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A big boi up my behind (Chapter 16)

My sphincter was stretched out and the big boi was filling me up very nicely.

I have had quite a loooong life of anal sex. I started like 10 years ago when one day out of curiosity I found my prostate. I had stuck a finger up my ass and it landed on my "G" spot (prostate). At about the same time I discovered the nerve endings in my sphincter (boipussy).

In these ten years I have had quite an activity in my back door and today I enjoy both DP, from two women with dildoes and two men. I Have found that the warm sperm deposited in my insides provides me with quite an explosive orgasm. The special solo masturbation day was produced by the first time that I used our big, big dildo all by myself. The girls had been pegging me with it for a few weeks and this day was my first solo with the "monster".

To give you an idea of how big is this big boi, it is 10 inches long, which 9 and 3/4 is fully penetrable and it is 2 and 3/4 inches thick in diameter length or girth. Imagine a 12 oz can of soda. They are 2 and 1/4 diameter/girth measurement.

The big boi is plastic/rubber, flexible and soft. It really is a wonderfully love toll created by modern technology. It has a head which is slightly smaller and helps with the penetration and at the end are two fake balls and a suction cup that I connect to the outer walls of my bath tub.

Now, two very important preparation. 1) lube, lube, lube, lube, lube and 2) stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch. I can not leave outside that you have to have good lubrication on your sphincter and the sphincter has been thoroughly stretched out. If you do not take care of 1 and 2 you may have very painful tears on your sphincter which can generate heavy infections when Mother Nature comes calling.

OK, so far my story has been one of definitions and preparing the story.

After a good lubbing, I first insert my boipussy with my favorite small dildo. 6 inches long 1.75 inches girth. This one is the sophisticated fucker (SF). It penetrates easy, making the lips of my boipussy to begin their stretching out. My boypussy, after so many years, can take this SF without lube. But I still lube it to build a good lubrication for the next two guys. So, the  SF slides in with a very slow but sure penetrating effect and my pleasure begins to build with that first friction. I leave my SF still in my boipussy and twist around and sit on it. My boipussy is totally penetrated by this SF and I begin to move ever so slightly up and down on it. The SF starts really fucking me and passing through the "G" spot causing all kinds of sexual feelings inside of me. After a while I feel my orgasm coming and I actually explode. I cupped my sperm and eat it after it is all done.

I then provide my external  lips with movement to circularly stretch my lips. The next step in this sole adventure is a butt plug with three widening rings/circles. More lube. The bigger ring wide is what the big boi measures. Every ring/circle penetrating my boipussy is a total experience in itself. I leave the plug at the third ring/circle place and then I sit on it. The tip of the plug rests comfortably on my "G" spot which with very little moves causes me to get sexually excited and after a while I get my second orgasm of the solo night. This one because it is exactly out of the "G" spot manipulation is explosive, explosive, explosive.  Still for stretching purposes I leave that one on for a while. My boipussy is then ready for the big boi.  

More lube. The big boi is now "suction cup" to the outer wall of my bath tub. I sit on the floor and align my boipussy with the big boi. Move towards it , bring the big boi head slightly up so it is now at the door of my boipussy, apply a slight pressure and the head goes in. Oh man, what a sexual turn on is to feel that big boi inside my boipussy. I leave it there for about 10 seconds, or so, and little by little I push that big boi into my insides and the fucking I feel is out of any previous sexual experience. (A bit exaggerated here . . . . but the feeling is sexually OUTSTANDING). Millimeter by sexually delicious millimeter, the big boi goes in. My inside is so well penetrated that I almost orgasm from this penetration. By the way, this is why it goes slow. I delay my orgasm so that when it actually explodes is "KABOOM!!!!!". But wait, yes, it goes in slow. It also comes out slow. My ins and outs with the 10 incher is what makes my "KABOOM!!!" highly sexually pleasurable.

I have had already two explosive orgasms. This third one is like the explosion provided by the collision of the planets. (A bit exaggerated . . . ). While the orgasm is producing sexually pleasure of immensurable proportions, my biopsy lips press/release the big boil causing a great effect within the lips of my biopsy. Quite a solo masturbatory exercise.   

And since this story is being told after the fact of my solo night, I have had my SF inside me, I have been writing with it well positioned and exciting my "G" spot and I am about to have one of those SF orgasms I love so much.  I purchased a female thong which I use in reverse. The part to cover vaginas is covering my boipussy pressing the base of the SF and pushing it to my insides. I can have it almost all 24 hours of the day and I can walk with it without the SF falling off my boipussy. It stays there exciting me all day. I do stop several times a day to have my orgasms. I can go out shopping and have it on. I can be in a movie and have it inside me. The thong in reverse has been a great producer of funny orgasms in public. Give it a try.    

Any questions please PM me and or leave me a commentary. I will reply.     

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