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Where mistakes may take you Part 2

Katie and Lucy develop their relationship.
Now the kiss had confused Katie.

She wasn’t a lesbian, she wasn’t even bisexual, but she could notice a women’s beauty and therefore appreciate it. Admittedly, she had formed a slight crush on Lucy during the short time she had known her, but that doesn’t mean she could go from being as straight as ruler to being either lesbian or bisexual... Could it?

Katie entered her squalid apartment, barely big enough to accommodate a dog never mind a fully grown adult, but it was home. After spending the afternoon with Lucy, she seemed to have gained some Christmas spirit back in to her life... She no longer hated it, only disliked it.

Finishing wrapping the last present she stood back to admire her work,

“I still hate Christmas.” She muttered.

Wrapping presents for four people shouldn’t have been this hectic, and with the meaning being the kiss preying on her mind had all in all made an emotional overload for Katie causing her to wash away her worries with copious amounts of Bailey’s and mince pies, feeling the buzz off the concoction immediately.

The following days leading up to Christmas had all merged into one as Katie enjoyed her Christmas run up the only way she knew possible, by herself, but on Christmas Eve she had managed to get out of bed and decided to do something with her day which didn’t involve eating, drinking or a television.

Walking out into the bitter weather, wrapped up like she was on an escapade to the Antarctic, Katie hugged her scarf around her and set off to do something she had never done in her life.

She was going to volunteer.

Now, this wasn’t Katie’s forte, caring and everything; but it was for her mother and she decided she had better stop feeling so glum during a merry season and decided to try and make another life that tiny bit better, heck some of the people she’d help usually live on the streets that made her tiny apartment seem much grander than it were.

Katie entered the shabby looking building expecting to see sorrow, heartbreak and the typical scrooge but she was greeted instead with the feeling of warmth and happiness, and enough Christmas cheer to rid anyone of their ‘humbuginess’. As she walked further into the great hall her ears were filled with he sound of laughter and music which made her frown disappear and a beautiful smile then graced her face.

As she enjoyed the sound of happiness for a moment longer she decided it was time to get helping and made her way to help serve in the kitchen. When she entered the tiny kitchen she was practically attacked by the regulars of the volunteer centre who knew her mother and to offer their condolences, one of those volunteers being Katie’s Auntie Mary.

When the two made eye contact there were no stopping the tears that began to fall. Katie’s mother was such a strong woman, and so alike her sister Mary, but when she was bitten by the deadly curse of cancer she had decided it was time to hang up her boxing gloves and give in to the fight. That was 5 years ago at Christmas when Katie had lost her best friend and was the main reason she hated the holiday. While Katie shared a hug with her Auntie, she felt a warm presence enter the room, one she was familiar with. Then it hit her.

Lucy couldn’t believe her eyes, how did Katie know Mary? And why were they crying and hugging? And why was Katie avoiding her? The questions began to reel until she got the jist from the other workers in the kitchen that Mary was in fact Katie’s auntie and her sister who sadly passed away was Katie’s mother. Her final question was still unanswered.

“Well, this isn’t getting anything done is it?” Katie said to her Auntie whilst smiling and wiping her tears from beneath her eyes.

“Not really pet, but I’m so glad you’re here. I thought it would be another Christmas that I didn’t see the only piece I have left of my sister.” Mary smiled and placed a gentle kiss on her niece’s forehead before kicking into action.

“Right guys! Keep smiling and you know what to do. Watch out for Mr Roberts as he is a bit cheeky with the ladies.” That received a laugh from the kitchen staff and finally the kitchen was open to all the hungry and less fortunate.

“Well aren’t you a pretty little thing.” Said an old man to Katie.

“Why thank you, I’m guessing your Mr Roberts?” Katie replied with a cheeky smile.

“Aye lass, I guess news about me travels fast ey? It’s amazing how much like yer mother you look dear, like a carbon copy.” Mr Roberts said.

“Thank you; I really appreciate that Mr Roberts.” Katie smiled again, retrieving an escapee tear.

“Call me Peter, and it’s no problem.” The old man smiled warmly before collecting his tray of food which consisted of a full Christmas dinner with an extra Yorkshire pudding, plus Christmas cake with extra brandy sauce.

While the night continued and everyone was fed and shown to their bed for the night, Lucy was at bursting point ready to confront Katie about the kiss and the meaning behind it; it would eat away at her if she didn’t.

“Katie, could I have a word?” Lucy asked, she saw Katie psychically tense before she relaxed again.

“Sure, but erm... Could we go somewhere else? I don’t really want Peter overhearing and getting giddy.” Katie replied while trying to smile un-awkwardly.

“I’d invite you to mine but I can’t think you’d want to be there, with me. Especially on Christmas eve.” Offered Lucy.

“I’d love to, let me get my things and I’ll meet you outside.” Katie said before hopping off her stool to get her things, leaving Lucy feeling that tiny bit better about herself that she hadn’t completely ‘fucked it up’ with her.

Katie exited the centre and walked towards Lucy who was apparently away with the fairies.

“We gonna go now or on Christmas day ey?” Katie joked whilst nudging Lucy in her rib, running off in the distance.

“Great way to act like nothing happened.” Lucy muttered as she smiled at Katie’s change in attitude. She seemed so careless before, and now she was full of happiness and joy? She wasn’t even sure it was the same person, not as though she was complaining; she liked this Katie a lot better.

Arriving at Lucy’s house, Lucy allowed Katie in first and followed her in. It was now time to talk and clear the air, if Katie wasn’t interested Lucy didn’t want to lose what could be an amazing friend, an even better lover but she’d deal with what she was given.

As the door closed Lucy opened her mouth to speak but was interrupted by Katie as she place a finger on her lips to shush her, before contemplating her next action. Lucy could see that she was nervous and confused but she was genuinely oblivious to what Katie was going to do or say. And at that moment, Lucy knew exactly.

Katie looked deep into Lucy’s eyes before smiling and moving her head closer to hers before placing her lips gently on Lucy’s.

I could die and go to heaven.” Lucy thought whilst she relaxed in to the kiss, her worries melting away and her barrier melting with it.

Pulling her face away, Katie look even more perplexed and she sighed and huffed heavily before stomping into the front room.

“What the hell is all this about Katie, I don’t swear normally but I am fucking confused! Stop messing me around and tell me what’s happing in your head.” Lucy said frustrated as Katie bit her nails anxiously.

“What’s happening in my head? Seriously? Before I met you I wouldn’t even look at a girl beyond admiring her beauty. I’m not lesbian, not even bi, but when I kiss you... it... it feels right. I can’t explain it and don’t thing I ever could but I don’t know anymore.” Katie rose from the couch and embraced Lucy’s head before kissing her again with much more passion and longing.

“How can this feel so right Lucy? It’s like you were meant to ambush me with a puddle.” Katie smiled before kissing Lucy again.

Now it was Lucy’s time to shine.

Lucy encased Katie with her arms and lifted her so her legs wrapped around her waist, and she then carried her upstairs whilst still kissing her. Gently placing Katie on the bed, Lucy began to slowly undress her.

“Please tell me if I’m going too fast, with you not being used to this I won’t know what you like and don’t like and what taking it too fast.” Lucy said with her face etched with worry.

“Don’t worry about me, nothing is too fast. Don’t change for me baby.” Katie replied as she stroked her hand around Lucy’s face.

Lucy started slowly, first removing Katie’s Eskimo wear. She then slowly began to peel her long sleeved top of before Katie stopped her.

“Am I going to fast?” Lucy asked in a panic.

“Shut up silly.” Katie said.

Katie stood up and swapped placed with Lucy before turning her back towards her. As she took a deep breath, Katie began to remove her clothing in a seductive manor, keeping her back towards her at all times. As she rolled her jeans down her impossibly smooth legs she bent down making her ass protrude out so Lucy had full view of its roundness and shape. Slowly standing up, wearing only her bra and panties, Katie turned and walked towards Lucy pushing her further onto the bed finally making her lay down. Lucy was impressed with this confidence of Katie’s finding it a turn on.

Lucy laid still and Katie began to caress her pleading body, placing feather light kisses on each bit of skin she exposed as she unbutton her shirt. Katie unbuttoned Lucy’s jeans expertly in one swift move and before Lucy had time to blink she too was in only her underwear.

A sudden wave of confidence made Katie do something she vowed never to do, she began kissing her way down Lucy’s soft, supple skin before reaching her pussy. Delicate lace was now the only barrier between Katie and Lucy’s wetness, that fact was apparent to Katie before she even saw it. Katie hooked her fingers around the edges of Lucy’s panties and started to slide them down her legs taking them off completely. Katie was now at a loss of what to do due to inexperience but understand the matrix due to porn, and due to what she enjoyed. Katie carefully edged her tongue closer and closer to Lucy’s wetness until they made contact sending bolts of electricity through Lucy’s body, and apparently, Katie enjoyed her reaction. As she reached down to feel her own pussy she was surprised to find herself soaking wet , and hornier than she had ever been with any man. She traced her tongue up Lucy’s pussy one again, tasting her properly before launching her onslaught of pleasure directly to Lucy’s sensitive pussy. She licked and lapped up the juice Lucy had created making Lucy writhe and wriggle in ecstasy.

“Oh oh ohhhhhh my god! You’re a natural Katie!” Lucy moaning as she trust her hips towards Katie’s greedy tongue.

Katie then took it up a step or two, she probed Lucy’s pussy and placed her thumb on her clit, wiggling it back and forth causing Lucy to shudder and scream.


“Poor neighbours.” Katie said, whilst smiling. Her face laced with Lucy’s cum.

“Shut up and kiss me.” Lucy said as she sat up from the bed pulling Katie into a kiss, tasting herself and the natural sweetness of Katie.

Separating from the kiss, Katie rested her head in the crook of Lucy’s neck as they encased each other with a hug.

“If you say you’ve never done that before I won’t believe you.” Lucy said in a half daydream state.

“Nope, I haven’t.” Katie replied, nuzzling further into the hug.

“Wow, you’re amazing.” Lucy smiled, kissing Katie’s forehead.

Katie moved from the hug to lay on her stomach looking into Lucy’s eyes.

“You’re my first and last Lucy.” Katie said before pressing her lips against Lucy’s creating a kiss filled with passion and love.

“Merry Christmas Katie.” Lucy whispered as she broke the kiss.

Katie turned to look at the clock for it to read 12:04am, Christmas Day.

“Merry Christmas Lucy.” Katie replied.

-Thank you for taking the time to read these stories, as my first series please be gentle but any feedback or constructive criticism please share so I can be a better writer :).

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