's shaft deep in her mouth. James was surprised at Jen's enthusiasm, but he certainly did not protest.

James then brought Jen up and swung her to the couch. He lifted and spread her legs and found her soaked through panties. Moving them to the side he began to go down on her. His expert tongue brought Jen to another orgasm. The tip of his tongue then caught a loop in her vagina. He pulled at it with his tongue and Jen screamed another orgasm as one-by-one the Ben-Was popped out of her.

This was too much for James. He ripped Jen's panties off, lifted his kilt and thrust deeply into Jen. He buried himself all the way with a single lunge and Jen moaned deeply.

James was like an animal unleashed and brought Jen to screaming as though she were being torn apart.

When James had finally spent his seed, the two of them leaned on the back of the couch, sweating and exhausted.

"Welcome home, James. Dinner's on the table. Desert is upstairs."

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