Where mistakes may take you - Part One

By Beckie2309

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How simple mistakes can bring two people so close.
“I hate public transport. I hate shopping, especiallyChristmas shopping. Heck, I HATE CHRISTMAS!” Katie shouted as she exited the bus into pouring rain with bags of Christmas shopping in each hand.

“Why did I sell my car? Why? I’m a fucking idiot that’s why.” She huffed and sighed heavily before snuggling into her scarf and shuffling the mile walk to her house.


“Oh well I wish it could be Christmas everydayyyyyy!” Lucy sang in her car as she flicked the tinsel surrounding her rear view mirror.

“It’s safe to say I love Christmas.” She said to her reflection as she smiled widely.

During the time she looked in her mirror she hadn’t noticed the large puddle ahead, nor did she notice the young women shuffling along with bags of shopping. When her eyes had caught the caution in front she didn’t have time to react and hit the puddle at 30 mph, sending the murky water straight over the young women and her shopping.

Lucy came to a halt in her car and checked her rear view mirror to see how badly affected the young women was by the sudden influx of water thrown at her and, she was pretty worse for wear. She was stood drenched, shivering violently before dropping her bags to the pavement.

“Oh no!” Lucy shouted before quickly putting her car into reverse and pulling up to the women’s side and opening her door to get out and apologise.

“I am so sorry, I…I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t see the puddle. I by no means intended for this to happen. Are you okay?” Asked Lucy as she approached her, she got no reply.

“Quick, get in here before you freeze.” Lucy said before pushing the women into the passenger seat and collecting her bags placing them into the back seats.

“Where do you live? I’ll take you, and I’ll pay for your clothing to be dry cleaned. I am so terribly sorry.” Lucy pleaded, yet she still got no reply. Just a minor blubber and sniffle to indicate the women was in fact crying gently.

“Screw this.” Lucy muttered as she set off in her car heading for her home.


“I can’t believe that just happened.” Katie thought as she shivered dropping her bags as water dripped from her nose and coat trim.

“I am so sorry, I…I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t see the puddle. I by no means intended for this to happen. Are you okay?” The perpetrator said as she exited her car.

Although Katie had much to say, well, scream to this women she couldn’t, she couldn’t even speak. Now, she was sat in a complete stranger’s car, convulsing due to the cold and sobbing silently.

Soon enough they arrived at a cosy looking town house, with Katie feeling a lot better having thawed out substantially from the cold; she was still pissed off though, who could blame her?


Lucy turned the key in the ignition and the engine came to a halt. She turned toward the young women and pondered for a second.

“May I ask you name?” She asked, being hopeful.

The reply she received was so faint she barely believed she even received a reply.

The women cleared her throat and spoke again.

“Katie, my name is Katie.” The women spoke, her voice hoarse and shaky.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Lucy and again I am so very, very sorry for this.” Lucy smiled, noticing Katie’s features and her natural beauty.

“I wish I could say you’re forgiven but you’re far from it.” Katie muttered as she wiped a stray tear from her cheek.

“I don’t expect to be. Now I would really appreciate it if you came into my house to thaw out properly before taking on the typical British weather again.” Lucy gave Katie no choice as she opened her door and got out; collecting her bags and Katie’s taking them into her house.


“Now, I would be so much more pissed off if she wasn’t so attractive. I never let someone’s appearance interfere with my emotions.” Katie thought while scolding herself.

“I think it’ll be best for you to take a shower and use some of my clothes so you can warm up properly. I’ve seen too many people with pneumonia and it ain’t nice.” Lucy suggested, receiving a nod and a forced smile as her reply.

“Great, I’ll show you where the bathroom is and get you some clothes and shoes while I dry your underwear. Is that okay?” Lucy asked.

“That’ll be fine, thanks.” Katie replied. At least she was talking to her and not punching her, it’s what Lucy expected in all honesty.

“I’ll get you some soup and a hot drink while you’re up there too.” Lucy added as an afterthought.

“Yeah… anything to sweeten me. Stop being so chuffing nice and stop giving me reasons to forgive you!” Katie thought as she followed Lucy up her staircase, admiring her perfect arse swaying as she took step after step.

Lucy had prepared the soup, some crusty bread and a pot of tea for when Katie had finished in the shower. She wanted to make up for the accident, but she also wanted to make a lasting impression so when Katie had to leave and go home, she’d be that tiny bit upset and reluctant to leave.


Lucy was busy putting her own shopping away when Katie entered the kitchen silently, letting her presence go unnoticed while she ogled Lucy’s figure. Lucy was roughly 5ft 6, with a subtle hourglass figure. She wasn’t as big as Katie with her assets as Lucy appeared to only be a 32C whereas Katie was a 34DD. What Katie had noticed before was Lucy’s hair that cascaded down her back reaching her shoulder blades, which before was covered by a trapper hat and was now unveiled to be a shockingly bright but natural auburn, which explained her light scatter of freckles which graced her beautiful face. And her eyes where the most enticing colour of green you could imagine, vibrant and captivating which caught you in their spell when you happened to make eye contact.

Katie began to wonder why she could describe her eyes with such detail and then she realised Lucy was looking straight at Katie and had caught her off guard checking her out, she was talking too.

“Earth to Katie, helllooooooooo” Lucy said while waving her hands in front of Katie’s face, making her come out of her trance, blushing slightly.

“Jeeeez, I think the cold got to you a bit more than I thought. Here, eat this and drink this. It’ll warm you from the inside at least.” Lucy said while giving Katie a hot bowl of tomato soup and a cup of tea.

“Thank you Lucy, I’ve already forgave you for the mishap. All of this is unnecessary, although I am not complaining. Tomato soup is my favourite.” Katie said before smiling and sipping soup from her spoon.

Now it was Lucy’s turn to ogle.

Katie was a curvaceous woman, but in no way ‘fat’ as people would associate with that word. She screamed all women with her tiny waist and wider hips, and large breasts to add. She had brown hair tinted with highlights that fell down to her waist. Lucy noticed her cheeks had gained colour and they made her eye’s glisten showing their icy blue beauty.

Katie was a goddess.

“Caught ya looking.” Katie said when she noticed Lucy’s intense gaze, Lucy now blushed and made her way to clean Katie’s dishes.

“Right, I think I am fully thawed now. Best be heading off home.” Katie mentioned to a very upset looking Lucy.

“Sure, yeah… Umm d’ya want me to give you a lift? It only seems right.” Lucy offered.

“No need, I only live around the corner.” Katie smiled as she donned her coat, scarf and hat, picking up her shopping as her last priority.

“I’ll be seeing you Lucy, I hope to bump into you again just not in the same situation.” Katie smiled again and leaned in to hug Lucy, only for Lucy to take the opportunity to steal a kiss.

The kiss lasted no more than a second, taking Katie by surprise and causing her to jump back in reflex.

“I’m so sorry, I feel such a creep now.” Lucy said with a shameful look, as she lifted her eyes to meet Katie’s eyes she was greeted by a look of disgust, then confusion and then finally…..acceptance?

Katie nodded her head and smiled briefly before leaving the warmth of Lucy’s home and making her way towards her tiny apartment.