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Welcome Home

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It’s late at night when he got back home. All the lights were closed, the interior of the house dark. He sighed in frustration and leaned against his car. Apparently, she didn’t wait for him to get home before going to sleep. Not that he blamed her with all the late nights he had been working. Come to think of it, he had been barely able to kiss her goodbye this morning.

He gathered his bag and other documents and fumbled for his keys. He opened the door and reached out for the switch and blinked when the lights flickered.

And blinked again.

Petals were strewn on the flower. The deep red of roses, the gentle pink of carnation, and the pure whiteness of lily is mixed with each other creating a field of colors and an explosion of scents all over. He dumped his things on the sofa and looked around. Except for the light he had turned on, it’s still dark everywhere else. He loosened his tie and looked around. He went inside their room, nothing. He looked in the den, in the dining room, in the guestroom; he even went inside the laundry room, all nothing. A bit worried now, he entered his home office, flicked the lights open and smiled.

A vase filled with red roses sat on the middle of his table and in his big leather office chair, her.

She was curled in his chair, wearing a bathrobe, sleeping. He walked over her and touched her face and kissed her lightly. She moved and blinked her eyes open, smiled and sleepily said, “Welcome home honey.”

He touched his nose with hers and kissed her on her lips gently. “You shouldn’t have slept here.” He said, then gathered her in his arms and carried her before sitting down on his chair settling her in his lap. She nuzzled his neck and breathed deeply.

“I’ve missed you so I planned to surprise you but I fell asleep.”

He kissed her full on the mouth, tasting her sweet lips, his tongue playing with hers, his arm supporting her back, the other caressing her cheek. He couldn’t stop the arousal he was feeling with her butt against it; can you really say it’s his fault?

Her arms went around his neck, kneading his muscles, kissing him back with passion and love and lust. His hand caressing her cheek traveled down and went inside her robe to feel her softness. She untied her robe and let it gape open to him. She’s covered in see-through blue lace. The kind that would make a man tear it away from her body and feast on her softness. He unclasped her bra and kissed her nipples, sucking on it, teasing it.

He stood up with her on his arms and laid her in his desk, took the vase placed it down and plucked a fully bloomed rose from it. He kissed the red blossom and lightly traced her face with it. From the bridge of her nose, to her rosy cheeks, to her luscious lips, down to her neck, her breathing going in and out slowly, her lips slightly open. He traced patterns over her chest, a silly heart, a smile, a heart. A petal freed itself from the rest and landed on her puckered nipple, he blew on it sending it down to her soft stomach.

Her muscles tense and shivers, a soft sigh escaping from her lips, he kissed her long and deep, their tongues playing and dancing. He started kissing her down, following the path the rose took, making her shiver and moan in suspense and pleasure.

He licked her navel, and went down and breathed against her lace covered mound. He grasped her panties with his teeth, guiding it down her thighs, kissing every uncovered piece of flesh. He breathed in her musky scent, arousing himself more.

She was breathing hard, biting her lips and moaning. He looked up and stared at her and grinned. “A surprise is it honey? What were you planning?” A finger went inside her folds, teased and flicked her clit.

She squirmed and let out a breathy moan. “I was… supposed to… tease you.”

He smiled and stretched up and kissed her deeply. “Tease me? Drive me crazy? Did I get it right?”

“Yes.” She whispered.

He kissed her again and kissed and nibbled his way down her. “Your plan backfired honey. I’ll be the one driving you crazy.” His finger stopped playing with her clit and went inside her wet tunnel, all the while sucking her nipples in rhythm with his fingers. Her hand reached out for her and twined with one of his, the other went to caress his neck and play with his hair. She was moaning and moving her hips against his fingers. He continued to kiss and lick his way down until he found her clit. He blew on it and started to tease her.

A lick from his tongue, a push of his finger deeper inside her. Her juices spilled from inside her, coating his fingers, dripping its way down her thighs and buttocks, he drank her sweet juices, cleaning her up and he added another finger inside her. He could feel her muscles stretching and contracting, he could hear her moan and call his name over and over. Her legs tensed and he knew that she’s coming. His fingers moved faster inside her and his tongue played with her clit, pressing it hard, gently biting it bringing her over the edge of pleasure. She gave out a loud moan and came hard.

He stood and removed his belt; his pants and briefs fell in one swoop and mounted her even before her muscles stopped quivering. Both of them groaned with the sensation, he encased in her tight warm body, she stretched and filled around his length. She wrapped her arms around his neck and looked at his eyes, her eyes shining with love and lust. He bent down and their lips touch each other, she could taste herself on her lover’s lips, her own juices mixing with his own unique taste. He entered her fast and hard, at times almost completely pulling out before he drove deep inside her. She met every single thrust with her body with her legs around his hips. He tensed and came hard inside her, a moan escaping from him as he kissed her yet again. His release triggered hers and she milked her inside her.

He collapsed on her and hugged her tightly. She nuzzled her neck and sighed and said, “Welcome home honey.”

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