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You Can't Hurry Love - Chapter 11

A romantic night ... in the hospital! Roxanna's surgery and recovery.
Dan and Roxanna had been dating exclusively for only about a month, when his phone rang one memorably sad August day. "I've just been to the doctor, and I have some bad news," Roxanna’s phone call to Dan began.

"Oh no!” Dan worried. “After finally finding my one true love of my life, this can't be happening!" Dan imagined all sorts of horrible and fatal diseases.

"The tumor is very tiny,” Roxanna stated. “And it's benign. But just to be on the safe side, they want to operate, and remove it. The doctor says it's no big deal, there's no cancer, and he's done this kind of surgery hundreds of times. But I don't think I can get through it without the man I love at my side."

"Of course I'll be there," Dan reassured her.

"The surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning," Roxanna told Dan.

"I'll take the day off work."

Dan drove to Roxanna’s house the next morning. Roxanna’s sister Angeline was already there.

Dan drove the three of them to the hospital. The nurses let both Dan and Angeline be in the room with Roxanna, as they put Roxanna in a hospital gown and got her ready for surgery.

But once they wheeled the love of Dan’s life into surgery, Angeline and Dan had to wait in the waiting room.

“You can see her in about an hour,” the nurse told them. “Right after she comes out of surgery.”

But an hour turned into two, and then three. Angeline and Dan both started to worry. Finally, a doctor entered the waiting room.

“Roxanna is very tired,” the doctor told them. “She has to rest for a couple of hours, before you can see her again.”

Finally, six hours after they had last seen her, Dan and Angeline were allowed to go into Roxanna’s room to visit her. Roxanna was tired and sore, but overall in good spirits.

Lying flat on her back, Roxanna invited Angeline to bend down and hug her. And then Roxanna’s face lit up when she saw Dan. He leaned down to hug her, and she clutched the sides of his head in both of her hands. Roxanna gave Dan a big, sweet kiss, full of as much passion as she could manage in her weak and sore condition.

"The doctor said you could stay the night in my room, Dan," Roxanna forced a smile through her post-surgery pain. "That is, if you want to."

"Wild horses couldn't drag me away," Dan smiled.

"Well, that's my cue to leave you two love-birds alone," Angeline smiled. "Besides, visiting hours are over now."

And now at last, Dan and Roxanna were alone with each other.

"This room is too damned hot!" Roxanna complained, removing her backless hospital gown. She then showed Dan her surgical scar.

"It will heal," Dan reassured her.

"It hurts," Roxanna groaned.

"You'll feel better after a good night's sleep," Dan tried to cheer Roxanna’s flagging spirits.

"What would make me feel better right now," Roxanna forced another smile, "would be if you let me see you in all your handsome nakedness."

"Anything you want, baby," Dan started to strip for her.

"Take it all off!" Roxanna whispered hoarsely, trying to laugh but in too much pain to do so.

"I'm too sore from surgery to make love, honey," Roxanna groaned. "But would you spend the night in bed with me, and just hold me close all night? I don't think I can get through tonight without you."

Dan pulled back the sheet of Roxanna's hospital bed, climbed in naked beside her beautiful naked body, and held her close in his arms. Dan couldn’t help but think that this was the most wonderful, romantic, and tender night he had ever experienced.

In the morning, Dan helped Roxanna pack her clothes and personal items. He drove Roxanna back to her house. Roxanna’s sister Angeline was already there, and had cooked up a feast.

"You need to eat, to regain your strength," Angeline said.

"Thank you," Roxanna tried to force a weak smile. "After that surgery, I'm famished! And nobody can survive on that slop the hospital serves!"

They all sat down to eat.

"Thank you," Roxanna smiled weakly at Dan.

"But I didn't cook this," Dan protested.

"No. I mean, thank you for last night. For driving me to the hospital. For waiting all day to see me. For holding me. No previous boyfriend ever did that much for me."

"It's because I love you."

Roxanna ran her foot up under the table, resting her foot against Dan’s crotch, and slowly wiggling her toes.

"Mmmm, that feels nice!" Dan moaned.

"What feels nice?" Angeline asked.

"Just never you mind, sis," Roxanna half-smiled, half-grimaced through her post-surgery pain. "I'm just showing my man how much I love him, is all."

"So," Angeline laughed, "when are you two love-birds going to move in together?"

"That's a wonderful idea!" Dan grinned. "How about it? I can move in here, and help nurse you back to health."

"I'd rather move into your house until I recover,” Roxanna countered. “It's closer to my job... and to shopping!" she laughed.

Roxanna wasn’t quite ready to move in with Dan permanently just yet. And Dan didn’t want to pressure her in any way. He was just content to be with her whenever and wherever he could.

“Okay,” Dan told her. “Move in with me for however long you want to, need to. However long you’re comfortable in my home.”

Roxanna said she was still too weak from surgery to have her son Bobby with her just yet. There was no way she could look after a rambunctious little boy right now. Angeline offered to look after Bobby until Roxanna felt better.

Angeline and Dan spent the whole afternoon packing for Roxanna. The next morning, Roxanna moved in with Dan for the duration of her recovery.

The first few nights, Dan and Roxanna just lay in bed, naked in each other's arms all night. As they had done in the hospital bed. Roxanna was still too weak, and too sore, to do anything more than hold each other all night.

About a week after she moved in with Dan, Roxanna had regained most of her strength. She was no longer in pain.

That night, as they held each other naked, Roxanna got the most wicked and determined look in her eyes. She rested her flat, open palm on Dan’s cock, and purred softly, contentedly. Dan softly kissed her surgery scar, and she giggled. "It tickles."

"I'd like to tickle something else!" Dan laughed. "With my tongue!"

"Mmmm! I'd like that!" Roxanna cooed, fondly recalling how his tongue had coaxed the first orgasm of her life out of her.

Dan slid his long, muscular body down along the mattress, until his face was squarely between Roxanna’s soft, smooth, silky thighs. Roxanna opened her sexy thighs as wide apart as she could.

Dan took his first slow, tentative licks around the edges of Roxanna’s sweet, reddish-brown pussy lips. Her nether lips slowly started to open, and Dan got his first taste of her gathering moisture, the first whiff of her arousal.

Roxanna began to squirm just a little, and she let out an excited but contented sigh of pure pleasure.

Dan kissed his way up Roxanna's vertically oval slit, from bottom to top. Roxanna’s juicy lips joyously opened up even wider from all of Dan's very friendly attention.

Roxanna wrapped her short, sexy legs around Dan’s neck. Her hands held the back of Dan’s head. Her arms and legs eagerly pushed Dan's handsome face down deeper and tighter into her warm, moist, open, horny pussy.

Dan’s swirling tongue circled the entire circumference of Roxanna’s pussy lips. Once, twice, three times. Then Dan’s flickering tongue slowly slipped inside of her.

Dan took a long, slow, lapping lick at Roxanna’s excited little clit. Then he slipped his tongue in further, exploring first her dampening inner walls, and then her moist, soft, spongy G-spot.

"Mmmmmmm!" Roxanna purred.

Dan let his tongue concentrate on lapping upward on her clit, and then side to side, and finally in clockwise circles.

As Dan’s licks grew more and more eager, and became more rapid and frequent, he slid first one, and then two fingers deep inside of her.

Roxanna thrust her belly high up off the mattress at Dan now. She slowly twisted her hips from side to side like a belly dancer. Dan slid his strong but gentle hands under Roxanna, cupping and massaging her soft, smooth, curvy ass cheeks.

Dan slowly ran his fingertips along the tight, wonderful creases where Roxanna's round ass cheeks joined her dark, shapely legs. All the while, Dan never missed a beat in his slow, tender, loving licks on Roxanna’s hard, throbbing clit.

Roxanna leaned her mouth tight up against Dan’s ear, and moaned very loudly.

Encouraged by her moans, Dan sucked Roxanna’s clit up past his lips. He let his teeth tenderly nibble at her throbbing little love button. Roxanna’s cute, very pretty little clit got very hard, very fast. Dan began to lick at it eagerly, hungrily.

Dan then took another nibble at Roxanna’s clit, just a little bit harder this time. At the same time, his fingertips massaged hard against her G-spot and her inner walls. Roxanna twisted, and she moaned. She thrust her pussy even higher up into Dan’s handsome, loving face.

"Don't hold anything back!" Dan moaned, as he eagerly slurped at both her hard little clit and her soft G-spot now.

Then Roxanna screamed right in Dan’s ear. It was the sexiest, most seductive, most sexually

satisfied scream Dan had ever heard in his life. Then with a trembling shudder, Roxanna thoroughly soaked Dan’s lips, tongue, teeth, and fingers with her powerful orgasmic release.

Roxanna collapsed flat on her back now, purring contentedly and breathing so heavily. Thick, sweet pussy juice continued to ooze out of her for what seemed like about five full minutes. Dan’s tongue slowly, lazily lapped up every tasty drop, loving every minute of it.

When Roxanna finally regained normal breathing, she once more got that wickedly lustful gleam in her eye.

"Lie back, baby!" Roxanna playfully but powerfully pushed Dan flat on his back. She leaned down over him, and softly kissed his balls.

"Thank you for staying that night with me in the hospital, darling."

Roxanna then licked at Dan’s balls. "Thank you for falling in love with me."

She sucked first one ball, then the other into her mouth. "Thank you for letting me love you, too!"

She took a long, slow lick up his throbbing shaft. "Thank you for being my one and only true love."

She kissed and then lovingly licked the very tip of Dan’s cock-head. "And most of all, thank you, baby, for always making me come so powerfully like that!"

With that, Roxanna sucked Dan’s cock powerfully, hungrily up past her lips, over the roof of her mouth, and then down into her throat.

With her mouth stuffed so completely full of Dan now, Roxanna could no longer talk. But her hollowed cheeks, softly caressing lips, swirling tongue, and smooth throat did all the talking Dan wanted or needed to hear right now. Dan moaned and pulsed and throbbed and thrusted his way down into Roxanna's throat now.

"I guess you're all better now, huh?" Dan moaned, as his achingly-hard cock twitched and throbbed its way down Roxanna’s throat.

Dan’s remark made Roxanna laugh.

“Your laughing mouth feels wonderful, baby,” Dan groaned deeply, “vibrating against my hard cock like that!”

"Mmmm!" Roxanna moaned her enthusiastic agreement. "And your hard, throbbing cock feels so wonderful against the back of my throat!"

Dan stiffened and throbbed in Roxanna’s mouth even more now. She sucked him even more eagerly. Dan sensed that if she could have, Roxanna would have sucked down his balls, along with his cock-head and shaft now.

"I can't hold back any longer!" Dan groaned.

Roxanna clutched and squeezed Dan’s bare ass cheeks, and pushed his manhood even further down her throat. "Feed me all of your come!" she moaned.

Dan felt like his cock was going to shatter like glass, as he exploded his come powerfully down the back of Roxanna’s throat. She joyously gulped and gulped and gulped, ever-so-lovingly swallowing down her man’s delicious spunk, as rapidly and as eagerly and as lovingly as he was feeding it to her mouth now.

"My god, how I do love you, baby!" Dan groaned, shaking from head to toe, as he continued to dribble his thick love juices into Roxanna's sweet, devouring mouth.

Roxanna's gentle, loving, lusting tongue simply continued to lap at Dan, inside her mouth.

Roxanna reached down and scooped some of her still-seeping juice out of her pussy. She then fed it to Dan’s mouth with her finger.

"Mmmm! I love you, baby," Roxanna cooed softly. Her encircling arms and legs held Dan sweetly, tenderly. Until at last she let his long, thick cock slowly slip out of her mouth. A narrow stream of Dan’s come now slowly dribbled out the corners of her mouth, and down her chin.

Roxanna's tongue took a long, slow lick across her lips and down onto her chin, then drew every last stray drop of milky-white liquid back into her mouth. "Can't waste something so delicious!" Roxanna grinned, admiring Dan's hugeness pulsating literally right before her eyes.

"Mmmm!" Roxanna moaned. "Your cock is so beautiful, Dan! My pussy is so hungry for you now. So very hungry."

Roxanna lovingly wrapped her fist around Dan’s shaft, and gave it a few slow, gentle, loving strokes. Until Dan's wonderful cock was once more fully hard and throbbing.

Roxanna then guided Dan’s hard-on to the very edge of her still-wide-open, still very wet and juicy pussy.

Dan’s hand replaced Roxanna's around his cock, as he slowly, gently fed inch after loving, throbbing inch down into her. Roxanna's lustfully quivering pussy squeezed Dan's cock tightly, and drew it deeper and ever deeper into her with her quivering, contracting pussy muscles.

When Dan’s long, thick manhood was all the way in her, his balls up against her tight pussy lips, Dan began a very slow in-and-out thrusting. On each slow down-stroke, he paused at about the last inch. Then he pushed and shoved himself even deeper, to drive that final inch into her very hard and fast.

Then Dan slowly withdrew again.

Every time Dan drove that last inch in hard and fast, Roxanna shook from head to toe, and moaned directly in Dan's ear.

Dan scooted his handsome naked body up a little. His thick, bulbous cock-head and shaft rubbed tightly up against Roxanna’s trembling clit and her spongy G-spot on each and every stroke, in and out of her.

Roxanna rested her bare feet up on Dan’s cute butt, rubbing her feet all over his bare cheeks. She then used her feet to push Dan down into her even deeper and even harder.

Dan got her not-so-subtle hint now. He began driving into her very deep, very hard, and very fast. Roxanna was trembling all over, and moaning louder and louder. "I'm gonna come, baby!" she shouted.

"So am I!" Dan screamed. Roxanna's pussy muscles contracted very tightly around him. Dan felt a flood of her juices thoroughly coating his cock, lubricating his powerful strokes, making him slip and slide all over her interior.

"Feed me your love juices!" Roxanna cried out. "I'm very, very hungry for you!"

That did it! Dan’s balls tensed up. His cock pulsed very hard, very deep inside of her. And then he just about flooded her love chamber with his come.

Once more, Dan’s orgasm was so intense, that it felt like his cock was made of glass. Dan felt like his cock would shatter at any moment, from the explosive force of his orgasm.

Dan’s long, thick, hard cock throbbed deep inside of Roxanna, and slowly dribbled out even more come.

"This is how much I love you, honey!" Dan moaned.

Roxanna clamped her pussy muscles very tightly around Dan’s cock. Her tightness on Dan hurt so good!

"Mmmm!" Roxanna cooed softly, clenching her pussy even tighter around him. "And this is how much I love you, baby!"

Dan and Roxanna collapsed in a heap, arms and legs entangled around each other. Dan’s still-pulsating cock was still buried very deep down inside of her.

Roxanna gazed lovingly, soulfully into Dan’s eyes now.

"Spending the night in the hospital with me, holding me, comforting me, reassuring me, cheering me up, was the most wonderful thing that any man has ever done for me!" Roxanna sighed. "That selfless act elevated you in my eyes. From just another boyfriend, to the man I want to spend the rest of my life with."

"Are you trying to tell me that you want to marry me?" Dan exclaimed. "Oh, that would be the greatest news ever!" Dan was so excited that his cock, still buried very deep up inside of her, once more pulsed and throbbed its way back to full hardness.

"Easy, boy!" Roxanna grinned, pushing her feet hard down into Dan’s ass. "You haven't asked me to marry you yet. And I haven't said yes. Besides, I think it's too soon in our relationship to talk marriage...yet! But I’m definitely thinking that marriage will be in our future."

"I'd like that," Dan moaned. His hard cock throbbed even harder at the idea of spending the rest of his life with Roxanna.

"Mmmm!" Roxanna purred again. "What I'd like right now, is for you to fuck me all over again. Right now!"

Roxanna rolled them both over, straddled Dan’s legs with hers, and eagerly plunged her hot, wet pussy straight up and down along his very hard shaft, which was pointing straight up into her now.

Dan was enjoying Roxanna’s enthusiastic cock-ride every bit as much as she was now. His enjoyment was doubled by the two sweet, wonderful words echoing over and over in his head now. Two words so full of promise, so full of happiness: "My wife!"

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