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What if She Wakes part 1

Jason wants Giulia to go to a nascar race with him, then they engage in oral sex and fingering.
" I would really love it if you came to Florida with me and my mother for a nascar race," Jason said to me, as we cuddled on his bed. I stared at him with an astonished expression on my face, my eyebrows slightly arching and jaw dropping open a little.

He immediately noticed the reaction I gave and said "OK, fine, it was just a suggestion. You don't have to go if you don't want to." I scrutinized him, gazing into his baby blue eyes I had so come to love and could tell that he really wanted me to go.

"Honey, please don't take it that way! I was just surprised at the suggestion. I have never been to anything like that, but I would love to go." He looked at me and I could tell he mentally decided that I was indeed telling the truth. As if I would ever lie to him, such a ridiculous idea.

"Won't your parents protest about you going sweetie? You and I both know how little they like me.." he said with a slight hint of frustration in his voice.

I sighed at the situation with them and said,"I am 19. They cannot prevent me from going. If I want to go, and I do, then I will go and that's that."

"OK, we don't have to mention the part that we will be sleeping in the same bed, because me and my mom always get just one room with two beds," he said with a mischievous gleam in his eyes.

"Oh really, well you failed to mention that. Why didn't you say that to begin with? Now not a thing in the world could stop me from going," I said in a teasing voice. Although my mind was kind of wandering to a sexual place, Jason and I had always wanted to spend the night together just to simply know what it felt like to sleep in the arms of the one you love. He seemed to be thinking about the same thing as his eyes softened and he pressed his lips to my forehead, giving me a sweet innocent kiss.

"I love you more than anything in this whole world Giulia."

“And I love you just as much Jason,” I whispered, as I planted a kiss on his lips.

“So, it's decided, you are going, right?” He gave me a hopeful look, and I sighed because I knew this would stir trouble with my parents, but I agreed.

“Yes, I am going, no matter what my parents say.” He gave me that grin of his and kissed me passionately.

That kiss was just too much to handle. I untangled myself from his arms and began to tug his shirt off, as I felt myself begin to grow wet. He got the idea, and we quickly slipped all our clothes off, staring at each other’s naked bodies for a few seconds. I lay down on the bed and he hovered over me, kissing and nibbling on my neck. I groaned in lust as I ran my hands up and down his back. I gripped his cock and began rubbing it up and down,

I heard a soft groan escape his lips and that turned me on even more. He began to kiss my lips greedily and as he did this he slid his hand down my body. He finally reached my pussy and began to tease me, rubbing my pussy lips. He softly rubbed my clitoris in circular motions, and I growled in frustration. “Master, please finger fuck me NOW. I want your fingers deep inside of my pussy. Please do not tease me!”

He got a certain look in his eye, “are you telling your Master what to do Giulia?”

I quickly realized what I had said and immediately looked down, “No, of course not Master, I would never tell you what to do.”

He gave a nod of approval and said, “That’s what I thought.” He rubbed my clitoris for a few more seconds, then slowly slipped a finger inside of my pussy, watching me as he did so. He slowly slid his finger in and out of me, then he slid a second finger inside of me. He continued this until he had four fingers deep inside of my pussy. He began to go faster and faster.

“Yes, oh yes Master, do you like stretching out my pussy with your fingers Master? Yes... it feels so good Master.” He continued to finger fuck me until I came. He pulled his fingers out of my pussy and brought them to my lips, wanting me to taste myself. I licked all of my juices off of his fingers.

“Now it is time for you to return the favor,” Jason said, as he forced me to the floor on my knees. He stood in front of me, his cock springing to attention. I began to lick the very tip of his cock and I heard a moan in the back of his throat. I slid it deeper into my mouth, taking him as deep as I could. He put his hand on my head and forced me to go faster. “Mmm, yes Giulia, suck my cock. Do you like to suck on my cock?”

I looked up at him and nodded. I loved playing with my Master’s cock. I loved knowing that I brought him pleasure, that is all I wanted to do. I gripped his cock firmer and rubbed it a little faster as he started to come. It spurted out and into my throat, I made sure I got every last drop.

His cock went limp and we both got onto the bed after that. I crawled into his arms and we lay in his bed naked together. Obviously I enjoyed what we had just done, but this was my favorite part of it, cuddling with him. Feeling our naked bodies pressed together. I loved studying him. Staring at every inch of his body, thinking he is mine forever. I get to do this for the rest of my life with him. He kissed my hair, “I love you Giulia.”

“I love you too Jason.” We stayed wrapped in each other’s arms until I had to leave.

I rode silently in the back of his family’s truck, as I thought about how I didn’t want to go home, how I wanted my home to be with him. I wanted to be able to fall asleep in his arms and stay there all night. This was something I so desperately wanted, and him as well, but it just was not possible yet.

His dad pulled into the driveway and I got out of the car. He walked me to the door, as he always does, and we embraced for a few seconds then kissed. “See you in 3 days. That is when we are leaving for the NASCAR race. I will let you know when exactly you need to be ready to leave, okay? I love you.”

“Okay, I will be ready. I love you too.” He stepped off of the porch and headed towards the truck. I sadly opened the door and went inside. I went up my stairs and watched his dad and him pull out of the driveway and leave. After they were long gone I slipped out of my day clothes into my pajamas, crawled into my bed, and fell asleep thinking about the race.
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