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What you make me do

What you make me do

Tags: love, sadness
What do I feel when I'm around you? Why do I feel this way and why can't I help myself?
Looks into the mirror day in, and day out, wondering what you think, how you feel and where we are together, wondering if it will last. 
My heart flutters every time I see your name, thinking 'Maybe this is it we will finally be together, can we handle it, can we make it through hardships. Will we make each other happy?'

Questions flood my mind but never get answered. Will I ever be at peace with myself?

My mind wanders to your beautiful face, your perfectly pouted lips, your beautiful grey eyes, your amazingly beautiful white straight smile, sharp canines pulling my view directly towards them. 

Your perfectly shaped body, your soft sweet exterior, yet dominant being, making me beg, wanting more of you but getting nothing. 
Unable to handle myself, squirming with every one of your soft spoken words, shuddering at every touch, wonder, hoping that just maybe, it will never end. 

Longing for your touch, your voice, your soft spoken words being wrapped around my throat suffocating in your intoxicating presence. 
The constant glares you give me, ripping me apart, making me stare at the floor, feeling as though I've disappointed you, when I've done nothing. 

Making me feel like a worthless piece. 

Why do I want nothing more than to be yours? My body aching, just wanting to feel your love. My teeth stay smashed into my lip, trying to stay quiet, so as to not make you mad, just wanting to please you, day in and day out, but getting nothing in return. 
Your hand on my head, my eyes shooting their glance to you while soft purrs fill my throat, eyes glancing between lips and eyes, making me blush and bite my lip in embarrassment. Why can't I be myself around you? Why do I feel so imperfect? 
My body lays motionless, so as not to wake you. My body pressed to yours, slow shivers course down my body, trying to contain myself, trying to hold moans back. The very feel of your body on mine making pleasure rush through my veins. I try to drift off to sleep, but my mind rushes with possibilities, making me wonder.

My hands on your hips as I gaze into your cold grey eyes, my blue eyes nervous yet excited, not knowing what to expect or what to hear. My lips slowly slinking into a smile as I keep gazing at your perfect face hoping the feelings you bring me, will never end. 
Our gazes meet, our faces slowly moving closer to one another as we switch to soft lips, then warm eyes. Anticipation rising, our bodies burning with passion, our eyes boiling over with lust. 

Grey eyes slowly close as our lips meet, our bodies colliding with a growing kiss, soft noises filling the room, each knowing what the other wants.

Blue eyes timidly close, yet lips pressing harder wanting more. Then they separate, and a feeling of emptiness quickly floods my body, whimpering as she turns to leave. 

My hands grasping at her trying to get her to come back to me.

Blue eyes flood with tears, knowing I will never hear from her or see her again. My heart slowly tearing into pieces and falling to my knees which are bowed in sadness and desperation. Hoping to one day see her again, knowing though, that it's far out of reach.

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