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The start of a whirlwind romance.

“Put this on,” he murmurs and his boyish sparkle glows brighter.

“What is it?”

 “A blindfold.” I lean away from him, narrowing my eyes.       

 “What do I need a blindfold for?”

"The surprise. I promise you I’m not looking to have my wicked way with you… yet.” That slow promise in his voice in that single short word ‘yet’ sends resonating throbs of desire straight through me from my breasts all the way to my thighs.

 “I not sure that I trust you,” I tease, relaxing a little more, squeezing my legs together to try and relieve the growing tension there.

“Trust me this once. I promise you won’t regret it.”

I narrow my eyes again and he laughs as I sit upright and reach for the blindfold. Instead, he holds it out of my reach. “Allow me,” he murmurs in his seductive growl and I try not to hear it, but the tension between my thighs grows another notch. I turn so my back is to him and the soft silk to the blindfold covers my eyes gently. He ties the ribbons tightly, but not too tightly. His hands then fall to my shoulders and rest there gently. His thumbs caress my shoulders in small circles and I feel my heart flutter.

“You’ll drive a man insane, Sasha.”

“It was your idea to blindfold me, no one else’s.”

“I’m glad I did. Don’t move. I’ll help you from the car.” The car draws to a gentle stop and I hear his door open quickly, soon followed by mine. I feel a growing nervousness in the pit of my tummy. What has he got planned for us? What could he possibly be hiding from me? 

“Watch your step, there’s a curb.” I find the curb and he pulls me up, a hand of mine in each of his and then he pulls me to his side, one strong arm around my waist. His driver presses my clutch bag into my hand. “Thank you, Harris. I’ll call you when we’re ready,” he says, dismissing the driver I presume. He grips me more tightly and guides me along beside him.

“Isn’t this getting a little silly, Caine?”

“Not at all,” he murmurs softly into my ear and suddenly the noise of the city at night is deadened and I get the impression we’ve just stepped inside somewhere. “And ever since I said about having my wicked way with you I am liking the look of you in this blindfold more and more.” he continues teasingly. I tremble momentarily in his arms as a rush of awareness runs right through me.

There is a ping and I hear elevator doors slide open. He leads me inside. Elevator music is playing softly and I stand nervously as he clutches me to his side. “You’re ok, Sasha?” he asks gently, sounding concerned. I feel the momentary tightening of his hand as he checks in with me.

“I’m okay, but I’m reasonably certain that you know exactly what you’re doing.”

 “If you want something, all you have to do is ask,” he says and that’s the moment I really know that he knows how much I want him to kiss me.

I feel the pressure change as we rise what must be tens of floors.  Mind you, that could pretty much be any building in New York.

He chuckles at my frustration. “I promise it’ll all be worth it.” he murmurs, placing his hands on my waist and standing in front of me. I feel my heart beat a little faster as he steps in quite close. I moisten my lips hoping he’ll kiss me, but instead, much to my frustration, he kisses my forehead. He knows exactly what he’s doing. I try not to react. I can be strong about this.


She wants me to kiss her. Every time I come in close to her she tenses in hope. This is exactly what I want from her. I feel her disappointment when I kiss her forehead and smile to myself. Currently, she is exactly where I need her to be.

She is beautiful tonight. The blue of her dress sets off her colouring in such a beautiful way that I am constantly stunned when I look at her. Her hair is up though which is somewhat frustrating for me. With the blindfold on I could pretty much do anything I wanted including kissing her as she seems to so desperately want me to do, but I won’t. I need her to come to me. I need her to see that I won’t ever demand more than she can give. She is warm and soft in my arms.

The elevator stops and she tenses up again as the doors slide open. I know, from the kind of person that she is, this lack of control must be driving her crazy. The thought makes me smile slightly. I take her hand and her waist again and guide her out of the elevator onto the roof of my building, my penthouse just below us. 

“We’re outside again? Are we on a rooftop?” she asks, clutching my hand as I lead her further into the space.

“Shhh. You’ll find out in just a second,” I murmur, chuckling again at her impatience. She huffs quietly and her soft lower lip pouts slightly and the urge to kiss her increases tenfold.

“I think you must already know, but you are actually driving me nuts here,” she says as I stop her in the middle of the roof facing the view over to Up Town New York and beyond. The lights at this time in the evening are just coming on as the sun begins to dip, casting a dusky orange hue across the sky. The view is utterly wonderful and I watch her for a moment standing in front of me with her back to me, her dress skims her curves so perfectly and I desperately want to feel her melt into me. I keep telling myself it’ll all be in good time.

 “Are you still there?” she whispers nervously.

“Oh yes, I’m just admiring the view,” I reply, slipping my hands around her waist. I briefly press a kiss to her delectably soft neck before taking my fingers up to undo the blindfold. It falls away with a gentle whisper as my hands fall back to her hips. After a moment allowing her eyes to get used to the light again, she gasps.

“It’s beautiful,” she whispers, looking over the view and then around at the rooftop which merits another gasp and a widening of her beautifully clear eyes.

 “You did all this? Why? How did you-“

“Shh,” I murmur, pressing my fingers to her lips as she turns to face me, awe colouring her cheeks. The feeling of her warm, silky soft lips under my fingers does nothing for my now straining libido. Slow and steady wins the race is my new mantra.

“Come on, let’s eat,” I murmur, leading her over to the small table where dinner waits.


Overwhelmed by the setting and the view and the company I could hardly taste a single part of the wonderful meal that passed my lips apart from when he decided to feed me chocolate covered strawberries, then a sudden riot of wonderful sweetness filled my mouth and I knew from that point that I would never forget a single moment of this evening for as long as I live, even if we didn’t last.

A continuous tightening in my abdomen brought me closer and closer to throwing myself at him, but his charm and romance acted conversely on me, making me want to string out this wonderfully charming and romantic evening even longer. He would frequently touch me or brush against me, his knees would brush against mine under the table and his fingers would brush against my hands or my arms. Every time he came into contact with my skin a thrill of awareness shot through me and now I’m sitting here feeling so dizzy and lost in him that it is impossible for me to focus on anything else.

“Would you like to dance, Sasha?” he murmurs, leaning closer across the table and running a finger down my cheek very softly.

“I- I’m not a very good dancer,” I reply softly, not daring to move a muscle as a thousand butterflies fill my stomach at his intimate touch.

“Hmm. Let me show you.” And with that, I hear the strains of some soft slow music coming from somewhere and he stands up, holding his hand out to me. Placing my hand in his, I feel him gently pull me a little away from the table and then he holds me close. I sense danger in the stance, but ignore it, feeling incredibly safe in his arms at the same time. He is a good dancer. His hand in mine and his hand on my waist seem to leave my skin on fire. He pulls me closer as I place my hand on his shoulder. I’m scared to look up in case I lose myself in his bottomless green eyes that have always been able to catch me off guard.

“I think this is dangerous being this close together,” I murmur to his shoulder.

“I think this is possibly the least dangerous position we’ve been in since we met, given that all I’ve ever wanted to do is hold you and touch you in as many ways possible. If I didn’t get to soon I swear I was going to go insane,” he murmurs softly, kissing my forehead again. That seems to be his game, anywhere but my lips.

I eventually look up into his eyes to find them smoldering down at me. Something warm, sweet and perhaps dangerous lurks behind his smolder. Something wild and untamed and I feel it right to the very heart of me, pulling together all the different parts of me and filling in the gaps.

“Caine, if you kiss me once more on the forehead or the hand or the neck I think I might go insane,” I say, watching his eyes as a spark of amusement enters them.

“Oh… I shall keep my lips to myself then,” he teases, pulling me closer and continuing to dance slowly, running his thumb along my hand as he holds it tightly.

“You know what I want,” I murmur, embarrassed and hiding my face against his chest. I have never been accustomed to asking for what I want, I’m generally the one to follow the leader so to speak.

“I want you to tell me exactly what you want from me right in this moment,” he says in return, holding me tightly, slipping his hand out of mine and slipping it down my side so he can wind his arms around me properly.

“I don’t- I’m-,“ I stammer and his hand leaves my waist again to tilt my chin up to look into his eyes again.

“Tell me what you really want, Sasha,” he demands softly, gently. His dark eyes coax it out of me and I breathe him in before answering slowly.

“Kiss me properly,” I whisper breathily. The corners of his lips pull up very slightly and his fingertips run down the side of my cheek ever so gently. His hand runs behind my neck so he can pull me to him and, as his lips touch mine so sweetly and tenderly I feel desire envelop me in the most luscious way. His left hand grips the base of my spine, pulling me flush against him as he leans his head down to kiss me and I stand on my toes in my wedge heels just so I can keep this kiss, this feeling of complete euphoria, for as long as possible. My heart hammers in my chest as I realize just how much I really want him in the most primal way possible.


When I let her go she seems to melt against me, holding onto me tightly, as if she feels like her legs might not hold her up. She trembles in my arms and I feel, following that explosive kiss and the intimacy of our position, clinging together looking over New York, a strange sense of contentment the likes of which I’ve never experienced before.

"Come on,” I murmur, moving my hand back to her hips and then turning to guide her towards the table to collect her purse and then swiftly toward the door to the stairs and just a quick flight down to the penthouse. 

“Where are we going, Caine?” she asks as we step into the lift.

“Somewhere that I won’t be handed a public indecency order for not being able to keep my hands off of you,” I reply, turning to hem her into the corner of the elevator. She looks up at me with sparkling excitement and a little nervousness in her eyes. I place a hand on either side of her shoulders and lean into her and the elevator begins its trip down.

“Caine,” she whispers, almost sounding as though she knows what’s coming.

"Do you trust me, Sasha? I know I haven’t done much to merit your trust yet, but do you?” I ask, cupping her cheek with my left hand. Her eyes close to my touch and she turns her face so she can gently kiss my palm. She nods and looks back to me. I feel myself tighten and my heart aches as she opens her eyes again and I see the trust and honesty there. “We’re going somewhere warmer so I don’t have to end this evening with you getting frostbite.” She blushes and laughs softly, following me as I grip her hand. 

"And then what?" she murmurs softly. 


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