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Your Sexy Body

The Memories Live On
To that special someone, with my endless gratitude. ( You know who you are )

Yes, I'm indeed grateful to you.

Grateful because you showed me, or should I say reminded me, of the abundant pleasures and delights that the body of a sexy lady offers to the attentive man.

Let's start with your hair.

Memories of being treated to the tantalizing way your hair so lightly brushed over my skin and teased me while you gave me the best oral sex I've ever had, lives vividly in my mind. All I could do was lay there on my back and enjoy it as I ran my fingers through your hair and you did your magic.

Without any hesitation I admit that I want to again run my fingers through your hair and over you face. Your cheeks form a most enchanting face and they flank a mouth which sent bolts of excitement through me as it joined my mouth in countless kisses.

Your mouth is the one that so eagerly took all of my excited flesh into it and forced me to satisfy your thirst. It's also the one that never permitted a single drop to escape as it guided my shaft of flesh deep into the opening of your throat.

Yup. Even your throat is included in the list of things you have that so completely satisfies me sexually. Your throat is the first one that ever touched the flange of my cock and the first one that gave me the intense experience of squeezing into the moist tightness of a female throat as I was forced to surrender my load.

And just below your lips is your chin. It also holds the distinction of being the first chin to feel my balls strike it as my shaft so easily and quickly disappeared into your welcoming mouth.

Speaking of lips, do you recall the feeling of my lips on your skin as they followed the curve of your neck, exploring the gentle taper that becomes your shoulders?

I confess I really enjoyed seeing you become so aroused as my slow, soft kisses covered your neck and shoulders. As I sit here I'm recalling the first time I began kissing your neck while my fingers were enjoying your pussy. I was amazed at how much your wetness increased with my first kisses on the nape of your neck. I remember I took that increased wetness as your silent plea for greater sexual satisfaction and soon buried my face in your pussy.

Oh yes! Your neck and shoulders are the foundation for your arms, and I recall the thrill your arms gave me as they slipped around my neck and pulled me close to you for our first embrace in the nude.

Go ahead - close your eyes and relive the feeling of having my hard cock pound against your abdomen and crotch as we enjoyed that naked embrace. I remember well the wonderful sensation of our skin against each other as we stood there embracing. As my anxious hands explored and enjoying the shape of your naked body, my pulsating flesh rubbed over the soft hair that covers your pussy.

So strong is the craving I have to once again hold your naked body against mine that I can almost feel you against me right now!

Certainly you are aware that there's no way can I forget those arms of yours because they also have your wonderful hands at the end of them. The first touch of your hand against my rigid cock during that embrace is still also vivid in my mind.

Those hands felt so wonderful as you gently ran them over my body while we lay naked together on the bed, but admittedly, I think it was even better when your hands moved your ten dainty, sexy fingers in position to wrap around my cock. With perfect pressure around my seemingly endless erection, your fingers would slide up and down my full length which you kept well lubricated with saliva to drive me insane.

It's ironic that the gentleness of those fingers are the same fingers that would grasp so tightly onto the sheets as I'd kiss my way down over your stomach to your waiting pussy. Oh! How can we not mention 'that spot' at the front of your hips?

Yes, it's hard to believe that those are the same fingers that gently but firmly pressed my face tightly against your hairy heaven while my tongue danced over your desire swollen flesh.

And between those arms are the most enticing pair of breasts I ever had the pleasure of meeting! You know I'm not much of a tit man, but yours gave me so much enjoyment and so greatly increased my sexual excitement as I took my time kissing, licking, and caressing them that I often can find myself dreaming of once again enjoying them.

Honestly, I still have a burning desire to find out how it would feel to have those smooth, warm, soft breasts surround and hug my hard shaft of flesh as I stroke it back and forth between them. Sadly, I may never get the opportunity to do that and the delivery of a 'pearl necklace' I have for you might never happen.

However, I still enjoy the memories of licking over and sucking on your hard nipples that protrude from your breasts. My mind recorded your soft moans of enjoyment when I would pull your hard nipples into my mouth and flicker my tongue over the tip of them.

Most definitely I've not forgotten the erotic, gentle inward curve of your waist that delighted me as I'd approach your hips. Oh! Those sexy, shapely hips! There are countless hours of enjoyment those hips have produced for me because after all, they are part of one the nicest, most enjoyable asses I have ever enjoyed.

Now I need to have you allow me the freedom to abruptly jump down to your feet. Remember the level of arousal you told me you experienced after the first time I held your oil covered feet at my crotch and rubbed my cock over and between them?

I remember that so well! Feeling your ten little toes, also having been generously coated with oil, wiggle against my balls and over the length of my rod as I enjoyed the eroticism of 'foot fucking' you is a sensation I know I want to enjoy again.

Then there's the shapeliness of your calves and thighs that not only gave me a lot of pleasure in person, but have given me hours of delight as I recall massaging your legs. I remember slowly working my hands toward your ever so enticing ass as I massaged your legs, but when I crawled on top of you for the first time and moved the focus of my massage toward your ass, with my balls pressing firmly against the back of your smooth and slippery legs, my resistance to place my hard cock into the oiled crack of your ass quickly failed.

Will you ever again feel my throbbing thickness slide back and forth between your butt cheeks before I enter the snug warmth of your pussy and fill you with my satisfaction?

I for one, hope so!

Before I end this trip down memory lane, I want you to recall how much pleasure we both had when we first laid on the bed with your back to me. I quickly had my cock into your ass crack and began to inch my way toward your anus. What did you think when you realized I was going to try and enter your asshole?

I remember you didn't seem concerned as I slowly began stretching you open to allow my penetration. I was trying diligently to prevent myself from cumming as quickly as I did, but I remember the feeling of your smoothness stretch around my tip while I gently pushed into your ass. Oh how I wish I could have the honor of being permitted to enjoy you that way again. So desperately do I want to at least one more time, be able to slide my entire length into your ass that it's often all I can think about.

My desire to feel the softness of your warm skin greet the slaps from my balls as I pound deeply in and out of your tight pussy until you shower me with cum share center stage in my mind.

( 05/31/2010 )

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