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Work Party

Tags: affair
a sensual, hot detailed affair
Their eyes met across the room, a glance perhaps, but one thing was for sure. she was beautiful. After several exchanges he finished his drink, avoiding fellow work colleagues as he ventured through the party, she saw him coming but pretended not to. He moved his mouth close to her ear, they met on the balcony, alone.

The first exchange was confident exciting, a rush, a thrill. He took her and gazed into her eyes, smiled softly, she bit her lip knowing what she wanted to do, but could she? She couldn't although they were alone on a balcony and if anyone was coming they would hear them. She took the plunge and pulled him ifn close, making sure her body was pushed up against his.

They kissed softly at first before passion took over, grabbing his hair pulling him even closer she could feel his muscles contract as their tongues met. The feel of his arms wrapped around her made her realize the possibilities, she could feel his erection growing ever harder and to her pleasure ever bigger.

He finally took control after what seemed like hours, he picked her up with ease and took her to the edge of the balcony sitting her on the side. Still kissing passionately he began to find her inner thigh with his free hand, moving her little black dress upwards as he softly ran his hand over the top of her what appeared to be skimpy underwear barely covering her now warm wet pussy.

She shivered as he brushed her swollen clit, almost instantly she reached out for his belt and removed it with haste, releasing his hard large cock, she quickly found the head and with the softest of touches teased him, pre-cum making her fingers glide with ease around his swollen cock. She moved off of the balcony to stand facing him, grabbing the base of his large member stroking him from base to tip, which must be a good 8 inches she thought.
The size of it turned her on more than she ever thought possible. He replied in kind to this by moving her g-string to the side to allow him to have full access to her now dripping pussy, he easily guided one finger into her, she moaned in delight and moaned in frustration, as all she could think about was having him take her from behind bent over the balcony, a fantasy she had always had.

He built up a rhythm to which she was moving her hips and hands to. She felt more pre cum spray from his cock, feeling it get harder if possible. She was close to climaxing, as this sensation built her moans got louder, she bit on his ear to stop her. This only made him work harder, and used a second finger to bring her to climax, with a buckle of her legs she came.
Her cum dripping down the stranger's hand, a sudden realization of what she already knew, she was a slut, and she LOVED it. She begged him to continue and to use a third finger. Grabbing his hand pulling it out from under her dress, she started sucking on his fingers whilst staring deep into his eyes. Still stroking his hard cock she sucked hard on his fingers letting him know what was going to come next.

She bit his neck and moved his three fingers down to her perfect shaved swollen cunt, forcing them inside her she started to grind her hips against his hand getting herself off, still holding his large cock she could barely get her hand around it.

As she was coming she whispered to him 'Let me suck your big hard cock......pretty please'
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