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You Can't Hurry Love - Chapter 5

Dan and Roxanna reveal their sexual likes and dislikes tro each other by phone
"You once told me all about going down on your girlfriend when you were in college," Roxanna commented at one point in one of their many long, all-night phone conversations. "But has a woman ever gone down on you, Dan?"

Secretly, Roxanna hoped Dan would say no. So she could be the first woman ever to suck his cock. Roxanna liked sucking cock. She especially loved when a man stiffened while actually inside her mouth. It was such a thrilling sensation for her. Not to mention a feeling of power, being able to make a man hard by wrapping her lips around him.

And Roxanna considered the feel of a man's spunk exploding into her throat, as she gulped and swallowed hard, to be one of the most pleasurable sensations she had ever enjoyed. She had even developed quite a fondness for the taste of the stuff. Every man seemed to taste different. Some were sweet. Some were tangy. Mostly they were slightly salty. But she liked the taste of all men’s spunk.

So Roxanna wanted to be the first woman ever to suck Dan’s cock. Ever to taste his love juices.

“Has a woman ever gone down on you, Dan?"

Roxanna hoped for a no. But Dan replied to her question with a yes.

"I had eaten several pussies, starting at nineteen. But it wasn't until I was twenty five that I discovered that oral sex works the other way, too. That a woman can actually give oral on a guy!

“I was dating this short, very light-skinned blonde co-worker with short-cropped hair. She kind of resembled Princess Di.”

“I thought you said you liked dark-complexioned, long-haired brunettes, Dan. Italian and Spanish types. Like me.”

“I do.”

“Remember those two words, Dan!” Roxanna kidded. “I do!” Then she asked, “So why were you dating a blonde?”

“I don’t know. I guess because she was there, and she showed an interest in me. As our relationship developed,” Dan continued, "I went down on her, too. Because I like to do that. And women have told me I’m pretty good at it.”

Roxanna wondered to herself now, if and when she would ever get the chance to confirm or refute Dan’s claim about his cunnilingus skills.

“Like all the ladies I've been with in this way,” Dan continued, “she really enjoyed and appreciated what I did for her. While my face was still heavily smeared with her sweet, still-warm juices, she smiled and said she wanted to return the favor. And ignorant me, I really didn't know what she meant."

"With all the pussy you claim to have eaten, you'd never had a blow-job before you were twenty five, Dan?" Roxanna was surprised. “No woman had ever returned the favor on you?”

"No," Dan admitted. "When my co-worker unzipped me, this was the first time I ever felt a woman's lips wrapped around my manhood. But she sucked me just right: gently, but with an ever-increasing passion. I started to pull away, to let myself ooze onto my own body, as I do when masturbating. Because I somehow didn't think she would appreciate me coming into her mouth. I simply respected her far too much to do such a thing to her."

"What did she say when you pulled away? I mean, I think I would get very frustrated, Dan. If I’d done all that work of sucking on a guy’s cock. And then if I didn’t get to enjoy the fruits of my labors, so to speak. If I didn’t get to feel and taste his explosion in my mouth. That would be so frustrating for me. I would be so mad!”

"Yeah,” Dan concurred. “I guess she felt the same way! Because as I pulled my about-to-explode cock out of her hungrily-sucking mouth, she asked me in a slightly-panicky voice, 'What are you doing?' Then she wrapped her bare legs around my back and pulled me back into her mouth. 'I want to taste you!' she moaned in a very convincing tone.

“A girl after my own heart!” Roxanna giggled. “Loving the feel and the taste of an exploding cock in her mouth! Just like I do!”

“As I started to explode,” Dan continued, groaning at the combination of this sexy memory and Roxanna’s playful, suggestive remarks. “She gulped hard and swallowed repeatedly, while softly cooing. I knew I enjoy the taste of pussy juice. But until then, I honestly hadn't known that a woman could actually enjoy the taste of cock-cream."

"Mmmm!" Roxanna purred. "I'll bet your cream does taste good, Dan!"

"She seemed to think so, anyway," Dan laughed. "After that, whenever we passed in the hallway at work, she would light up in a huge smile when she looked at me. And she would always suggestively lick her lips, as if she still had some of my come left to lick off of her face! Others at work must have noticed. But nobody ever said anything. "

"So what happened to her, Dan? Why aren't you with her?"

"Soon after this," Dan explained, "our employer offered me a promotion into management. But I genuinely enjoyed the work I was doing. And in those days, I really didn't want to be responsible for supervising others. My petite blonde girlfriend, however, was very interested in the job. So we struck a deal. I would be promoted to the senior level in my field, and she would get the management position.

"We talked seriously about that,” Dan continued. "She would be my boss now. We both decided it was best if we stopped dating.

“She told me wistfully, almost teary-eyed, ‘I’ll really, really miss the wonderful things your tongue does to me.’

“And I told her ‘I’ll miss your incredible fellatrix skills. And I’ll miss the hungry way you always swallow my spunk.’”

“Sounds like a particularly painful break-up,” Roxanna commented supportively.

“It was. But we both felt it was for the best. Of course, we couldn’t just quit cold-turkey. So we snuck off into a secluded supply-closet, locked the door, and gave each other one last incredible farewell 69.

“Our decision to split up turned out to be the right decision,” Dan concluded. “It really would have been awkward to work as boss and employee, while in private continuing to lick at each other with such passion."

"I know what you mean," Roxanna laughed. "When I find a guy's cock that I like to suck, it's hard for me to act like we're not intimate when we're out in public." Roxanna sighed. "But I’ve almost forgotten that feeling! Because my mouth hasn't wrapped itself around a nice, hard cock in such a long time, Dan. Too long."

"Tell me about the first time you ever sucked a cock," Dan asked.

"Before I was married,” Roxanna began, “I used to read Playgirl magazine a lot. For the pictures of the naked guys, of course! But also for the articles. One month, Playgirl had this interesting article about how to suck a man's cock. It told how to do it, step by exciting step. It sounded like great fun. I read it five or six times, even practicing on popsicles, until I was pretty sure I knew how to do it.

"I was dating a really cute guy at the time," Roxanna continued. "He wasn't really a boyfriend. Just someone to share intimacy with from time to time. We didn’t really date much. The occasional dinner. But most of our dating was done in bed. His or mine.

“The entire basis of our relationship,” Roxanna explained, “was all about booty calls. Him to me. Or me to him. Even if it was 3:00 A.M. We might not see each other for weeks! But then, whenever one or the other of us would feel the urgent need, the hornier one of us would call the other. Then one of us would wrap a coat around our nudity and rush over to the other’s apartment.

“After memorizing that procedure in Playgirl, one night I called him, told him it was my night be the horny one, and I told him I had a very nice surprise waiting for him."

"Sounds nice," Dan replied dreamily, as if mentally picturing Roxanna phoning him, because she had an urgent, undeniable need to suck on Dan’s own cock.

"He rushed right over," Roxanna continued. "We got naked and got in bed, as usual. Only instead of letting him climb on me, I leaned over him and licked slow circles all around his balls. I tucked my lips around my teeth, as Playgirl had advised me to do, so as not to accidentally bite into his sensitive flesh. I sucked on first his right ball, and then his left. I licked up the underside of his shaft. Then, leaning my head over his belly, I opened my mouth wide and slowly sucked him up into my mouth."

"God," Dan groaned, "You simply got horny to suck on a cock, and you went for it?”

“Yes,” Roxanna giggled nervously. Had she told Dan too much? Would she come off sounding like a total slut?

“You sound more wonderful every time I talk to you, Roxanna!"

By his voice, Roxanna figured maybe her story had made Dan hard. She began to wonder what Dan might look like, naked with a hard-on.

Almost as if determined to ensure that Dan would get hard, Roxanna wrapped up her story with the comment "That night I discovered the two things I like most about cock-sucking. Feeling a man go from pulsing and twitching to rock-hard while he’s completely in my mouth. And then feeling him explode repeatedly, as I gulp and swallow hard."

"Mmmm!" Dan softly moaned. "That sounds great!"

"So do your stories about eating women's pussies, Dan. I hope some day to be the next pussy you eat. And the last one you will ever eat, or ever want to eat."


Roxanna and Dan had talked on the phone all night, every night, for about five weeks. They had talked about everything together. Even some very frank talk about sex. But somehow, they had yet to arrange their first date.

"You know, Dan said, "we'll never get to know if either of us is as good as our stories of our sexual past sound. Unless and until we can actually start dating. So what do you say, Roxanna? Are you ready to go out on our first date yet?"

"What did you have in mind, Dan?" Roxanna asked sweetly.

"Next Thursday is the Fourth of July," Dan explained. "There's going to be a big parade. The biggest in the state. I'm going to have my antique car in that parade. Why don't you and your son meet me and daughter there? We can all go out for dinner afterward. We can all get to know each other."

"Why did he have to spoil everything by reminding me of your antique car, Dan?" Roxanna scolded. "It's the one thing about you that has always made me reluctant to start a relationship with you."


"Because, Dan, I don't want to have to compete with an old car for your time and attention. I don’t want a guy who spends more time in his garage than in my bed!”

Dan laughed. "That could never happen, Roxanna. I wouldn’t let it happen."

Roxanna doubted Dan’s word. Still, they had invested two months in building-up a telephone friendship. And Roxanna knew that another such true gentleman was unlikely to come along anytime soon.

So Roxanna summoned up her courage and asked Dan, "So, Dan. Just where does your antique car stand in the pecking order of your affections?"

"My answer today is different than it would have been a few years ago, Roxanna," Dan admitted. "Back then, my friends and I invested a lot of our time, and much of my money, in restoring my car. But now that the restoration is finished, I take it to about one parade a month in summer, and none in winter."

"And you spend all the time in between tinkering with it, right?

"No!” Dan laughed. “Actually, I have a local shop do regular maintenance on my antique car. Because being a dad to Caroline takes priority over spending time trying to maintain my antique car myself. Raising my daughter has helped me to realize that I'm more interested in spending time with family than with my car."

"Oh, really?" Roxanna asked sarcastically.

"And as for ever ignoring you," Dan continued. "I joined the dating service to find a wife and build a family I can spend my time with. I don't plan to get rid of my car, Roxanna. I admit it. My car does give me some fun on occasional weekend outings. But family is top priority with me, now and in the future."

Although Roxanna couldn't be absolutely sure, she sensed that Dan was telling the truth about wanting to spend more time with family than with his car. After all, by now they had about 50 or 60 all-night phone conversations behind them. Dan had always been straight-forward with her. He had never lied to her.

Roxanna could even see how Dan’s antique car might be a fun thing to build family outings around. After all, she shared his interest in history. And she had actually enjoyed the car show where she had briefly crossed paths with Dan. Besides, if Dan ever did start to neglect her or take her for granted, to favor his car over her, Roxanna could always dump him.

These thoughts reassured Roxanna a little. So she agreed to meet Dan at the parade. Dan told Roxanna where his car would be after the parade. He gave her directions how to get there.

After arranging for this first date, Dan realized he had never even bothered to look at Roxanna's photos at the dating service. He had been so thrilled with what she had to say in her written profile, that somehow he had never flipped the page over to look at her photos on the back side of her written profile.

Dan figured he had better know what Roxanna looks like, so he would recognize her when they finally do meet up.

So the next morning, Dan drove back to the dating service. They let him make a copy of her photo. Roxanna had dark wavy hair that swirled down to her shoulders. And a beautiful, warm, friendly smile. She was as beautiful to look at as she was wonderful to chat with. But something about that smile looked so familiar to Dan. Like they had met somewhere before. But he couldn't figure out where.

All week leading up to July 4, Dan really looked forward to finally meeting Roxanna in person, at that parade.

But Roxanna never showed up to that first date!

Dan showed Roxanna's photo around at the parade. But nobody had seen her. He couldn’t believe that, after finally making his first true soul connection at age 40, she chickened out of their date! And Roxanna hadn’t even called Dan to say she changed her mind!

This cold cruelty didn’t seem like the woman Dan had been talking to so amicably for five weeks. He was hurt and disappointed.

Roxanna called Dan that night. She apologized profusely for seemingly standing him up. She explained that even though Dan told her what his car looks like and where he would be after the parade, she had gotten lost. By the time she finally found the place, Dan and his antique car had left.

When Dan and Roxanna spoke on the phone that night, they were both a little disappointed that they still hadn’t had a date together, after knowing each other by phone for two months.

Roxanna didn't tell Dan that they had actually met face-to-face three times now, without knowing each other. And anyway, now Roxanna honestly couldn't remember what Dan had looked like when they had crossed paths.

Well, Roxanna shrugged, at least hearing Dan's deep baritone voice on the phone now made her feel a little better about missing their first date. And she became more determined than ever to actually have a date with Dan.

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