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You Can't Hurry Love - Chapter 8

Roxanna proudly earns the title of “World’s Best Cock-Sucker”
When she finally calmed down from the first three orgasms of her life (onto Dan's handsome face), and her breathing slowed to a normal pace, Roxanna began kissing Dan’s mouth. Softly at first. But then with an ever-growing passion. She could taste and smell her own fresh, warm liquid passion on his breath, and that made her love Dan all the more.

Now Dan slowly slid his wonderful nakedness up along the mattress, lying on top of Roxanna, hugging her. He softly kissed Roxanna on her mouth. Again, she could faintly taste her own fresh pussy juice on Dan’s breath. This taste of herself on Dan made Roxanna feel sexier, more loved, and more in love, than she had ever felt before in her life.

Roxanna gently but eagerly rolled Dan over onto his back. She began softly but eagerly kissing Dan’s bare chest. She gently nibbled on Dan’s tiny little pebble-size nipples. Under her kisses, licks, and nibbles, Dan’s nipples grew hard. Although not as big as a woman's.

Roxanna put a little more pressure into her nibbles now. Not biting or trying to hurt him. Her nibbling really excited Dan. And now his hips and butt bucked up and down off the bed, as Roxanna’s had been doing only moments before.

Dan thoroughly enjoyed the way Roxanna was softly nibbling on his chest. Nobody had ever done that for him, to him before.

In response to Roxanna’s sweet, hungry kisses and passionate nibbles on his chest, Dan began to buck upward toward the ceiling. Dan felt his love rod growing longer, thicker, and harder in his trousers.

Watching Dan’s still-covered crotch, Roxanna’s eyes bore into him like lasers. As if her eyes were trying to burn a hole right through Dan’s fly, to get at the tempting treat she was certain she would find just under the fabric.

Dan’s trembling body, and his deep baritone moaning, were keeping Roxanna’s pussy fully excited still. Roxanna’s hungry, eager mouth simply went to town on Dan’s chest. And she was just getting so curious and eager to see and feel precisely what lay beneath Dan’s trousers.

From nibbling his chest, Roxanna started kissing and licking her way down Dan’s writhing, twisting, squirming body. She paused for a while to concentrate on kissing and licking Dan’s navel.

Dan twitched, squirmed, and moaned beneath Roxanna’s hot, passionate lips on his navel. His achingly hard cock, still hidden behind the fabric of his trousers, pulsed and throbbed just inches from Roxanna’s sweet, angelic face.

Roxanna could tell from the long, thick ridge forming up the front of Dan’s trousers, that she was on the right track in how she was pleasuring Dan now. Her face lit up in a joyous smile at the pleasure she was bringing to the man she loves. This man had just given her the first three orgasms of her life. And she was determined that her mouth would make him feel at least as good as his mouth had just made her feel.

Roxanna decided that it was time to move further down Dan’s manly body. Time for her to finally see, feel, and taste what she truly lusted for. By now, Roxanna simply could no longer resist the urge to unveil, and then to touch, that obvious big bulge in Dan’s trousers.

Roxanna gently but eagerly rubbed her fingertips and palm over Dan, right through the fabric of his trousers. Then she slowly, teasingly unbuckled his belt. All the while, her playful fingers continued to feel Dan’s growing bulge, which still lay hidden underneath the fabric.

Finally, Roxanna eagerly tugged Dan’s belt open. Her heart raced to finally be so close to making such intimate contact with the man who had just given her the very first orgasm in her entire forty-five years.

With Dan’s belt unfastened, Roxanna now released the tiny metal clasp holding together the waist-band of his trousers.

Roxanna let the very tips of her fingers brush the fabric over the pulsing, straining tip of Dan’s cock-head. His cock felt huge against her lustfully-exploring fingers.

Roxanna smiled. There was nothing in the whole universe she wanted now, except to have her mouth...and then her stuffed full of her man’s long, thick, hard cock. And she was fairly certain she soon would be. So she couldn't wait one minute longer to find out if Dan’s cock was really as huge as the bulge up the front of his trousers made him seem. And was Dan already as hard as she now hoped he was?

Roxanna grinned up at Dan as she slowly unzipped his pants. Her facial expression as she gazed soulfully into her man’s eyes, said it all. Her hungry expression wordlessly said: “I’m going to suck you so hard you’ll forget all about that blonde who gave you your first blow-job. And I’m going to enjoy every second of this.”

Dan raised his muscular butt off the bed, as Roxanna eagerly tugged his pants down his legs. She reached inside his underwear, and encircled her hand around Dan’s still-unseen cock.

"Mmmmm!" Roxanna softly purred. "It feels so nice! So big!!"

As she eagerly removed Dan’s trousers, Roxanna thought to herself: “Note to self. Burn his plain white cotton briefs. They’re not at all sexy! With that body…with those slim, muscular, hairy, sexy legs…Dan would look much better in silk boxers. A nice fiery red, I think!”

But Roxanna quickly dismissed this thought. Because quite honestly, right now she wasn’t at all interested just then, in how unimaginative Dan’s underwear was. She was only interested in finally setting her eyes upon, and getting her hands (and her mouth) around, his long, bulging ridge. She hungered now to see, to touch, and especially to taste the manliness so clearly hinted at just beneath Dan’s plain, white cotton briefs.

Much to Roxanna’s delight, Dan now raised his studly ass off the bed again. With a big happy smile on her face, Roxanna swiftly tugged Dan’s underwear down off of his body, down off his legs, over his feet. Dan’s underwear softly fell to the bedroom floor, beside his trousers.

At long last, Roxanna could finally see the cock she had so eagerly awaited. The hard cock she had day-dreamed about, wondered about, not quite knowing what to expect until now.

Dan’s hard-on was much better than Roxanna had ever dared to let herself imagine, even in her wildest vibrator fantasies of him.

Dan’s cock was already fully erect. Roxanna thought that it was quite beautiful to look at, to touch. This cock was quite possibly the single most beautiful thing Roxanna had ever seen. Not only because it was attached to such a wonderful man, to the man she loved so deeply and so completely…to the man whose amazing tongue had just hurled her crashing headlong into three powerful orgasms, the very first of her life. But also because it was so long, so thick, so hard. And throbbing so powerfully in front of her. “Sooooo beautiful!” she purred, tears of joy streaming down her face as she hungrily reached for it.

“Yes,” Roxanna decided. “God-damned right! I’m a very sexual woman! And there’s nothing wrong with a woman having sexual desires! Nothing wrong with a woman acting on those desires! I want Dan to know how much I want him, how much I desire him. I want the whole damned world to know! I want to suck his cock! I need to suck his cock! I need to ride his big, hard, beautiful cock!”

Jim, Roxanna’s late husband of seventeen years, had been only five and a half inches long, and a mere inch diameter. And Jim had rarely let Roxanna even gaze lustfully at it, much less feel (or taste) what little Jim actually had!

But when Dan’s long, thick, hard cock first plopped heavily out of his underwear, Roxanna couldn’t help but let out a loud, appreciative wolf whistle at his impressive size. And a hungry, amazed gasp of “Wow!” God, how great that cock was going to feel, tickling the back of her throat, and later plunging into her warm, moist, feminine depths.

Roxanna knew that from knuckle to knuckle of her middle finger was precisely one inch. So she quite literally inched her finger up Dan’s cock now. She just had to know. How big is this cock?

Roxanna had heard women speak in hushed, reverent tones of bigger cocks than that. But she hadn't believed them. She had figured these were exaggerated boasts women told each other, just to try to impress other women, to make other women jealous of what the story teller claimed to be getting stuffed with each and every night.

She particularly remembered one co-worker, when she had been a maid at a motel years ago, boasting of her new man being so thick he had just about split her pussy in two as he drove himself sweetly, lovingly, powerfully into her. That coworker had bragged that being stuffed that full of hard cock had been the most exquisite sensation she had ever felt in her life. But over the ensuing years, Roxanna had decided that this description had been pure bullshit. Because her own husband of seventeen years had been only an inch diameter and she could barely feel that sliding against her inner walls.

But now, seeing Dan's hard-on, Roxanna wanted, she needed to know. Just how much cock would Dan be able to stuff down her throat, and up her pussy tonight? Would it be Roxanna's turn to boast in hushed tones of the massiveness of her man?

Somehow, Roxanna needed herself to be stuffed full of much more cock on this night, than she had ever felt the need for in her entire previous forty-five years. Would Dan be able to fulfill that need? It sure looked like he would. But looks can be deceiving. Her makeshift measuring would have to confirm what her eyes hinted at.

Using her makeshift "knuckle-to-knuckle" ruler to measure, Roxanna was instantly impressed, and highly pleased. Because just the shaft alone was almost seven inches long, and about two inches across. The head added another full inch to his length. So at eight inches, Dan’s was definitely the longest cock Roxanna had ever seen. Even in those semi-flaccid Playgirl photos she used to fantasize over when she had been single, lonely, and constantly horny.

Besides its nice length and width, Dan’s cock was unusual for its double curvature. About midway up the shaft, it started to bend both to the left, and also inward toward his torso. Roxanna openly, unashamedly marveled at how good his double-curved cock looked, and how it felt while gently but insistently throbbing in her hand.

Roxanna thought that this double-curvature looked very nice. She imagined it might feel even nicer, plunging and thrusting and throbbing and twisting its way inside of her.

With each throb right in front of Roxanna’s smiling face, Dan’s hard-on raised itself to about forty-five degrees. By now it was too big, too stiff, and just too heavy, to point straight up.

Roxanna marveled that Dan’s muscles could lift his cock to even that forty-five degree angle. His whole manhood just looked so big and so heavy now.

And then Dan’s cock just as excitedly pulsed and quivered its way back down, to lie nice and flat on his belly again. Its tip rested just a bit above Dan’s navel...every other cock she’d ever seen hadn’t even reached the guy’s navel! She again let out a long, low, loud, appreciative wolf whistle. “All of that is for me!” was the happy thought repeating in her head.

But as Roxanna was admiring everything about Dan’s naked cock, she decided that the best of all was the mushroom shape that made the head of Dan’s cock considerably wider than his impressively-thick shaft. Roxanna’s fingers measured him as two and half inches in diameter across, at the widest part of his quivering, bulbous cock-head.

Roxanna had a very small body. She was only five feet two inches tall. And her pussy was proportionately small, too, and tight, partly from lack of much use – she had experienced depressingly little sex in her life and most of that nothing to feel good about – and partly from never having pushed a baby out through it.

She wondered if her small pussy could even open itself up wide enough, for that enormous cock-head to push and press its way down into her entrance. She didn’t know. But she was definitely eager to try!

As she thought about her fellow maid’s boasts from years ago, and having watched and measured what Dan was offering to her on this special, magical night, Roxanna knew now that a) she had always secretly envied that other maid having her pussy literally split in two by an enormous hard dick, and b) she was now moments away from feeling that sensation for herself, and having to be envious no longer.

For the longest time, Roxanna simply gazed at Dan’s enormous manhood, drinking in all of its spectacular beauty. She slowly, suggestively licked her lips.

Roxanna was proud, so very proud now. Because she realized that it was her love, her lust, and the sight and feel of her naked body that was making Dan so big and hard and throbbing now.

Roxanna just knew that Dan’s thick cock-head would stretch her pussy out to the maximum, and let her feel exquisitely-tight friction when he would finally enter her. And his eight-inch length meant that she would be completely filled-up when he would finally thrust all the way into her.

Roxanna had never really thought about it before. But now she realized that being so completely filled up by a man's length and width was something she had vaguely wanted, dreamed of, hungered for, most of her adult life. But filling her so full of cock was something none of her handful of previous lovers had ever been able to come even close to accomplishing.

Jim, Roxanna’s first husband, was about two inches shorter, and about half the diameter, that Dan was. And Jim had never even tried much to satisfy her, with what little he did have. But Roxanna hadn’t known any better. So for seventeen years, Roxanna had thought that Jim’s one-inch width and
five and a half inch length had been pretty big...or at least, big enough. Now, seeing what Dan was packing, she knew she had settled for far too little, for far too long a time.

When Jim had died, Roxanna had even bought a vibrator that was only five and a half inches long. The same size Jim had been. Because to her, those seven and eight inch vibrators had seemed too big to be real. She hadn’t thought that any real man could actually be that big.

And now, here was Dan, naked and horny in front of her, every bit as big as those mega-monster vibrators. Showing her that a man really could be huge enough to fill up every little bit of her small, tight pussy.

Roxanna could hardly wait to experience what it would feel like to be so completely filled up with such an enormous cock like Dan’s. All that Roxanna could focus on now was the very happy thought that eight solid throbbing inches were about to stuff her horny little tight wet pussy completely full! She couldn’t believe how lucky she was about to become. She delighted in the knowledge that this impressively enormous cock now revealed before her lusting eyes, was attached to a man she already loved with all of her heart and soul.

Dan was honestly and genuinely flattered when Roxanna gasped in astonishment at his big, throbbing love muscle that popped out when she stripped him. And then playfully licking her lips as if to say she thought she was about to have the tastiest flavor of her life in her mouth.

Her eyes having finally drunk in more than their fill of Dan’s spectacular manhood, Roxanna resolved now to let all the rest of herself enjoy what Dan had to offer to her.

With a wickedly seductive grin, Roxanna knelt on her knees on the bed, leaning over Dan’s luscious naked cock.

Dan groaned as his naked cock swayed left and right, up and down, just inches from her face. “I can’t get out of my mind, your story you told me, of how you read that article about fellatio in Playgirl. And how you practiced what you read, by sucking-off your boyfriend!”

“Are you trying to tell me something, Dan?” Roxanna giggled in that sexy, playfully way of hers. Her giggles hardened Dan’s already achingly-hard cock even stiffer now!

“Yes!” Dan groaned through his by-now desperate horniness.

“Do you want me to suck your cock now, Dan? Is that what you’re trying to tell me?”

But before Dan could even answer, Roxanna leaned her pretty, smiling face down between Dan’s muscular thighs.

“I hope that’s what you’re trying to tell me, Dan. Because after the way you just ate my pussy and sent me hurling into three powerful orgasms, I really, really want to suck that big, beautiful, hard cock of yours now, Dan!”

All Dan could manage in response was a long, loud, low groan of desire.

“I’ll take that as a YES!” Roxanna giggled again, her playfully sexual girlish giggling causing Dan’s magnificent hard-on to grow even longer, even thicker, even redder. She knew now that she had to act fast, or her giggling just might make him come before she could stuff her hungry mouth all full of him now.

First, Roxanna took one long, slow, hesitant, tentative lick all over Dan’s huge, swollen, come-filled balls. Then she appreciatively kissed the very tip of Dan’s thick, trembling cock, as it grew harder and ever-harder.

Roxanna then so sweetly, so lovingly kissed her way slowly down Dan’s throbbing shaft, all the way down to Dan’s tight balls. She now cupped his swollen balls in her hands, and she sweetly and gently kissed, sucked, licked, and nibbled all over them. She felt that she loved Dan very much, and she thought that this was the way she wanted to show him now, how much she loves him, how much she wants to bring him pleasure. Not to mention that she was thoroughly enjoying Dan’s big, powerfully throbbing cock against her face.

It seemed to Roxanna that Dan’s big, swollen balls, already filling up with his creamy excitement, covered several acres, as her hungry, passionate kisses and licks joyously lingered all over them.

Roxanna then slowly kissed and licked her way back up Dan’s shaft, swirling her tongue all around his thick, bulbous cock-head.

Roxanna’s breathing grew rapid, and her heart pounded in excitement, as the full length of Dan’s thick, exquisitely sexy shaft pulsed, vibrated, twitched, and throbbed against her gently-kissing lips. Against her eagerly-exploring tongue.

Roxanna gently sucked just the head of Dan’s cock into her mouth, and then backed off of him again. She resumed happily licking and loudly slurping her way up Dan’s cock, from balls to head. She purred and cooed and moaned in delight every time he throbbed powerfully against her adoring face. She was uncontrollably hungry for him now.

When her hungry mouth got all the way back up to the very end of Dan’s long, hard shaft, Roxanna gently, sweetly kissed the tip again, with a sexual hunger that was not to be denied. She then licked the tip, and kissed all around the head of Dan’s beautifully massive cock. She next concentrated her kisses and licks exclusively on the sides and top of his very thick cock head.

Roxanna was on fire now! Her hungry mouth simply couldn’t get enough of Dan’s long, thick, hard, throbbing cock! The feel of his quivering, naked cock-flesh. The delightful taste of him on her lips and on her tongue.

The growing frequency and volume of Dan’s moans, coupled with his cock's increasingly-frantic gyrations against her lips, made Roxanna’s smile grow bigger and bigger. Her whole face was lit up in such joy now. Roxanna now knew that she had the skill to make Dan feel every bit as good as he had just made her feel, when he had lingered so long and so lovingly at her sopping pussy.

Roxanna had sometimes heard the term “cock-sucker” used in a very derogative way. But if her skill at sucking cock could bring such obvious pleasure to her man, to the man she loves, well, Roxanna didn’t at all mind that moniker.

“Cock-sucker.” Roxanna rolled the word around in her mind, as she sucked Dan even more powerfully, ever more hungrily now. “Cock-sucker.” Roxanna liked the sound of that word now. She thought to herself, “I’m proud to be a good little cock-sucker. As long as I can suck on my Dan!” By now, all that Roxanna wanted, all she could even think about, was having her lips and her tongue feel and taste every spectacular inch of Dan’s big, thick, beautiful, throbbing
eight inch love tool. By now, Roxanna was thoroughly enjoying turning Dan on, every bit as much as he was enjoying having Roxanna turn him on.

As she was licking her way around Dan’s big, bulbous cock head, Roxanna noticed that the pee-hole—located at the very tip of his cock—was open wider than she had ever seen on any man. Like Dan’s cock itself, this opening seemed to Roxanna to be simply huge!

Seeing his cock's wide-open hole inspired Roxanna to try something completely new to her. Without being quite sure how the idea even came to her, Roxanna lustily curled-up both sides of her tongue to form a U shape. She then darted the tip of her tongue directly inside the pee slit at the very tip of Dan’s cock-head.

Dan’s cock got very hard now. Even a diamond might seem as mushy as oatmeal, compared to how hard Roxanna’s internal tongue explorations were making Dan’s cock now. Roxanna delighted that under her hungry kisses and licks, Dan’s marvelous cock was hard enough now to cut through glass and to smash through concrete! And he was throbbing a million times a second, right before her admiring eyes.

As Roxanna’s curled, lapping tongue explored just inside of his cock-head, Dan rubbed his finger across Roxanna’s soft, spongy, quivering, excited G-spot.

Dan could scarcely believe how incredibly moist Roxanna was inside now. Dan was amazed at the spiritual and sexual synergy between them now. The harder Dan grew against Roxanna’s mouth, the wetter Roxanna’s pussy became.

Roxanna’s skilled, eager, passionate licks, inside and outside the gigantic pee-hole of Dan’s cock, produced a loud, appreciative moan from her loving man now. Roxanna was practically in a swoon of pure joy on hearing his deeply-masculine, heart-melting, pussy-dampening baritone moan. Now Roxanna knew for sure that she was on the right track.

Roxanna let her tongue explore the inside of Dan’s cock head for a while longer. But she knew that both she and Dan wanted and needed much more than this by now.

So now Roxanna tried wrapping her little fist around the gorgeous two-inch thickness of Dan’s achingly-hard cock. Dan’s horny manhood was nearly six and a half inches in circumference, so Roxanna’s couldn’t fully close her delicate fingers around his huge stiff shaft. She felt like the luckiest woman in the world now, knowing that all this massive and beautiful manhood was about to slide down her throat, and then to split her hungry pussy wide open!

Even Dan’s big hands looked to her like they could just barely close around his manhood. But she was determined that somehow her throat was going to get stuffed all full of this massive, wildly pulsating manliness now.

Roxanna briefly closed her eyes. She tried to picture Dan’s large fist, and his long, narrow fingers, vigorously pumping up and down that huge shaft all those years when he was still a virgin. Which she was determined he wouldn’t be for much longer now. She was sure Dan’s fingers must have stoked just like this many times, to relieve the stress of being “technically still a virgin” at age forty. She was proud that from now on, it would be her hand that gets to do this for him, to him.

Roxanna decided she had better hurry up now. She decided that she had better finish-up her eager, hungry cock-sucking now. And then it would finally be time for her to at long last relieve Dan of the burden of his forty years of virginity.

As soon as Roxanna could finish sucking Dan’s cock—as soon as her hungry mouth could at long last taste what she was now more certain than ever would be the sweetest man-juice she had ever tasted—then it would be time to show Dan what he had been missing all those 40 long years. It would be time to show Dan the joy that only a woman’s pussy could bring to his cock. The joy that her pussy…only Roxanna’s cute little tight pussy…could bring to Dan’s too-long deprived cock.

But first, Roxanna wanted…she needed…to suck Dan’s cock. She needed to feel him all big and hard, stuffing her hungry mouth so completely full of him. She needed to feel him jamming and thrusting and throbbing his way down into her throat. And most of all, she needed to feel him explode his juices deep, deep, deep down inside her mouth. She needed to revel in his sweet, tangy tastiness on her tongue, to gulp and swallow every last drop.

And then…and only then...would Roxanna let Dan feel what a tight, loving pussy feels like, wrapped around his enormous, pulsating hard cock.

Now Roxanna opened her eyes again, to once more gaze lovingly, longingly, at Dan’s long, thick, hard, pulsing, throbbing shaft. She just couldn't resist him any longer.

At last, Roxanna opened her lips as wide as she could. So her cock-hungry mouth could fully accommodate Dan’s impressive girth.

Now at last, Roxanna slowly slid her mouth down over Dan’s cock-head. For years, Roxanna had dreamed of the day she would get to suck on an enormous cock like this. To have her mouth stretched so very widely around a big, thick, hard, throbbing cock. To have her throat stuffed completely full of cock as it thrust and shoved and crammed its way through her mouth and deeply down into her throat.

And ever since that phone conversation with Roxanna several weeks earlier, Dan had fantasized about experiencing for himself, the fellatrix skills Roxanna had told him she had learned years ago, from an article in Playgirl. The skills she had first practiced on a completely unappreciative boyfriend.

And now at long last, Dan and Roxanna were sharing this mutual fantasy in real life. Roxanna was sucking Dan’s cock with a lot more skill, and a lot more enthusiastic passion, than that short blonde co-worker had done for Dan so many years earlier, the very first time a woman’s lips had ever wrapped themselves around Dan’s manhood.

And Dan was being a whole hell of a lot more appreciative of Roxanna’s eager cock sucking than that long-ago boyfriend, the first-ever recipient of her amazing cock-sucking prowess, had been with her.

Roxanna absolutely loved the sight of her naked man trembling beneath her eagerly-sucking mouth. She loved the deep baritone of his increasingly louder moans.

Now Roxanna roughly, playfully pushed Dan down even flatter onto his back. She leaned over him, and she slowly sucked his stiff manliness inch by throbbing inch into her mouth. God but he felt so damned good in her mouth, and he tasted even better! Roxanna’s happy mouth, her throat, simply could not get enough of his cock...of her man's hard cock.

Dan lay trembling and eager beneath Roxanna’s naked body. He slid his cock in and out of Roxanna’s hungry mouth just a little faster now. His hips began thrusting upward, steadily and eagerly upward, as her cute loving face slid adoringly down over him. He couldn’t believe such a beautiful woman was sucking a cock so eagerly, so hungrily, so joyously….sucking his cock!

As Dan gently, lovingly, but eagerly pumped his cock in and out of Roxanna’s joyously sucking mouth, he began stroking her thick, dark, lustrous hair. He gently pulled Roxanna’s pretty, smiling face closer and ever closer down over his achingly-hard cock.

Roxanna eagerly, joyously rolled her tongue all around Dan’s throbbing manhood, even while it was buried all the way up into her sweet mouth. She loved how he felt, and she loved that he seemed to be so thoroughly enjoying what she was so skillfully doing for her man. She loved this happy synergy, that she was so thoroughly enjoying sucking his cock and he was so thoroughly enjoying having his cocked sucked.

Life just doesn’t get any better than this, they both thought. If this is what it’s like to be truly loved and to be truly in love, well they can both stand a whole lot more of this!

At first, as she continued to suck Dan’s impressive length and width slowly, eagerly, and passionately down her throat, Roxanna’s eyes stayed wide open. She enjoyed watching what she was doing to her loving man. She absolutely delighted in the look of pure bliss she was bringing to Dan’s handsome, glowing, kindly face...not to mention her delighted enjoyment of watching his thick, hard cock twitch and throb as it thrust in and out of her mouth, in and out of her throat.

Once Roxanna had swallowed-down Dan completely, she paused a moment. So they could both enjoy the feeling of Dan’s manhood completely filling her throat. The feeling of Dan’s enormous balls, filled and swollen with his waiting-to-erupt come, pressed tightly up against her lips.

After what seemed like about ten minutes of Dan’s steel-hard cock resting contentedly, and throbbing eagerly, against the back of Roxanna’s throat, he began slowly backing out of her mouth.

His big, hard cock was now almost completely free of Roxanna’s sweet, eagerly-sucking mouth. Dan paused again. Then he began his second warm, loving, upward thrust. Thrusting up past her lips. Past her teeth. Over her tongue. Over the roof of her mouth. Pressing against the back of her throat. And then curving his cock downward. To point straight down toward her intestines. Which, Roxanna now fervently hoped, would soon enough get to fill themselves with Dan’s warm, tasty man-seed.

Roxanna marveled at Dan’s patience. He sure took his time! Dan savored every moment of his own pleasure. Just as he had let Roxanna savor every moment of her own pleasure, when he had earlier licked her so thrillingly.

But now Dan and Roxanna both knew that Dan’s slow, loving pace couldn't last forever. Eventually, they would both become too excited. Dan would simply have to speed up the pace of his hot, passionate thrusts down Roxanna’s throat.

As Dan slid his long, thick, pulsating cock in and out of Roxanna’s hungry mouth just a little faster now, his hips began thrusting upward. He thrust himself steadily and eagerly upward, as Roxanna’s lovely face slid so very lovingly down over him.

Roxanna relaxed, eased into the moment, closed her eyes, and daydreamed about the incredible and intense pleasures they were just starting to share.

Roxanna began moving her tongue around and around Dan’s huge cock while it was just so completely buried up into her mouth. At the same time, she was gently cupping Dan’s balls in her palm. Roxanna’s licking and sucking was so leisurely, and so comfortable. And yet so frantic, and so frenzied. Roxanna was thoroughly enjoying sucking on Dan now. Every bit as much as Dan was enjoying having Roxanna suck his cock.

Dan's hips just kept bucking up and down, pushing his cock powerfully, forcefully, all the way into Roxanna's hungrily sucking throat, and then back out almost to the tip. Then reversing direction again. Pushing back upward to meet Roxanna’s cock-starved mouth. Thrusting and slamming so hard, pumping so forcefully, as Roxanna hungrily bobbed her gorgeous face back down over Dan's extremely hard cock.

Dan felt so lucky to thrust his hard-on up into the very center of such a sweet, beautiful face. Attached to a woman who was even more beautiful in personality than in physical allure.

Roxanna felt lucky, too, to have such a huge and beautiful slab of delicious man-meat tickling the back of her very appreciative throat. Attached to the most wonderful and amazing man she had ever met.

But mostly they both felt so lucky that genuine love mingled with deeply lustful desires had at last found them both. “You can’t hurry love” was no longer their mutual life story now.

The entire time, Roxanna gently held Dan's swollen come-filled balls and the base of his long, thick, hard, throbbing cock in her palm. Roxanna delighted in the feel of Dan’s balls cupped in her hand. And of his manliness sweepingly tickling the very back of her throat, pulsing and swaying itself side to side, up and down, back and forth.

Through all of her voraciously hungry cock-sucking, Roxanna kept eagerly rolling her tongue around and around Dan's thick manhood. She just kept frantically licking him with all of her wild and uncontrolled, uncontrollable passion.

His insistent, powerful throbbing against the back of her throat told her how very much he genuinely loves her, and her hungry sucking told him how very much she truly loves him. You just can’t fake that much love between two people.

Dan's up-and-down bucking of his hips constantly grew more rapid against Roxanna’s sweet, loving, all-devouring face. With each successive thrust, Dan moaned ever louder, causing Roxanna to suck on him ever more eagerly.

Roxanna loved that her skillful cock sucking could get her new man so turned on. So very hard! And she loved even more, how Dan stuffed her mouth and her throat more completely full of man-meat than she had ever been stuffed. More cock was now filling Roxanna’s happy little mouth than she had dared to even dream she would ever get to suck on

If the Catholics were right about a heaven, Roxanna felt that she was definitely there, at this very moment. There couldn't possibly be a paradise that was better than how fully Dan stuffed her mouth with delightfully tasty hard cock now.

She could picture herself walking around town in a tight t-shirt, proudly emblazoned across her big round boobs, “World’s Best Cock-Sucker.” Judging by the loudness of Dan’s happy erotic moans, and the power of his cock throbs in her hungrily sucking mouth, she didn’t feel that such a proud boast would be even the slightest exaggeration now.

Roxanna was snapped out of her happy, proud, lustful reverie when Dan's wonderfully, delightfully thick hard cock suddenly stopped throbbing, stopped thrusting inside Roxanna's mouth. All was dead silence, dead calm between them now. Except for the panting of their breath and the pounding of their hearts.

And then Dan's cock grew even more rigid in Roxanna's sucking mouth than before. The pronounced leftward curve of Dan’s hard manliness began to straighten ever so slightly.

Roxanna smiled to herself. She had always loved the feeling of a man hardening in her mouth. Although Dan had already been very hard before she even started sucking on him, Roxanna realized that this moment was an even more rigid, even more urgent sort of hardness now.

Roxanna hollowed her cheeks, sucking even more powerfully now. And she purred contentedly. She sensed that she was about to experience something absolutely amazing. Although she wasn't sure yet, what that something would be.

But Dan knew exactly why his throbbing, thrusting, pulsing, pounding cock had suddenly grown so calm. And why his cock had gained a new hardness, a new straightness. Because now Dan could actually feel his own come rising out of his balls. Rushing unstoppably, inevitably up the inside of his own thick shaft.

Dan let out a deep, masculine grunt. A deeply satisfied guttural groan. Then suddenly, explosively, Dan's warm, white cream began to burst out of his cock's tip. His love juice began to thickly coat Roxanna's happily swirling tongue.

Roxanna momentarily recoiled at the overwhelming force of Dan's powerful explosion of come into her mouth and down her throat. But his thick, rapidly-flowing love cream tasted so damned good on her tongue! Roxanna very quickly and very eagerly resumed her happy licking and her hungry sucking on Dan's wonderful hard cock.

She hungrily gulped and swallowed. It was just about a fruitless effort to try to swallow Dan's spunk as rapidly as he was powerfully blasting stream after stream of his thick, wonderful, tasty spunk into her delighted throat.

Roxanna struggled gallantly, but ultimately hopelessly, to gulp and swallow and keep up with the pace of Dan's rapid-fire orgasmic explosions. But her mouth was quite literally overflowing with Dan's come now. What Roxanna couldn't swallow began to dribble out the corners of her mouth and down her chin. Dan couldn’t remember when he’d ever seen a sexier sight than his own hot, fresh spunk slowly rolling out of the corners of the smiling, happy mouth of the woman he loves.

Roxanna again imagined there could never be anything in heaven half so wonderful as this moment with Dan.

"Your mouth feels wonderful, wrapped around my hard cock!" Dan groaned lustfully. "And your sweet angelic face looks more beautiful than ever now, streaked with my love juices! But I no longer want to make love to your mouth right now, Roxanna."

"Why the hell not?" Roxanna complained bitterly. "Your cock in my mouth, in my throat, is absolutely the most wonderful thing I've ever felt in my whole life! My hungry mouth just can't get enough of your delicious come tonight, baby!"

"The best thing you've ever felt?" Dan teased. "Better than coming on my face?"

"Well," Roxanna reluctantly agreed. "Maybe sucking your wonderful hard cock and swallowing your explosions of come is the second best feeling I've ever had in my life! Next to coming all over your handsome face, it's the best feeling! So why do you want to deprive me of this pleasure now, honey?"

"Because, my darling," Dan moaned deeply, pulsing his cock mightily in Roxanna mouth, "Right now, I want--no, no, I need---to come in your sweet little pussy!"

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