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What if...

What if we had one night...
What if we had one night? Would it be enough? What would it be like? I have thought about it over and over. Every scenario has played through my head. Would it be a night of rough hard core fucking? Would it be a night of tender love making? Would it be a night of just holding each other and simply enjoying each other?

I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would fall in love with a married man. Hell, my marriage ended because my husband had an affair. And here I am. The Other Woman. But it isn't like that. Not with you. We have never touched. Never shared a lover's embrace. But you have always made me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. I love the sparkle in your eyes when you see me. I love the slight smile when you are thinking naughty thoughts. And most of all I love that smug look when you get your way. 

And get your way, you certainly do. If you ask anything of me, you know you will get it. And ask you did.

"Come see me?" you say as we are talking.

We have never approached this topic and I can't tell from you if you are serious.

"Yeah, sure. I am on my way," I respond and laugh it off.

Your voice changes. Your eyes darken a bit and you say again, "Come see me."

This time there was no question in your voice. It was a man, my man, demanding to see his girl. I look into the camera with questioning eyes. You know I am stubborn and not good at submitting. Your eyes soften, but that tone is still there. You are staring back at me through my computer screen. "I am serious, baby. Come see me." I look into your beautiful eyes and just nod. You know I will do what I can.

As soon as you are off my screen, I book a hotel room and hop in the car. It takes several hours before I valet my car. I check in and flip open my laptop. I lay on the bed and wait for you. My computer chimes and you are ringing through.

"Did you do as I ask?" you say.

No hello. No Hey Babe. Just that tone again. Part of me wants to shake my head and scream out, No! But you already know I did. You already know that I am here. I can see it in your eyes. I can see that smugness wash over you. You know you have me. You can sense my defiance. You can tell that I am disappointed in myself for giving in to you. In an attempt to maintain this balance we have, your whole demeanor softens a bit. There is a slight smile on your lips as you ask


I give you the address of the hotel and you tell me to be ready by seven.

I decide to pamper myself a bit and go to the spa for a massage and wax. I want everything to be perfect tonight. My skin is radiant and my girly parts smooth as I leave the spa. I head back to my room to wash the oil from my body and get dressed. As I am unlocking the door, I feel these strong arms wrap around me. I am pulled back into a hard chest. I spin around and am nose to chin with you!

"What the hell are you doing here? I thought you said seven. Oh, this is just part of your game. You decide when and where."

And there is that smug look again. Your arms are still around me and I spin to free myself from your grasp. You chuckle as you ask me where I am going. I don't need to respond because you can see the defiance dripping from me. You step forward, pressing me against the door with your body. We have never even been in the same room and now you are against me. I inhale as you open the door and move me inside. I finally have room to move and walk away from you.

"Baby Girl!" you say and I spin around. "Come here."

I cross my arms in defiance.

"Baby Girl, Don't make me ask you again."

I hang my head and walk towards to you. I don't know why, but I need to do what you say. I need to be this person in your company.

"Look at me." you say.

Your tone a bit softer. As I slowly lift my head, I see the sparkle in your eyes. I see you, my Man, smiling at me. My whole body relaxes. You pull me to you, your hands on my face and guide my mouth to yours. Our lips meet for the first time and I can feel it in every cell of my body. You pull back from the kiss so our lips are just millimeters apart.

"Hello, Beautiful," you say, and I am at a loss for words.

Your lips close over mine and you lift me up. My legs wrap around your waist and my arms around your neck. As you kiss me, you walk us to the bed and lay me down.

"I want to make love to you, Baby Girl."

My body starts shivering as it always does when I am nervous. You cover me with your body and prop your face above mine. I want to fidget, but you have me pinned.

"Relax," you say. I just close my eyes and take a few breaths. "You are doing great, love!"

I open my eyes to see you watching me.Your lips are on my neck and my body is arching off the bed. Every cell in my body can feel your tongue sweeping across that sensitive spot near my collar bone. I pull your t-shirt from your jeans and try to get it over your head. You laugh as you help me get it over your strong shoulders. My hands and mouth want to experience all of you, but you have other plans. You untie the belt on the robe from the spa, and it falls open. Your hands cup my breasts, as your tongue plays with my hardening nipples. I can feel your hardness pressing against me through the fabric of your jeans. My fingers snake their way between us and start fumbling with your button. You look up at me with hunger and a bit of laughter.

"Can I help you with something?" you ask.

"Yes, you are overdressed for the occasion!"

You lean back on your knees between my thighs and start unbuttoning your jeans. My hands move to cover my body and you shake your head at me. I feel like a chastised child until you speak.

"You are beautiful. Don't ever be embarrassed about this body. You are beautiful."

No one has ever spoken to me with such love and a tear runs down my cheek.

You stop messing with your fly and lay back down on top of me. Your thumb wipes at the tear stain on my face. You kiss my lips and look into my eyes. It feels like you can see into my soul. Every insecurity, every hurt, every fear and every desire.

"Baby Girl, I will never let you go. Just don't break my heart."

I smile and realize just as much as I need you, you need me.

"Make love to me." I whisper and start working your jeans down your hips.

I can feel your hard cock against my freshly waxed skin. The oil from the massage is making our bodies slide together. I have seen your cock in pictures, but it is intimidating in person. You place the tip of your cock against my moist entrance. I inhale in preparation of your size. You are bigger than anyone I have ever been with and as I exhale.

"Please be gentle." I plead.

"Baby, I would never hurt you."

You slowly ease into me and I can feel my body stretching to accommodate you. You push only the head in and stop, letting my body adjust. I arch my hips allowing you to push further in. Slowly, an inch at a time, you press into me. My body opens to you and you are deep inside me. My body is tight around you and you begin to move in and out. My body arches off the bed and you begin thrusting in and out, harder and harder.

"Cum for me, Baby. Cum for your Man." you say and as if under your spell, my orgasm begins to wash over me. My toes curl as my legs lock around you, pulling you in deeper. You continue to move inside me and thrust one final time and growl into my ear as you fill me with your hot seed.

You wrap your arms around me and with your cock still inside me, you roll us over, so that I am laying on you. You hold me tight and whisper,

"I love you. You are my Girl."

I reply, "Yes, Sir. Only Yours."

And there is that look in your eyes. I know what calling you 'Sir' would do. Your eyes darken and a hardness washes over your face. I close my eyes tight and hope I can be everything you need. You kiss my ear and tell me to get some rest. Its going to be a long night.

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