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Winter Trip

It is winter time and I am on a short vacation in the States. I have booked a lovely lodge in the mountains, far away from any city or village to get some time to relax. It’s my time to find some rest after a long year of working. My only plans are to enjoy the surrounding mountains and forest. And also take some walks and read some books that I have brought with me.

This is what I told all my friends at home a nice excuse. My main reason is a lovely lady who I have known almost 2 years. I got to know her on the internet and truth be known we made plans about seeing each other. To make this more special we planned it as a winter vacation between Christmas and New Year.

You came up with the idea with this lovely place high in the mountains of Colorado. You sent me the web site of this place. I fell in love with it and decided to make reservations. So our dream vacation has all been set up. I arrive 2 days earlier which you know nothing about.

I have a couple of days to do some preparations for your arrival. I went to do some shopping. I bought some bottles of wine, coffee, some crackers and cheese and also found some candles. The scenery around the lodge is so unbelievable and breathtaking. Where I come from the land is flat but still beautiful.

It’s my second day and when I wake up the scenery has changed. A big snow storm hit and the snow is up to my knees. The sun shines bright through the trees which makes it look like a fairy tale. Looking out the window as I drink my coffee I put my coat on and I head outside and go for a long walk. Knowing I would have time till you arrived in the late afternoon.

The scenery is so breath taking and I enjoy every step I take and every bend in the road. The road is under a big amount of snow always a new and great view. I walk for hours and the time flies and I begin to dream about how it will be to meet you in person for the first time. I take some rest on a fallen tree and start to dream.

I am thinking about your lovely body which you have showed me in some photos you have sent me. As I close my eyes I see that little tattoo on your chest. In the past few months I dreamt about how it all would work out. However there is also some nervous feeling to start. What if.

I follow the trail I made and return to the lodge. When I am halfway back I notice a tire tracks from the other side of the road. Immediately I think of you and I look at my watch and realize that it is too early. You told me that you would arrive late in the evening because of your work.

I proceed on my walk back. After a couple of hours I arrive at the lodge. I go inside and this weird feeling overcomes me. I notice a fire burning in the fireplace. And notice candles lit on the table and coffee is ready. My mind starts to wonder if you are here yet

I walk in the room and look around me. Nobody is in the room now I am confused. Did I miss something or am I going crazy already? I walk further and I hear a little noise coming from the bathroom. Carefully I walk to the door and listen carefully. I hear someone singing a lovely song. My heart is beating faster and faster. This is the moment I have waited for.

But also the nervous feeling is growing wondering is this a good idea. I follow my heart and open the door. The bathroom is dark with only a few candles burning on a window sill. My eyes are getting used to the low dim light. To my surprise my wish has come true and I see you. You are in the bathtub covered under a blanket of soap.

We both stare at each other and we both can’t believe we are in the same state yet alone in the same house. “Hi sweetie” you say with your lovely and sexy voice. I thought I would surprise you and take off early from work. I walk towards you and kneel down by the tub and whisper hi love.

By instinct I gently kiss your soft lips and you feel so good. The kiss seems to last forever. I step back a little and look at you. You are better than I ever could imagine. All kind of feelings are running through my head. I have a thousand ideas but don’t know what to do first. You notice me being surprised and confused.

This is a big surprise and I am glad you came early. And I am glad to finally be together. You smile. You bend over towards me in the tub. You tell me we will talk later and your hand is reaching for me. You take my head and your mouth moves to mine. Followed by a long kiss feeling each other lips and the passion becomes stronger. The tips of our tongues meet in a dance of passion and excitement.

My arm is going around your body holding you soft and close to me. I feel the warmth of the water and your skin is smooth and silky because of the soap. You ask me to join you. I stand up and start to take my clothes off. I get in the tub in front of you and on my knees. One hand holding your head and the other is carefully going over your body.

Your hands are on my waste and we both hold each other. Feel the excitement of a long wet French kiss. My hand is touching your breast they are so nice and big and your nipples are so hard. My hand is holding your tits rubbing them gently and squeezing a little on your hard nipple. I hear your breathing going a little heavier.

My hand slides downwards over your waist and under the water between your legs. I stop for a moment and you open your legs a little. My hand softly touches the heaven between your legs. You moan and lay backwards and I start to rub your pussy. One finger going a little between your lips and I touch your swollen clit. Your eyes are closed but expression on your face tells me you are enjoying it.

A heavenly smile appears and my finger stimulates your clit and your breathing intensifies. You ask me to even faster. Your hand reaches for my hard dick and you start to rub it. You notice how erect it is and you slide a little down in the tub. I lower my body toward you and my dick slides between your legs. In one move I enter you and when I am deep inside you I stop and feel the excitement.

We look at each other and a long kiss follows. Slowly I start to move in and out your warmth. Water is splashing over the tub because of the movement of our passionate play. It doesn’t take long before we both feel the moment of getting to a climax. Your hand on my back nails making marks and I feel the tension of your fingers getting stronger.

Getting deeper in my back and a deep moan follows as your face is telling me your orgasm is coming. I go faster and I also start to feel like I am about to cum. A few more thrusts and we both feel the excitement of my explosion. I lay on your body both of us out of breath. We start to kiss and our eyes tell each other how we both feel.

A long period of having fantasies has ended in an ending that we both have dreamed about. We decide to hop in the shower and take a long one. We cannot stop holding and kissing each other. We know we have a few exciting days ahead. We put on our robes and go in the living room and sit by the fire.

The open fire gives us a lovely warm feeling. We sit down on the couch grab a bottle of wine and pour it into two glasses and I give you one and toast to a few lovely days to come. “I love you”.

To Be Continued.

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