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15 Minutes

I always have the shower on full blast and very hot with almost no cold water. Steam fills the room practically instantly. I step in and slide the frosted door shut. The water relaxes me immediately and I tilt my head to each side feeling the tension leave my shoulders as the heat penetrates and soothes. Reaching for my mint shampoo, I wash my long hair that seems to be growing an inch more each month. Of course I’m exaggerating, but I don’t even have time lately to keep it up and trimmed on a regular basis.

The scalding water softens my skin so it’s the perfect time to shave my legs, ankle to upper thigh, my cunt, and my underarms. I can’t stand stubble. Time now to reach for my vanilla shower gel and I pop the lid and squeeze some on my pink mesh sponge. The sweet scent floats in the room and makes me feel so comfortable like an old friend. I’ve been using vanilla shower gel for so long in my life I can’t imagine my skin not smelling like a warm waffle cone.

This is my private moment. The water envelopes me and this is my fifteen minutes of peace in my own home where I can escape. No kids. Nothing. Just me, for a precious stolen moment. I look at my shower massager. Hmmm, thinking as I lean against the tiled wall lathering my body with the sponge in slow circular motions. My mind wanders thinking of Him and my eyes close as I picture so clearly the man touching me. The image of his arms pinning me against the wall, leaning over me with his low voice and hot breath whispering in my ear that I’m his whore and fucktoy, makes my clit contract and tingle with excitement. Beads of water on my neck are his gentle kisses and my fingernails skim the side, along my artery, and scrape lower as I picture his tongue gliding down my smooth body. He looks up at me with a devilish grin and then greedily takes my full breast in his mouth, kissing, biting, and sucking alternately on each of my nipples till they are puckered and swollen. He suckles on my tits as the water cascades down like a tropical waterfall and my hands are on his head gripping him tightly with fingers threaded in his wet hair. I squeeze my breasts, giving each one of my nipples a hard pinch and rough twist making them distended and erect.

Moving lower, he places butterfly kisses down my stomach and lower still, till he reaches his prize. He grips my hips and pulls me towards his face, burying it deep in my wanting cunt. My fingers continue to roam and I let out a gasp as I plunge two of them deep inside my snug opening imagining it’s his tongue pushing in, then retreating; mercilessly teasing my clit and bringing me to the brink of a shattering orgasm. Juices coat my fingers and I pull them out and bring them to my lips to taste my sweetness. My body responds to my touch and my cunt is wet and ready for his hard cock.

Water rains down and skates off my body; droplets momentarily lingering, before dripping off my stiff nipples. I put the sponge back on the shower rack and reach for the shower massager. I unhook it and change the setting to pulse and aim the water stream directly on my clit. My breath increases and everything is quiet around me like a pitcher on the mound during a game. My only focus is him. I can only see him. Feel him. Touch him. Taste him. Smell him. My craving for him consumes me and I spread my legs further apart.

He ravages me. I’m pressed flat against the unforgiving surface and I move the massager directly on my clit like a hard cock, with relentless intensity, then slightly retreating, much like his rigid length sliding in and out of my tight slickness. The familiar vibration starts humming within. With his hand on my throat, he pounds my cunt and all I feel is pure heat. I’m on fire; burning inside like the scorching sun, even though water is falling on our bodies and we’re soaking wet. He bends his head down, staring directly in my eyes and his teeth nip at my lower lip, coaxing me to open my mouth. Our tongues passionately entwine and dance as he holds me firm and I wrap my right leg around his hip with my palms pressed against the wall as he doesn’t let up for a minute; pummeling my cunt, bruising it, and claiming it as his. With each powerful thrust of his cock I know that he is my Master. He owns me and possesses every part of me.

The orgasm takes hold and I cry out as the waves slam into me. I collapse forward half-bent and panting. I drop the massager, water haphazardly spraying the shower walls and my palms rest flat against the glass doors in front of me, as I try to regain my breath. My body still convulses and pulses as I envision his face. I can hear him in my mind growning and cumming hard, his hand gripping my throat as his cock releases and pumps his huge load in my waiting cunt. My fingers slide over my sensitive clit and I shiver from the sensation as I touch my own silky nectar which feels like lustrous pearls. I almost don’t want to clean my sweet cream glistening on my pussy lips and glazing my fingertips; washing the fantasy away and erasing it like some blank slate.

I bend down and grab the shower massager and hang it back in its place. With a surrendered sigh I turn off the water. I step out, and as I wrap my body in a towel, I hear the all too familiar fighting over a toy or something and I realize my fifteen minutes are up. I dry off, throw on my around-the-house clothes and go to the living room to return to my mom duties and take care of business. At least now; I can do it in a more relaxed state while wearing a secret smile on my face.

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