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When He Come Home

No Place Like Home

When He Came Home.....

I meet him at the door with nothing on; took him by the hand and had him follow me up stairs.

I wanted to show him.... how I could please him day by day; He would never have to give directions to me. We went in to the bedroom and I pushed him onto the bed and begin to take his clothes off. I took his hands and let them roam all over my body. I moved my body in front of him and gave him a little lap dance; I didn’t want his money, I just wanted his loving.

We headed to the bathroom where the Jacuzzi tub was filled with hot water the temperature just right to send tingles over our body, I also filled the tub up with vanilla scented bubbles. Both of us got in the tub and soaked together. He's sitting in between my legs; I began to wash his body with a body sponge. I whispered sweet words in his ears and he whispers sweet things back to me.

We got out of the tub and dried each other off and headed into the bedroom we didn’t make it to the bed we ended up on the floor. I put chocolate on his body and licked it off until I got to his naval. I hear him make a little noise which I know means he likes what I’m doing. I put chocolate on his dick and sucked it like it was the last thing I was going to taste. When he came the taste of his cum and the chocolate in my mouth was the best thing I had ever tasted.

I licked until all the chocolate was off of him and got him back hard; then I got on top of him and slid his dick inside of me and I started to ride him. He rolled me over and started putting in work, making sure he made it be known that he could handle me! And my baby  handled me, when I came it was so intense.

While still inside of me he began putting whip cream on my neck & breast and used his tongue to get all of it off. He  was grinding me nice and slow, then he sped it up & it felt so good. He licked all kinds of places on my body; he licked & kissed my spot behind my right ear and I got shivers. He made me cum again and I rolled him back over, took his dick out and told him to roll onto his stomach.

I started to massage his back with edible oil; licking him & making sure I planted kisses on his body while I was massaging him. While I’m still massaging his back.. He gets up with me holding onto his neck, He brings us to the bed. He turns around and let me get on the bed.

I sit there legs open staring at how sexy he is, I began to massage my breast and one of my hand makes it’s way down to my secret garden and I began to masturbate; He just stand there and stares at me, when I was on the verge of Cumming he took the hand I was using to masturbate with and licked all my juices off and began to eat me out.

He sucked on my clit, spelled his name with his tongue; he licked my pussy until I nutted so many times I lost count!

I started it but he made sure he was gone finish it!!

He pulled me to the edge of the bed.... so I would be closer to him, he spread my legs apart and inserted his dick inside of me inch by inch, I was loving the feel. When his entire dick was inside of me he lean down and kissed me passionately, then he tore my pussy up, hitting the bottom, making my legs quiver and making my eyes water.

I scream out loud, making it seem like some one was killing me... I didn’t care. What he was doing to me felt so damn good. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he picked me up and started bouncing me up & down on his dick. He laid me back down on to the bed and said he was about to cum and wanted me to cum too.

When he came his nut triggered my nut and I came so hard my body felt like liquid. We were just laying there with his dick still inside of me I could feel it beating inside of my pussy; it felt so good just to have him so close to me.

I could tell he was very pleased with our episode of love making, I bet he's glad he married me.

After all that goodness we took a shower. We got in the bed naked; he kissed both of my breasts then laid his head on one of them and fell asleep. I think life is so sweet when it’s just him & me.

© Dominique P. Smith 2009

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © © Dominique P. Smith

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