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You're a Treasure

Why does Jeremy keep avoiding all of his girlfriend's attempts to get him into bed?
The first time you finally get physical with a new partner is always a little surprising. Sometimes it's set up. Sometimes it just happens. But however it comes about, it's never what you expect. Take my first time with Jeremy for example. He and I had been dating for a couple months, and it was going extremely well! I had met him in my English Literature class during my sophomore year in college, and his insightful opinions had immediately caught my attention. He'd seemed to me the type of guy to be a great lover- sensitive, smart, sweet, etc.- and after all the douchebags I'd been dating previously, he seemed perfect. I'd set him as my target and hit the bulls eye on the first shot! I was delightfully surprised to find that he liked to have fun along with being good in academics, but that led me to wonder what was wrong with him. All that was left was the bedroom.

So, I carefully laid my trap. This wasn't my first time seducing a guy, I knew how to successfully lure them. Step One: The excuse. Hey, my roommate's gone tonight and I'm feeling kind of scared here alone. Want to come over and watch a movie or something? I pressed send on the text. Sure, it's not all that subtle, but he's a guy, why wouldn't he-

My cell phone buzzed. I'm sorry I can't tonight. Try turning on all the lights and listening to music. I promise you there's no ghosts or killers lurking around. :)



Okay, maybe Jeremy is going to be a little more of a challenge. No problem though, I'm Clarise! There's no guy I can't seduce!

Or at least...that's what I thought.

The next night Jeremy and I were walking around downtown holding hands like an adorable couple would. When we got back to his truck I stopped him from opening the door for me and instead pulled him close and kissed him. We had kissed plenty of times before, so he joined in happily, cupping the side of my face with his warm palm and only lightly brushing his tongue against mine. Jeremy was a damn good kisser, and I was beginning to think there was no way anything could be wrong with him, even sexually.

Then he stopped. He pulled his lips away and, while resting his forehead against mine, whispered, "It's getting late. Come on." He opened the door of the big Toyota Tundra like a gentleman, and, despite my desire to keep going, I got in. When we got back to my little apartment I invited him in for a drink or something, but he reclined with the excuse that he had to finish some school work. Really? I'm getting passed up for school work? Okay, time to turn it up a notch.

I made sure to make myself look just a little better than usual every day for the next week, adding just a little more makeup, dressing my hair up nicely, wearing things that really accentuated my...perks. I could feel his eyes on me during class of course, but I pretended not to notice. Perfect! It's working!

Or not.

On Friday I asked him if he wanted to come over for dinner, after all I was a pretty damn good cook. But this time his excuse was that he already had plans with friends.

Oh come on, seriously? I've heard that one a million times.

I was beginning to think I should just give up. I'm never going to get this guy into bed! I went home that night and just watched TV until about 9:30, at which point I got up to go take a shower. My shower was going perfectly fine, as normal, but right when I was starting to wash the shampoo out of my hair I noticed a dark black spot up in the corner. A dark black circle with eight little dark black legs.

Yes, I'm a girl. I screamed. I'm arachnophobic, okay!? I can't help it! It's an irrational fear-meaning not-rational. So, as a not-rational person would do, I screamed, turned off the water, grabbed my towel, and ran out of the bathroom. "Kelsey!!!! Kelsey! Kelsey!?" I yelled for my roommate, but heard no response. Damn it! She isn't home! So, of course, like a not-rational person would do, I called the first person that came to mind.

He picked up his phone on the first ring. "Clarise? Is something wrong?"

"YES! There's a big black spider in my shower and I didn't even know it was there and I just saw it when I was washing my hair and it scared me and Kelsey isn't home and I don't know what to do and-"

He interrupted my frantic babbling with laughter. "It's okay," he said in between chuckles, "I'll come over. Just calm down."

My fright immediately simmered down. "Okay, thank you Jeremy."

Okay, I know, this sounds like some elaborate trap on my part, especially the part where I was still wearing only a towel when he arrived, but I promise sex was the last thing on my mind! I was so preoccupied with my spiders-are-everywhere paranoia that I didn't even think about getting dressed.

It didn't even occur to me that I was practically naked until he stopped dead in his tracks at the sight of me. His eyes nearly popped out of his head and his cheeks were painted a rather cute pink color. But his erection-in-the-waiting didn't matter to me at the time. I quickly closed the door behind him and led him to the bathroom.

"Up there," I pointed toward the back corner of the shower where the evil peeper was still sitting, just staring at me.

Jeremy started laughing again. "That little thing? That's what has you so freaked?" I only glared at him.

"I have arachnophobia, don't laugh at me!"

Still laughing, he said, "sorry, sorry." Then he simply grabbed a tissue and reached up and squished it. HA! TAKE THAT YOU LITTLE DISGUSTING CREATURE! Sorry...I hate spiders. Flushing the dead spider down the toilet, he said, "There. Crisis averted."

The smile he beamed at me was so sweet and kind that it actually gave me that fluttery feeling in my stomach- something I hadn't felt in a long time. It made me smile without warning. "Thank you," I said, and I really meant it. He continued to look at me, and then chuckled as he took a step closer to me. "What?" I asked. He brought his hand up and took a bit of my black hair.

"You have shampoo in your hair," he laughed. The small hope that had been rising inside of me quickly dropped. Then he looked around the bathroom and grabbed the robe that was hanging on the back of the door. "Here, let's get you covered up," he said, tossing it around me. I didn't take it.

"Why?" I whispered, looking down at his feet.


I looked up at him, blue staring into blue, and asked, "Why don't you want to sleep with me?" 

He was dumbfounded. His mouth gaped open like some kind of fish. "Wha- What?" managed to stumble out.

"Why don't you want to sleep with me?" I pressed. "Whenever we're making out, you stop it before it gets very far, and whenever I invite you over you decline. Do you even want to be with me? I mean, I'm assuming you do because you're still here and you just came over simply to kill a spider for me, but I don't get why you-"

Yet again he interrupted me, but this time it was with a kiss. Surprisingly, it was more of a passionate, even forceful kiss, and it nearly stopped my heart.

Jeremy didn't look at me when he broke the kiss. He kept his hands on the sides of my face and rested his forehead against mind, but looked down at the ground. "You don't understand, Clarise. It's not that I don't want to, it's that I want to too much. You are so damn tempting, I have a hard time controlling myself whenever I'm around you. Even now when your hair is all messy and full of shampoo and you aren't wearing makeup... Hell, it makes you even more beautiful if that's possible. You're just... you're a treasure, Clarise."

I didn't say anything. I couldn't say anything. I had no idea what to say. As cliche as it sounds, I'd never been spoken to that way before. He took my breath away.

Without thinking, I reached up, took his face in my hands, and- not caring that the towel had dropped to the ground- kissed him. His immediate reaction was to kiss me back- more passionately than usual. He let his hands slide down to my waist and he pulled me into him with a strong hold. Then, still kissing me the entire way, he walked me backwards toward my room, where I fell back onto my bed, already completely naked.

He pulled off his shirt before crawling on top of me and warmly nuzzling my neck. I let out a soft sigh as he let his right hand explore my body. Starting at my breast with a light squeeze, it ran down the length of my waist and then down to grip my butt. I instinctively lifted my leg up to hug his side, but was reminded of his jeans there. I reached down and fumbled with the belt buckle, but before I could undo his pants, he took my hands and held them down above my head.


Is Jeremy actually controlling in bed? Sweet, tender Jeremy? Controlling? Domineering? Exactly how I like it.

He held my wrists above my head with his left hand and continued to touch me with his right. He softly bit my neck as his fingers just barely grazed against my clit and I couldn't stop the moan from escaping my mouth. He very slowly rubbed his fingers along my clit, torturing me, tantalizing me, making me want him inside me more and more.

He returned his lips to mine and this time really pressed his tongue against mine. Something about his kiss had changed. Never before had it been this damn hot. I found myself trying to keep up, growing more and more uncontrollable with every passing moment. Eventually I whispered, "I need you inside me." He chuckled- more of a deep, sexy chuckle than his usual light hearted one- and this time bit my neck a little harder. I didn't even try to hold back my moan this time.

His grip on my wrists was impressive. I was struggling extremely hard to break free so I could just mount him already. He was driving me crazy! But he held me down effortlessly and just kept teasing me, with his fingers on my clit and his tongue on my breasts. My heart was beating so hard I wondered if I was having a heart attack. I'd never experienced pleasure like this before, he's amazing!

Along with a soft bite on the nipple, he plunged two strong fingers into me at once, causing me to let out what may be classified as a small scream. "Jeremy!" I moaned as he fucked me with his fingers. Oh God, it felt so good! "I- I-" A huge wave of pleasure washed over me and all my muscles relaxed with a long moan. Jeremy removed his fingers and let go of my wrists, allowing me to pull him down into me, feeling his hot chest against mine as we kissed again.

My pussy was still pulsing and sensitive, craving more, craving him. This time, I didn't have to reach down. Jeremy pulled his pants off and let his thick seven incher rest against my lower stomach for a few minutes while I regained my breathing and we kissed some more. Then I reached down and softly stroked his cock, feeling it jump in reaction to my touch. Once again, he pulled my hands up, but this time, instead of holding them above my head, he used both of his hands to lace his fingers through mine.

He then ceased kissing me for just a moment to look into my eyes. The sight I saw was one I'd never seen before, and I had a feeling my expression was the same: Love.

I closed my eyes as he came in and kissed me again, this time sweet and loving along with passionate and hot. Then I felt him enter me. He came in slowly, inch by inch, until he was completely inside me and I had to break our kiss to breathe. "Oh God, Jeremy. Oh yes." He very slowly pulled out, until only the tip was still in, and then reentered, only a little faster this time.

I held his hands tight in mine as he increased his speed and power with each thrust. With each stroke, I found my moans more and more uncontrollable, each one bringing on even more pleasure than the previous, until eventually I was screaming his name. He had to let go of one of my hands to hold my waist for leverage, and I used my free hand to intertwine my fingers in his wonderfully thick hair.

"Oh God, Clarise," he breathed against my neck. "I'm coming."

"Yes, Jeremy, yes! Come inside me!" He groaned in ecstasy with one last hard thrust and I felt his warm cum fill my pussy. Still holding my hand, he rested his head on my chest and I stroked his soft hair for a few minutes. When he had brought his breath back to a normal speed, he came up and kissed me like he always did before- sweet and loving. And then he smiled at me, a beautiful smile that made my heart stop.

In fact, my heart must have stopped, because for me to say this there's no way I was alive. "I love you, Jeremy."

For the second time that night, he was taken aback. But his shocked expression quickly faded into a soft smile that could have made time stop itself. "I love you too, Clarise."

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