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A Change Of Ideas

How a friend in need can often be a means to an End.
It had been a rather fun few days. What with meeting Candy and enjoying a fabulous romp on her Narrowboat, then the poolside fun with her, her friend Lucy and the latters' well hung footballer boyfriend. My cum count was soaring for the start of my stay in the U.K.

I couldn't resist the temptation to visit Candy at her upmarket sex toy and lingerie boutique when I found myself with unplanned hours to kill, even less a little wickedly enjoyable fucking in the backroom, before heading back to the train station.

After a boring journey on what is laughingly called first class in England, I spent a few days with the family before reassessing my travel plans. I hate having an itinerary to follow, preferring to keep things somewhat fluid.

Over a rare treat for breakfast, the 'full English' as most Brits would call it, I caught up on the news. Then my cellphone buzzed.

"Hi Sylvie, I hope you don't mind me calling, but I thought you should know that the shop is under threat of closure unless we can up the turnover figures. I know Candy is worried but she keeps it all inside, and I wondered if you might have any positive thoughts or ideas that might help."

Much as I was a little disappointed that Candy had not mentioned anything, I told Lucy I'd put on my thinking cap and call her back.

So, I began tossing over various possibilities in what passes for my brain. Discounting the majority, mentally ticking a couple as maybe's.

Then it hit me. It's a sex shop, right? So sex had to be a part of the solution.

And what does every shopper look for most? A bargain. A gift. A free offer. What if all of that were combined?

I was warming to the task quickly. The outline was fairly easy, it was the details that needed refining, and for that I needed a partner in 'crime'. Lucy! The perfect person.
I called her straightaway.

"Hi, it's Syl. I think I know a way of hiking your figures, at least for a day."

We giggled as I gave Lucy the bare bones, and she agreed to do her bit, though I swore her to silence where Candy was concerned.

She said she'd do her bit regarding the advanced publicity, as well as persuading her soccer star fella to help out too. Much as she was a little reticent with certain aspects regarding the strict legalities. But all's fair in love and turnover figures n'est-ce pas?

All these wickedly naughty thoughts had me rather horny by now. My hand had drifted almost imperceptibly into the crux of my bare thighs. Yes, I was sat in my sisters kitchen virtually naked and teasing my sodden snatch. A good job she'd left right after cooking breakfast, I mused.

As those that know me will know, when Syl wants to cum, she does! And to hell with the surroundings. It's really quite amazing I've not been arrested for public indecency before now, though it has come alarmingly close to it. Hiking my left leg over the arm of the chair, my head tossed backwards, my fingers went eagerly to work. Stoking the burning fire between the already sticky flesh of my legs. Churning into my now dripping cauldron as she oozed her warm viscous nectar. Eyes closed as I surrendered to the blissful release that only a really good orgasm can give. The squishy sounds of my fingers sloshing in and out mixing with the low feral moans from deep within my throat making their own sweet symphony as I shook and quivered at the zenith of my climax.

Only when I was coming down from the high a few minutes later did I realise I was no longer alone. Shit! I'd completely forgotten my sisters' young lodger was still in the house. She was still in bed, or so I thought.

I heard a soft whimpering behind me. Turning my head I saw her there, in the doorway, leaning against the wall. Her T-shirt not really covering her pussy. Nipples sticking out like granite points and her glistening fingers the proof that she'd not only been there a while, but wasn't insusceptible to enjoying another woman pleasuring herself.

"Hi Nini," I finally managed to gulp. Her real name is Virginia, but had been nicknamed Nini almost since birth.

"I'm sorry about that, but I was so horny, and didn't realise you were up and about."

"No need to be sorry Sylvie. I rather enjoyed watching."

Her wicked smile and the way she gently waved her still wet fingers at me reminding me of myself at her age. The minx!

We both collapsed in laughter as I poured fresh tea.

"When do you leave us?" she asked. I sensed an undertone of regret when I announced it would be later that day. Perhaps as well, as her nubile eighteen summers old bod was not without its temptations. And as the late Oscar Wilde put it so succinctly, "I can resist all but temptation."

After a brief chat with Nini, I scooted upstairs to shower and pack. Checked and booked train tickets back to Candy and Lucy's stylish filth emporium, called Lucy to put her in the picture, and then my sister to say thanks and au revoir. Slotted my feet into the new Choo's I'd bought the day before checking the appearance in the mirror, yep, fuckable as ever. I giggled to myself and set off for the train station, with the deliciously dirty design of my plan for the shop flashing around at warp factor three in my head.

To Be Continued

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