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Working late

Contributing Authors: Alphamagus 
Long office hours lead to more for Robert and Juliana
This is the fifth in the series of stories written in collaboration with Alphamagus about Robert and Juliana and their love.

Juliana had been at the office since 7 AM, working on a deadline. The day was not going well, as a number of clients’ issues had interfered with her making any progress. It was going to be another late night at the office. She often brought work home, but it was very easy to get distracted there and find a reason to leave it for the next day. Robert left her alone to work, but she felt a little guilty not paying any attention to him and, frankly, when she was home she wanted to spend time with him. Even stopping for something to eat together would stretch to much more time, talking and laughing as they finished their wine, and leaving her with no desire to work. Robert did not even have to try to charm her or divert her. He did this just by his presence. This deadline was important and could not be put off, so no dinner at home tonight.

She would stay until she was done. The office would empty by the early evening and it would be quiet. No phone calls, no conversations with co-workers, just time to concentrate her efforts and work. She realised that she had to draft in a colleague to help her. As it happened, Andrew was still there. He was one of Robert’s oldest friends and had introduced Juliana to Robert, after she had joined the law firm.

Andrew was due to marry Juliana's friend, Katherine, in three weeks’ time. Juliana was to be her bridesmaid and Robert, the best man. Andrew worked down the corridor from Juliana and was familiar with the file. She had just to ask him to stay and he agreed, without needing to be cajoled. They were good friends as well as colleagues and she had saved him more than once when he was under pressure to produce and perform.

They had been working for several hours with files and references spread out all over the boardroom table and were just wrapping up when there was a tap at the door. Juliana opened it to see Robert standing there with a box full of Chinese food and a six-pack of cold beer.

"I thought that you could both do with having something to eat," he said, with a wry grin on his face. “I figured the two of you would be famished by now.”

He bought the food in and laid it on the end of the boardroom table. He let Andrew and Juliana take their food before starting his and he cracked a beer open for each of them.

“How are you two getting on?” he asked as he looked at Juliana slowly sucking up some of the noodles. He felt a stir in his groin as he watched her. When did eating get so sensual?

“We have nearly all but finished here now,” said Andrew.

Andrew always felt the incredible charge of electricity that emanated when these two friends were in the same room together. It felt like a tangible force, raw and sexual. And, if he was honest with himself, he had on more than one occasion been aroused by it and taken the feeling back to Katherine and ravished her. Tonight, he knew that it was his cue to leave.

“Sorry, guys, I cannot stick around,” he said after emptying his food. “I really want to take Katherine out for a drink before it gets too late.”

Robert cleared the food from the table and tidied up as Juliana walked over to Andrew and gave him a friendly hug and a peck on the cheek. “Thanks for all of your help. It was invaluable!” she said. “And make sure that you two have a great time.”

Robert walked over to him and shook his hand. “Cheers, Andy,” he said, walking Andrew to the door. “You really do not need to shoot off straight away,” he said.

“Honestly, Rob, I need to get to Katherine, but I will catch up with you during the week.”

After shutting the door behind Andrew, he turned to face Juliana who was sitting on the tidied table.

“Miss me?” she asked coquettishly.

As he turned to face her, she lifted her skirt, revealing the top her thighs, stay-up stockings and a pair of red cotton panties. She said, “Stay there.”

She first unbuttoned her silk blouse and pulled it from the waist of her skirt. He could now see the silky demi-bra she was wearing, just covering the aureolae of the generous breasts he so loved to kiss. He felt his cock twitch and stir at the sight of her - professional to wanton in mere moments.

Leaning back, she drew her hand slowly up her leg until it reached the material of her knickers. She slowly started to rub herself through the cotton and let out a small gasp when she realised that Robert’s erection was starting to grow inside of his trousers. Her fingers pulled the now damp fabric to one side and her fingers teased her labia. Robert was transfixed as one of Juliana’s fingers slowly penetrated her silky mound, followed quickly by another.

Robert’s hand wandered to his growing bulge, and, after rubbing it for a few moments, he unbuttoned his fly. His hand disappeared for a second before emerging with his already engorged cock. He stroked it between his fingers as he watched Julianna silently frig herself off.

“God, this woman is so sexy!” he thought as she lay on the table and her other hand started rubbing her clitoral mound.

He watched her mesmerised and continued moving his hand up and down his swollen penis. Juliana could not take her eyes off him, the look on his face, and his cock growing, impossibly, more.

“Robert, take me please!” she breathed.

He walked quickly over and placed himself at her entrance. He raised both of her legs upon his shoulders and moved his cock along her wetness, from front to back, feeling her heat. Then he buried his full length inside her. She grabbed hold of his behind and pulled him to her as deep as he could go. Faster and faster he plunged into her. She was so tight around him, her muscles beginning to pulse on his cock as it sunk to her core. He kissed her deeply as he moved inside her, losing himself in sensation and pleasure.

”Oh, darling,” she gasped, “I’m coming.”

She let out a small groan and it was all he could take. He released his own orgasm and it flooded inside of her. She clung to him as wave after wave of his semen engulfed her. She bit into his shoulder as he stopped his thrusting.

“God, you are amazing!” he breathed deeply.

“Good evening to you, too!” she panted.

They both took a moment to catch their breath and for their heart rates to return to normal.

“I brought you some casual clothes and was going to take you to a late movie, if you want to get out of your suit and quickly shower,” Robert said, nodding in the direction of the firm’s shower room.

She took the clothes out of his waiting hands and walked into that direction. Robert made sure that the boardroom was tidied up sufficiently. He picked up her case notes and then returned with them down the corridor to Juliana’s own office. He then followed her down the hall to the shower room.

Her discarded clothes were already in a neat pile when he arrived and he watched her, naked, stride with those long legs into the glass enclosure of the shower. Notwithstanding the fact that he had climaxed only minutes before, the vision of this tall, blonde, naked woman aroused him once more. He felt his cock stiffening. Juliana was all cream and pink velvety skin, ample breasts with soft pink nipples, rounded behind, and those cobalt blue eyes, dancing as she looked at him over her shoulder.

“It’s quite roomy in here,” she said with a mischievous smile, as she turned the water on.

He observed as it cascaded over her body and wondered at the power she had over him - a sexual attraction like none he had ever known. They were intellectual equals and that was what had initially attracted them to each other, as well as a shared wicked sense of humour. They had a mutual respect and deep affection for one another, but the physical part of their relationship was undiminished in the two years they had been together and was as exciting as ever. If anything, familiarity and the security of Robert’s love had released Juliana from any inhibitions she might have had previously. Their sex life had become more rather than less adventurous and intense with the passage of time. They were more in love with each other every day for so many reasons.

Robert felt his resolve and plans crumbling. His penis was telling him that they could go to a later show and that his appetite for Juliana was unsated. They had just come, but with clothes on, more or less. Now his cock was fully erect again and trying to escape his boxers. He did not hesitate and quickly got out of his clothes, watching Juliana soap herself under the stream of water through the glass. He wanted to be naked with her and devour her right now. He wandered in behind her and rubbed his length up and down her bared buttocks. She pressed herself backwards and her hand came around and grasped his swollen shaft.

“Darling, you are on form tonight,” she breathed huskily.

Robert just gasped, as her hand slowly moved up and down his penis. He opened her thighs and moved his hand between them, slowly rubbing her. She parted her legs even more, to give him more room to manoeuvre, her hand still clasped behind her on his shaft, gently rubbing up and down his length. He bent her forward so that her breasts were against the wall and was just about to enter her, when he heard the sound of a vacuum cleaner start up along the corridor. Juliana laughed, turned around and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Let’s get out of here and finish this later,” she laughed.

They both quickly dried and dressed and managed to get back to Juliana’s office before the cleaning staff caught them.

“I need you, darling, desperately!” Robert said as she put on her coat.

“You will just have to wait,” Juliana replied as they reached outside and hailed a passing cab.

They directed a cab to the local cinema and noticed that there was a screening of “Roman Holiday” on.

“Oh, I love that film!” Juliana squealed with delight.

“And it starts in about ten minutes, so we have time to get a drink,” said Robert.

The cinema was virtually empty as they went in and took seats at the back in the centre of the row. As the film started up, Juliana rested her head on Robert’s shoulder and he put his arm around her. Although they were both old film fanatics, it had been a while since they had both seen the film and they both started to really enjoy it.

After about ten minutes, Robert realised that Juliana’s hand had moved to his thigh, gently stroking it. He put his jacket onto his lap so that the innocent yet erotic rubbing could continue but more discreetly. Juliana was always touching him like this. Half the time she was unaware that she was doing it, but it always sent an erotic charge through his body. He put his hand under her skirt and gently started rubbing her inner thigh.

Her hand travelled higher and traced his arousal through the cotton of his trousers. He was still semi-erect from earlier and he let out a short gasp as her hand moved gently. He turned to look at her, but her eyes were firmly fixed on the screen. He moved his own hand just a little higher and used the back of his hand to rub the front of her mound through the cotton of her panties. They were already damp and the heat was unmistakable. He could hear her breathing start to quicken and so he gently pulled the material to one side and felt the wetness of her lips.

Very slowly he inserted a finger inside of her and, as he did so, he felt the top button of his trousers being undone. Then the second and third. His arousal was so big and he was so turned on that he thought he would lose it there and then. Juliana anticipated this and undid the remaining buttons before using her hand to reach inside his boxers and grasp the root of his penis tightly for a few seconds. She then loosened her grip on his cock and caressed it up and down in rhythm with the movement of his fingers inside her.

His finger started to gently slide in and out of her and as soon as he felt that she was wet enough, he inserted another. Very slowly he started to frig her and he was rewarded with a movement of her thigh so that he could get an easier reach. As he was wondering how he could take her there unseen, a light came on in the corner and a late customer arrived. Both Robert and Juliana both stopped their movement as the gentleman took his seat about three rows in front of them. “Damn!” thought Robert. He looked at Juliana who rewarded him with a very sexy grin.

“Later,” she mouthed.

He retrieved his hand and bringing it to his mouth, tasted Juliana’s sticky juices on his fingers. “God, she tastes wonderful,” he thought. Juliana craftily buttoned back up Robert’s trousers over his very obvious erection. She made sure that his cock was straight and comfortable before gently patting him there. Robert was feeling a little frustrated as he had now been interrupted twice by things beyond of his control.

He wanted more of his delicious Juliana, not just to touch her, but to taste her. It was a taste that was both distinct and indescribable, both salty and sweet and even more intoxicating with the combined scent of her perfume and her muskiness. He always said that he could spend hours just eating her delectable pussy. He wanted that taste directly from its source, but for now allowed himself to be lost in Rome, with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck.

Satiating this hunger would have to wait until later. He sat holding Juliana close to him watching the film. Her hand remained lightly on his lap maintaining contact with his still rigid cock. He loved that tactile part of her matching his need to always be touching her. Anything more would have to wait, but just the sensation of this caress contented his desire and abated his cock’s insistence, for now.

The film finished. Audrey Hepburn had to return to reality and with the lights back on, so did Robert and Juliana. They had been comfortable in the dark, touching, with the expectation that their need for each other would be fed soon. Robert flagged a taxi outside the cinema and they were on their way home and to privacy at last. The film had been romantic and charming, and it was lovely to see Italy in another time, long before either of them had ever been there.

Robert had his arm around Juliana’s shoulders and held her close, feeling her warmth against him. His arousal was still very much there, more so as her hand brushed against his cock on its way to hold him close too. He felt it twitch and became more aware of how urgently he wanted her. He leaned into her and cupped her breast with his other hand as he kissed her deeply. He could feel her nipple becoming erect through the thin fabric of her shirt and bra and the weight of her breast in his hand. He kissed her deeply and felt her hand in his lap again caressing and kneading his penis and balls. He involuntarily groaned with pleasure and desire.

“I don’t know if I can wait to get you home, darling,” he said hoarsely. “I want to fuck you senseless right now.”

Juliana sighed and responded, “No more than I want you, sweetheart. I want you hard and fast and then long and slow. I want everything with you.”

The cab dropped them outside their house and Robert hastily paid the cabbie, leaving him a generous tip. He caught up with Juliana who had her keys in the door. She turned the keys and Robert quickly keyed in the alarm code, before roughly pushing Juliana against the wall in their hallway. He fell to his knees and hitched up her skirt. Taking her panty waistband in his hand, he roughly tore it from her. The shredded material was quickly discarded, as he bought his mouth hungrily to her mound.

She pulled his shaven head to her, as he inserted his tongue deep inside of her, while his fingers cajoled and teased her. His tongue furiously lapped at her labia and then her clitoral mound. He drew out her clitoris and sucked her into his mouth. His tongue was kneading her excited bud as he sucked and tormented her.

Juliana let out a cry, as he raised her leg and put it over his shoulder. He ground his face into her and almost reached the back of her velvet cavern with his tongue. His hands on her buttocks, he drew her tighter to his face.

"God, Robert!" she breathed.

He carried on lashing and teasing and licking for several minutes, while Juliana writhed on his face.

He sensed how close she was to release, so he quickly stood up and freed his cock, which was swollen and considerable. He placed it at her entrance and drove it into her. Picking her up by her buttocks, he slammed her into the wall as he started to thrust. Her legs wrapped around him as he pumped inside her hard, fast and deep. Her lips found his as he fucked her quickly. She realised that she was close to coming hard, so she pulled him by his buttocks tighter. He sensed that she was ready and so sped up his efforts before exploding and releasing a flood of his seed inside of her. They both moaned together as their powerful orgasms hit. He kissed her furiously as he pumped all of his streams of come inside of her.

He carried on thrusting past the orgasm, past the waves of pleasure until he felt all of his semen released. Then, still hard and buried inside of her, with her legs still wrapped around him, he kissed her deeply on the mouth and carried her up the stairs to their bedroom. There was something primal about how he had taken her, satisfying the hours of titillation that preceded it. But it was not over or enough.

He never withdrew immediately after climax, preferring to remain inside of her, maintaining the physical connection that was emblematic of that they shared on every level - intellectual, physical, sexual, professional, any and every other one possible. There had never been a woman who could elicit all of this from him before. Juliana was more than his match in every way and his feelings went from tender love to animal passion and everything between with her each day.

“I want more and more," he whispered in her ear, as he carried her towards their bed.

She was still impaled on his cock and dizzy with the intensity of the previous orgasm and their desire for each other, as he carried her to their room. Despite his just having spewed a flood into her, she wanted more too. She loved what he did to her, how he made her feel, and most of all how he loved her.

They reached the bed and, with his cock still inside of her, he managed to maneuver so that she was sitting on his lap facing him. He kissed her deeply, cupping her face in his hands as he did so. She rewarded him by reaching behind him and slowly scratching down his spine with her nails. He pushed her back enough so that he could lower his mouth to her breasts and gently kiss her nipples. They instantly got hard in his mouth and he could feel her start to gently rock on top of him. Amazingly, he started to harden once more inside of her.

“Mmmmmmmmm”, she purred as she began to lean backwards to get a better angle to receive his cock.

Her hips started to move again as Robert grew harder and harder.

“Christ, J, you will kill me one day,” Robert said with a wry smile, as he started thrusting upwards.

Harder and harder he grew as Juliana continued her dance on top of him. His hands went to her buttocks and he ground her down as hard as he could as his thrusting continued. She took one of his hands and sensuously licked his fingers using it as a support as they fucked. But he withdrew it and put it back on her glorious ass cheeks, using one of the fingers she had just licked, he gently placed it in her anus.

The look of sexual intensity on her face made him start to push even more urgently. His finger started to move in time with his thrusts and he heard her breath start to quicken. He withdrew from her and turned her over onto all fours before plunging into her again. Again his finger entered her backside as his cock plunged deep and hard inside of her.

“I am so close, darling!” she cried.

He then withdrew again from her and placed his nearly sated cockhead at her anus. His fingers dived into her glorious pussy and he felt her move backwards onto his waiting cock. He slowly started to enter her and sunk a little deeper into her as he moved. He could tell that she was about to come, so he went all of the way in and thrust furiously. His hand went round to her mound and rubbed her clitoris furiously as they came together. He shot the sperm he had left, inside her glorious bottom, as his fingers got drenched by her juices. He then pulled her upright, still inside of her and held her tightly.

“Wow!” she said, moving her hands behind her to his buttocks and giving them a squeeze.

“I think we need to have another shower now,” Robert laughed his assent.

He withdrew and walked to the shower room. Switching on and bringing it to temperature, he returned and led her to it. They had a kiss and cuddle, as the jets of hot water engulfed them. They both tenderly cleaned each other up before drying off and climbing into bed together.

“I shall have to work late again next week, you know,” said Juliana, as she sunk into his waiting arms on the bed. Robert laughed out loud and held her close to him, as they quickly drifted off to sleep.

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