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Wet, part I

“Don’t tease me…” she cried with short breath “Please….I want you so bad.”
As the sunlight was dimming and the shadows grew larger over the building, the sound of a high-winding engine echoed throughout the canyons of the streets. In the blink of an eye, the bright red MINI Cooper S raced around the corner and down into the Holland tunnel. The driver with an intense look focused on nothing else but her fast-paced driving.

Sometime later, the MINI Cooper S whipped into a New Jersey shore driveway and an attractive young woman in her late-twenties appeared from the driver’s door. Marching into the house, she made a b-line for the open wine bottle in the frig, after hurriedly pouring herself one, she began to pace. Teresa thought to herself “that arrogant asshole thinks he’s going to take advantage of me and steal all the work I’ve done.”

Throwing herself on the couch, her iPhone began to chirp and it was Tracy.

Teresa picked up the phone “hey” with annoyance in her voice.

Tracy replied “another bad day?’

Teresa said, “More like still, that asshole Jeremy is trying to make sure he gets all the credit for my work”.

Tracy replied, “Work again? Is that all you think about Teresa? You know what you problem is that you don’t know how to have fun.”

Teresa shot back “what do you mean I don’t have any fun?”

“Teresa, we’ve known each other for a very long time and I know you, you’re too serious and when was the last time you had a date?” Tracy replied

“Oh Tracy, don’t start that again” Teresa annoying replied.

“It’s true Teresa, how long has it been a few years maybe?” Tracy replied

“Tracy get off my back about this, this is your response to everything…I’ll talk to you later.”

Once again, Tracy was telling Teresa the truth, it has been a long time and maybe she was right. Teresa came to the realization that she has not really been happy since she graduated college and entered the fashion industry. It has been fight since then and she has not been happy at all. Maybe it was time for a change as she gazed into the panoramic photo from New Mexico.

The next day in a meeting in a Madison Avenue office in NY, Jeremy was pontificating as usual. Teresa could not take it anymore and stood up.

“You know something Jeremy, you…are a hack,” Teresa snapped at him “You’ve done nothing but crawl up my ass and steal my ideas and I’m tired of it”.

Teresa said matter-of-factly. “Hey Teresa, that was uncalled for” replied the senior manager Bob Edwards.

“You know something Bob, I’m tired of this crap…I’m out of here…you can find some else to be a workhorse with no credit” replied Teresa as she grabbed her leather folder and stormed out.

She got to the elevator and John her direct manager ran up and shouted “Teresa, hang on” as he put his arm through the doors to stop them and climbed in.

“Teresa are you ok? What happened in there?” John said.

Teresa turned and glared at him, “What happened in there John was that I am tired of that hack stealing my ideas and I’m through working here” replied Teresa.

“I think you’re being a little rash, Teresa,” said John

“No, I’m not John, I’m done” she replied

The doors of the elevator opened and she left the building. She could not take any more of that corporate bullshit and wanted out. Tracy had a point; she has not been happy in a long and needed a change. Most people would say that she was burning a bridge and being foolish, but Teresa felt liberated.

“I still cannot believe that you did that.” Tracy said on the phone. “But it’s going to be great to have you out by us now.”

Teresa replied, “You would think that I’d be scared, but I’m not. All that corporate bullshit is just not me. I want to live, not sit in an office or a cubicle just wasting my life away. I don’t need that job anymore, and I’ll see you in a few days.” as she hung up the phone.

Taking one last look, she closed the door….

Days later, she pulled up in front of Tracy’s house in Pahrump. As she climbed, out of the car, she was amazed how clear the southwestern sky was and after all this time, she actually felt happy.

Tracy came running out “Ohhh, it’s great to see you here” said Tracy as she hugged her friend.

As her husband Jimmy stepped out, “Hi Teresa, it’s great to have you out with us in the middle of nowhere.” said Jimmy as he chuckled. “It’ll be nice to have someone in the old ranch house over there.”

As he motioned at the old style ranch house about a hundred yards away as he handed her the keys. “We had it all cleaned and setup for you.” said Jimmy. “On Saturday we are having a BBQ with some friends and you can meet some new people.” said Jimmy.

“Hey look, she’s actually smiling,” said Tracy.

Teresa entered the old ranch house, and everything had the appearance of a shiny new penny. It was great for Tracy and Jimmy to help get her setup. There was plenty of room and there was even a room for her artwork. Walking to the bedroom, she sat on the bed and let out a sigh of relief. As if all, the weight from that corporate bullshit lifted from her.

Teresa and Tracy found what would been considered a “hayseed or redneck” bar just outside of Pahrump. After a while, Tracy saw Robert was there playing pool, but he kept checking Teresa out from across the room.

Tracy nudged her friend “Hey look, there’s Robert from the other night, you seemed to hit it off with him, and he’s been checking you out since we came in.”

“Tracy! What are you doing?” Teresa said as Tracy was trying to get him to come over.

“Aw, come-on when was the last time you had a date?” Tracy said

“Is that all you can think about? Teresa said.

“Hey, there is nothing wrong not being alone at night.” Tracy replied.

“Is that all you think about Tracy is sex?” Teresa replied.

“There is nothing wrong with good sex and my husband doesn’t complain.” said Tracy.

“That is because Jimmy thinks you’re a nympho,” said Teresa with a smile.

“You have to admit Teresa he can’t keep his eyes off you tonight,” Tracy said.

Robert walked over to the table with a few beers “Hi Teresa, Tracy mind if I sit down.” as he gazed at Teresa.

Tracy quickly replied “Hi Rob, go ahead.” As she made sure that Robert was right next to Teresa.

The night wore on and Teresa was becoming comfortable with Rob as they slow danced. She was enjoying the feeling of his arms around her, sending tingles throughout her body. Rob could sense this and leaned in to kiss her. Teresa suddenly pulled back with a look of shock.

“Hey wait a minute, I’m not like that and you are an animal of a man to think so.” Teresa said as she pulled away.

Tracy and Jimmy looked up wondering what just happened. Teresa ran outside, jumped in her car, and sped off. Robert walked outside and all he could see where the taillights of Teresa’s Mini Cooper.

Tracy and Jimmy stepped out “Robert, what happened?” asked Tracy.

“I just tried to kiss her and she freaked out.” Robert replied

Teresa hurriedly entered house all shaken up, she thought to herself of what just got into her. Rob seemed like a nice guy and she just ran away. Not too soon after, lights shone on the windows as she could hear voices outside.

“Tracy, let me talk to her” said Robert.

“Ok, Rob…if you need anything we will be at the house.” replied Tracy.

The door was partially open as Robert pushed on it and said “Teresa, everything ok, it’s me Rob.”

Teresa replied quietly “I’m sorry Robert; I don’t know what go into me.”

He found her on the sofa with an ashamed look.

Robert said, “Is there something so wrong with kissing someone?”

“That’s moving too fast Robert; I just met you a few days ago.” Teresa replied.

“I thought you were majorly into me, seemed that way…couldn’t blame you” said Robert.

Suddenly Teresa stood up.

“I cannot believe you, YOU are an arrogant man. Do you think every woman you see is so into you?” she replied as she stormed into the other room.

Robert came up behind and grabbed her arm spinning her around and pulled her to him.

“Hey, let me go!” insisted Teresa as he leaned in and their lips locked.

She tried to push him away, but his kiss felt so wonderful she did not want to let go as she put her arms around him. Pulling her close to him, she could feel the tone of his chest press against her bosom as his hands slipped over her body. Teresa could not believe that this was happening but it was so good she did not want it to end. His hands moved over her firm body, as flashes raced all over her. Between her thighs was becoming warm with each touch of his hands. He stopped kissing her for a second and gazed into her green eyes as he stroked her copper red hair.

Their lips met again as he pulled her closer, she was feeling the beat of his heart as the warmth between her thighs were increasing. His kisses moved from her lips to her neck, sending thrills throughout her body. She tried to catch her breath as a tongue glided and sucked over her neck joined the moist lips. His strong hands glided over her soft firm body, squeezing her ass and she squealed while his continued to fondle it.

Rob could not keep his hands off her as her sweet-soft lips was addictive enticed him as they continued to make-out. His desire for her engulfed him like flame.

Suddenly, she pushed him away teasing and giggling, looking over her shoulder smiling as she ran into the other room. Rob smiled and thought; oh, she wants to play as he followed her. She turned to face him and saw there was no way out as Rob backed her against the wall. Pressing his chest against her bosom, he held her hands up while their lips locked. This excited her as tingles rushed through her body as the warmth between her thighs was joined by wet. His kisses became deeper as his tongue slowly explored her wet mouth. Slipping his hands along her waist and under her loose fitting blouse along her bare navel, feeling his hands on her bare flesh thrilled her. As her hands caressed over his well-toned arms and chest, her soft touch and sweet scent excited him. And with each tough her soft hands increased the hardness in his jeans. All he could think about was how bad he wanted her while her hands brushed his zipper.

As his hands slipped along her bare navel, it closed upon her bra-enclosed firm breast, gently squeezing as she let out a sigh of contentment. Rob’s lips returned leaving moistness on her neck and earlobe, with the moist tip probing her ear. Sending a jolt throughout her body as she sucked on her breath, her pussy’s wetness increased.

He whispered in her ear “you like that…you want me to touch you…squeeze you.”

She replied through her short breaths “Yes”

Teresa closed her eyes as her breath became shorter and more rapid. All she could think about was how good this felt and how badly she wanted him. It has been so long since she was with a man that each touch of his hands brought more warmth and wetness to her pussy.

She whispered “oh, don’t stop …” as she gazed over at the nearby bed.

Robert could see the desire in her eyes as he eased her blouse over her head dropping it to the floor. Reaching up, she unbuttoned his shirt exposing his toned, lightly hair chest. Her hands slipped downward, pulling on his belt and unbuttoning his jeans sliding the zipper past the increasing bulge. Those firm hands caressed her back as his lips met hers, he clasped at the waist of her skirt, unsnapping it allowing it to flutter to the floor.

Teresa could not believe that this was happening, but his moist wet lips and tongue continued gliding over her neck-gently probing her ear. Sending waves through her body straight to her pussy, as his strong arms wrapped around her. She could feel the warm of his skin while he tightly squeezed and held her close to him. Robert gazed into her eyes, which were glazed over from the desire in her as she glanced over at the bed.

With their lips locked, he lifted her up and gently laid her on her back as his hands caressed over her body. Her pussy warm and wet just pulsed from her excitement. Robert’s hands slipped over her bare thighs grasping at the tops of her nylons, rolling them down exposing her bare legs. Teresa giggled like a schoolgirl with nervous excitement and wanted more. She tried to think, but her body would not let her as waves of tingles and pleasure rushed through her with each touch of his hand. She slipped her hands under the waistband of her panties as Robert’s body pressed against hers and the soft wet kisses continued. He grabbed her hands, and held them as the wet kisses continued and a groan of frustration came from her. Her pussy was soaked and pulsing for attention.

From her lips, over her neck and down, his moist wet-lips and tongue traced over her bare flesh as he inhaled the sweet scent from her skin.

“It’s been so long” she sighed

“I love your body,” he whispered as he marveled at her figure.

Caressing her breasts, his finger traced along her bra opening the clasp between her mounds. Lifting her bra, he exposed her full firm breasts as she instinctively lifted her shoulders and arms helping him. He cupped her breast, gently squeezing as his fingertips brushed her stiffening nipples, as he continued to lip lock. His touch thrilled her as she lifted up to meet his lips as his hands sent rushing sensations over her body down to her already hot-wet-pussy soaking her panties.

His wet lips moved from hers and met her bare breasts gently closing on her stiff nipples. This sent a wave throughout her

“Oh, mmm, that’s good” she whispered

Teresa lifted her shoulders for him pressing her breasts toward him and he eased her back down as he pressed his body against hers. He continued with his moist lips and tongue over her marvelous breasts. She rested her hands on his back, hooking the waistband of his shorts as she pulled them to expose his ass. She continued to pull on them as his hard cock was exposed and she could feel it hot and throbbing against her leg.

“Ohhh” as a sigh escaped her parted lips from the feel of his body upon her.

The tongue traced over her mounds, between her cleavage and down over her tummy. She felt his hands down her back and over her hips. Teresa instinctively lifted her hips while his hands clasped on her panties pulling them over her ass. Raising her legs, he eased off her wet panties and he stopped for a second as held those wet-panties, he smiled at her.

“You are so wet,” he said tossing them aside

Sheepishly she smiled at him as she could barely contain her excitement.

Slipping his hands on her ass, he gently spread her ass cheeks, teasing. The hands continued to slide along the back of her thighs, resting on her knees. Slowly he parted them as his wet lips and tongue traced along the inside of her thighs, sending a thrill through her.

“It’s been so long,” she stammered through her cloudy haze.

Lying on her back, she peered between her swollen bosoms as he head lowered.

The building anticipation excited her as she laid her head back closing her eyes thrilling from his touch. The tip of his tongue slipped along her inner thigh toward her wet pussy; slowly it began tracing the outside of her swollen labia. Sending shivers throughout her body while Rob teased at her clit.

“Ohhhh, my….ooo” she sighed.

Gently his tongue slipped between her swollen pussy lips as he slowly lapped at her wetness. He could feel Teresa shudder as her pussy’s wetness increased. All she could think about was he knows exactly what she likes, as she instinctively raised her hips pushing her hot wet pussy into his face as his tongue probed deeper. As he moved his tongue in and out, he slowly slipped two fingers into her hot wet pussy.

“Oh oh…..please” she whispered as she traced her hands over her full firm breasts, squeezing them as his tongue continued to explore her soaking soft pussy.

She felt she was coming closer as his tongue continued its magic on her pussy, he sensed this from her moans mixed with purrs.

Lifting his head, her eyes opened as he gazed into the hungry eyes, she sat up a bit frustrated from his stopping but she wanted him so badly. Pushing him down on his back, they locked lips as their bodies pressed against each other. Her soft wet lips slipped down his neck teasing at his ear…sending sensations to his hard cock.

Softly she whispered, “I’m so wet”

Her soft moist lips pressed on his ear while her tongue probed inside. She felt his cock pulsing as it pressed against her. Soft wet kisses continued over his toned lightly hairy chest, teasing at his nipples.

Her tongue traced over his abs, and slowly around the base of his hardened cock. Electricity ran through him as her hand wrapped around his hardness slowly pumping it. While her wet tongue traced over its length, around the sensitive head…she felt his body tense. Parting her wet lips, as his cock slipped in her wet mouth. This warm wetness with the light suction of her mouth felt awesome to him.

“This is torture, torture” Rob’s voice was breathless

Teresa smiled “Maybe…”

She wrapped both hands to join her wet mouth on his cock. He could feel himself headed to the edge; sensing it, she stopped. With slight frustration, he sat up as she smiled and giggled.

“Oh, you think that’s funny, you little brat.” he said playfully as he pulled her over his knee exposing her ass in the air. Playfully she struggled “What are going to do to me?” she said as Rob’s hands caressed that marvelous tight bare ass.

“It’s time you learn…’ Rob said

Lightly he slapped her bare ass as she playfully struggled and said “Hey….” while he continued to spank her ass. This just heightened her already high excitement with each slap of his hand on her ass while her breath became shorter. Teresa got free, knelt on the bed facing him. He wrapped his arms around her nude body, pulling her close. Her breasts pressed against his chest and she could feel his heartbeat as their lips locked once again as hands caressed over each other bareness. Holding her tight, the kisses became deeper. He slowly eased her on her back as her head softly landed on the pillow. He traced his wet lips and tongue over her neck, nibbling and probing her ear. Sending waves to her soft hot wet pussy, as the magical tongue traced over her neck and onto her breasts. This sent shocks all over her body especially to her wet pussy that was screaming for attention the more soaked that it became as more moans escaped her.

“Ohhh…” she let out a long sigh as she squirmed beneath him.

Rob’s wet tongue followed the path between her well-endowed bosom, teasing her belly button and over her sensitive clit as it pushed into her hot pussy. Once again, her hips pushed her pussy into his wet mouth.

“Don’t tease me” she cried with short breath “Please, I want you so bad.”

She could not take it anymore as he continued to lick that hot pussy, as his licking brought her closer he slowly stopped and lifted his head.

Rob reached over and took one of the extra pillows, easing it under ass. She laid there with a gaze of overwhelming desire as he on his knees between her thighs. Ever so slowly, his hard cock pressed against her swollen hot wet pussy lips. She sucked in her breath as she felting is slipping with ease in her soft hot wet pussy.

As his hard cock filled her wet pussy, the pleasure was so intense, she could think of nothing else as his toned chest pressed against her bosom.

Teresa cried “Ohh…that’s so good”

With slow strokes, Rob plunged deep into her wet pussy. He could not believe the tightness of her pussy around his rock hard shaft. It has been so long for him, this was so intense he was not sure how long he would last.

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