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A Chat With Maxine

The first in a series. Slow starting but stick with it!
‘Fancy a drink at lunch time?’ Max asked, as she flopped into her chair.

‘I can’t, I’ve got a lunch meeting with a client.’ I answered.

‘After work then?’ Max suggested, ‘I need to moan at someone and you’re a good listener.’

‘You’re buying then!’ I smiled packing my laptop and heading for the door, ‘Back at three.’

The meeting went on a little longer than I thought and I didn’t get back to the office until 5pm. I expected Max to have left as her working day ended at 4:30pm but she was sitting at her desk, browsing Ebay, when I walked back in.

‘I was just about to give up on you.’ Max said, as I dumped my laptop on the
desk and pulled my tie off.

‘I thought you would have, you must really need to talk at me,’ I laughed,
‘The George then?’

‘No, it will be full of people we know. Can we go somewhere remoter?’
Max asked.

‘Well the pub near my flat is always quiet on a Wednesday evening and
they serve decent food if you want to eat.’ I suggested.

‘And you can get pissed and crawl home.’ Max laughed.

‘I never crawl, it’s so undignified!’ I said, ‘I get my friends to push me home in a shopping trolley when I pass out.’

We left the building and Max followed me home in her car, parking in my spare parking space at the flat.

‘Do you mind if I change first?’ I asked, pointing towards the flats, It won’t take two minutes.’

Max nodded and we walked up to my first floor flat. I left Max in the living room looking through my music collection and hurriedly changed into jeans and a t-shirt in my bedroom. When I walked back in, she was studying an old UFO LP.

‘Can I listen to this before we go out?’ Max asked.

‘Sure, do you want a drink?’ I asked, ‘Beer, wine or vodka?’

‘A glass of red would be nice.’ Max answered, as she figured out how to
work my stereo.

I got the drinks and we sat on the sofa. Max sipped her wine and looked around the room. I was beginning to get worried as Max never has problems talking to me about her problems.

‘OK, what’s wrong?’ I finally asked.

‘Have you ever had a partner ask for kinky sex, totally out of the blue?’ Max said quietly, her cheeks going red.

‘Define what you consider to be kinky.’ I replied, ‘How extreme are we talking and are we talking about something Matt has asked you?’

‘Oh, no! It’s me that’s asked Matt!’ Max laughed, ‘I wondered how you’d react to the question, to see if Matt’s reaction was normal!’

‘What was his reaction and what the hell did you ask him?’ I said

‘He said I was disgusting and people who did that kind of thing were perverts.’

‘What did you ask him?’ I laughed.

‘I asked him if he’d like me to dress up in a backless PVC dress, let him tie me up and take me roughly. Vanessa sent me the URL of an adult toy shop she found and I was looking at it over the weekend.’ Max explained.

‘I know the dress you mean. One of my harem has one. Have you and Matt never discussed your fantasies before?’

Max smiled at my use of her word for my lady friends. The way Max talks about my sex life, you’d think I have women all over the UK just waiting for me to call and pleasure them but in reality I have regular sex with one woman and infrequent sex with a second.

‘I don’t think he has any. Actually I don’t think I’ve ever had any until I looked through the sex shop web site!’ Max grinned.

‘So, is he still pissed off?’ I asked.

‘Matt doesn’t do pissed off. He’s forgotten about it already.’ Max said, ‘Which is more annoying than him blowing his top. I want a bit of passion and excitement in bed and he’s not giving me it.’

‘You sound like Debbie.’ I said referring to the infrequent member of my “harem”.

‘Is she the married one?’ Max asked.

‘Yes she’s a married woman, has two kids, a nice house, a good job and a very dull husband. Sex twice a week in the missionary position and not enough foreplay is her description of herself.’

‘Sounds like me without the kids. What does she do about it?’ Max asked.

‘Has kinky sex with me in hotels mostly. Oh, and her rabbit vibrator keeps her from going postal at home.’

‘Is she the one with the backless dress?’ Max asked.

‘No, that’s Joanne. Debbie likes to be naked and dominant.’ I said, teasing Max.

‘I need more wine and I’m driving.’ Max pouted.

‘Well I’m not taking you home drunk. Matt might get all disappointed at me.’ I said.

‘He’s on a plane, heading for Hong Kong at the moment. If I get drunk, can I crash here?’ Do you have a spare room?’ Max asked.

‘You’re sat on the spare bed!’ I answered, filling her wine glass up, ‘Make yourself comfortable and tell me all about your new found fantasies. Feel free to take clothing off as you see fit.’

‘I’ll need a few more before I’m ready for that and my clothes stay on!’ Max laughed, ‘You tell me about your harem for a bit.’

‘What do you want to know? They’re both married, one in an open relationship, one not. One I see once or twice a week, the other once a month. Both like kinky sex but one is learning to be a dom and the other a sub.’

Max looked at me with her mouth open. I figured she wasn’t used to people talking about sex in such a casual manner. I smiled at her and wiggled my eyebrows to make her laugh.

‘Let’s get Joanne out of the way first. I used to work with her and her husband, at my last company. We used to go out for lunch time drinks together and I used to flirt with Joanne and talk bikes with Steve, her husband. When I started going out with Carol, my ex, we used to get together for a meal a couple of times a month, as a foursome. That led to us spending Saturday nights at their place, getting drunk and playing a computer drinking/sex game called 'Four Play'. We got more adventurous with the dares and finally ended up shagging in the same room as each other. That went on for a couple of months before we experimented with swapping partners. Carol shied away from that after the first time and eventually decided she didn’t like the whole scene or me for that matter and left me. Joanne and Steve invited me over to drown my sorrows and we ended up having a threesome.’

I paused for breath and took a drink of my beer. Max was looking at me in wonder, but didn’t say anything.

‘The threesomes became a regular Saturday night thing for us and I also started to see Joanne on her own on a Thursday night when Steve went out with his mates. With Steve’s knowledge of course.’

‘So you still have threesomes with them?’ Max clarified.

‘Yes I do, most Saturday nights and sometimes during the week. We’re very close friends because of that.’

‘Do they do the same with anyone else?’

‘No, they tried swinging with other couples and a single woman but couldn’t relax and enjoy it as much as we do together,’ I said.

‘Wow!’ Max said, deep in thought, ‘How does it work then? Do you take it in turns with Joanne or do you both touch her at the same time?’

‘You’re going to be shocked if I go into detail Max. Are you sure our friendship is ready for this?’ I asked seriously.

‘Just knowing you do that is a shock, let alone the details!’ Max laughed, ‘I think I’m OK with it.’

‘Joanne likes us together. She says she likes to be surrounded by hairy men! Usually one of us is shagging her and the other kissing and licking her or getting a blowjob but sometimes she asks for DP.’ I said, watching Max’s face.

‘DP?’ Max asked.

‘Double penetration. One in her fanny, one in her bum.’ I explained watching Max’s face go red as she realised what I meant.

‘Oh my!’ Max said, ‘Oh God! That sounds intense. Who does her bum? Or do you take it in turns? I take it she enjoys it?’

‘We take it in turns and she loves it.’ I laughed.

‘Wow!’ Max said.

‘I’m guessing you’ve never had anal sex?’ I said.

‘No, never. I’ve never had a boyfriend who’s asked to do it either. I mean, I know some people do it; my best friend once moaned about her boyfriend taking her up the bum by mistake once, but I didn’t know women actually enjoyed it.’ Max said in a rush.

‘You have led a sheltered life!’ I smiled, ‘You’re going to explode if I tell 
you the rest.’

‘There’s more than that?’ Max cried.

‘Steve is bisexual.’ I hinted.

‘You’ve not!’ Max started.

‘Joanne dared me to shag Steve once when she had her period.’ I said, ‘So I did. Then I let him shag me.’

‘But you’re straight!’ Max protested without thought, ‘You said you were, when Brian asked.’

‘Well I am. I don’t particularly find men attractive and wouldn’t want to go out with a guy. I went with Steve because Joanne asked and I like having my bum fucked.’ I explained, probably making things worse.

‘But how did you know you like it if you’re straight?’ Max asked confused.

‘Straight men like things in their bum too you know. Actually you probably didn’t know! I found out at college when a girl I was having a one night stand with pushed her fingers in me, as she gave me a blow job. The feeling is intense because men have a g-spot in the bum. I’ve
had a couple of other girlfriends finger me or fuck me with a vibrator since then and used a butt plug quite a lot when I wank. Debbie, who we shall come to in a minute, fucked me with a strapon dildo the first night we met and I’d been dying to try it with a guy ever since.’

‘And you got your opportunity with Steve?’ Max clarified.

‘Yep, that night we shagged each other twice and had a 69 although I have to admit that having a cock in my mouth doesn’t do much for me but it isn’t unpleasant. Having a cock in my bum while I’m fucking a woman is the ultimate though. Totally fantastic sex!’ I said, realising that I was a bit drunk and had got carried away.

‘Oh my God!’ Max said, ‘Do you do that a lot then?’

‘Most Saturday nights. I’ve even had sex with Steve on our own a couple of times. The first time he turned up here one Thursday evening when Joanne was away on a course. He walked in, stripped off, we sucked each other for a bit then fucked and he left. We hardly said a word. The other time I gave him a lift home from the airport at 11 o’clock one night, 
when Joanne was away from home. We’d been talking about the local dogging spot the last time we met and decided to drive up there and have a look.’

‘Dogging? What’s that?’ Max interrupted.

It’s a place where people meet to watch each other shag. Or join in depending on what they want. We drove to the car park in a quiet wood, walked into it and found it was a gay pick up spot. There were groups of men fucking all over the place. We found a picnic table and I fucked Steve while 6 men wanked off watching us.’

‘Bloody hell! Did you like that?’ Max asked in bewilderment.

‘I got a thrill out of it but Steve wasn’t comfortable. Probably because he was the one bent over. He thought the guys who were watching might want to have a go at him and he couldn’t relax.’

I stopped talking and drank my beer, watching Max. I wondered if she was embarrassed, shocked or even turned on. Her nipples were erect and pressing against her top and her cheeks were flushed. I decided she was probably a little bit of all three!

‘Are you ready to tell me about your fantasies then?’ I asked quietly.

‘I have no idea but I’m going to try. I don’t think I’m going to be able to follow those revelations though!’ Max blushed, ‘I don’t know where to begin!’

‘Let me ask you questions then. Have you ever had sex with another woman?’ I said leaning forward towards Max.

‘I snogged my best mate for a dare at a party at University. We used tongues and a bit of boob and bum squeezing.’ Max admitted.

‘Did you enjoy it?’

‘Not really. There were too many people in there and it was nothing serious.’

‘Would you go with a woman?’ I asked.

‘I like to think I’d give it a go. I’ve met women I’ve found sexually attractive, so there’s a spark there I think. I’ve fantasised about women when I masturbate. Mostly it’s a woman watching me masturbate and playing with herself at the same time. There was a rumour that two girls at school used to do that with each other and the idea always turned me on.’

‘So you do masturbate?’ I asked.

‘More than I have sex and always alone. Matt doesn’t like to watch me; I think it offends his manhood or something. He doesn’t know I have a rabbit vibrator hidden in the spare room. I suffer from insomnia and quite often sleep in the spare room. I use it then and when Matt is out playing golf.’

‘Do you cum when you masturbate? Actually do you come when you have sex with Matt?’ I asked.

‘Always and infrequently. I can make myself cum with my fingers really easily. The rabbit can give me multiple orgasms if I’m in the house on my own and I’m able to take my time. Actually, when I get the time to do that I spend more time and more preparation than I do when I have sex with Matt,’ Max admitted.

‘Oh yes? Like what?’ I asked, intrigued.

‘I have a bath and pamper myself for a bit then I stand in front of a full length mirror and rub baby oil all over my body. Then I sit on a chair in front of the mirror and watch myself playing with my clitoris. When I’m ready I use the vibrator on myself watching it slide in and out in the mirror until I cum.’ Max said softly.

‘Nice image.’ I smiled, ‘Have you ever dressed up for sex?’

‘Masturbation or real sex?’ Max asked smiling.

‘Tell me all,’ I smiled.

‘I used to dress up in stockings, suspender belt and high heels for a guy I was seeing, just before I met Matt. I only ever wore them in the bedroom though, so I never got much out of it. I switched from tights to hold up stockings last year and found I got a thrill from wearing them when I was masturbating in front of the mirror.’

‘How did you find that out? Did you dress up for yourself?’ I asked.

‘No, we were at a wedding, so I was dressed up in a long silk skirt and blouse. I went up to the hotel room between the end of the reception and the start of the evening do to put our camera away and caught site of myself in the mirror. I figured I looked really good in my new outfit and I was posing.’

‘I remember the pictures you showed me, that skirt is very sexy on you.’ I said.

‘I thought that too! I was a little drunk and obviously a little horny. Before I’d really thought about it I’d taken the skirt and my panties off and I was sat on a chair in front of the mirror masturbating. I had my legs hanging over the arms of the chair and the sight of my high heels dangling and my naked middle made me cum quicker than I’ve ever done before. I guess if I was doing it properly it would have been a knee trembler with Matt but he was away on business so I had to DIY! Probably good that I did actually because I got chatted up by a friend of the groom later that night and had I not relieved myself I think I would have shagged him!’

‘Maybe you should have an affair. It works for Debbie.’ I suggested.

‘I don’t know about that. I do love Matt, I’m just bored with him. I want him to bend me over the back of the sofa and shag me senseless, not a stranger.’ Max said.
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