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A Cumweek - Day 1

Whole week cumming
This series of stories is dedicated to My love Linda.

The Challenge here was to cum every day of this week. The Inspiration we got from Erotic talk over the phone, dirty thoughts about each other, adult videos and pictures.

Characters involved in this series are Linda, Frank, Linda's dad, Mature lady and her boy, our friend, passing by women.


When I called Linda yesterday and she was going to work, we had a nice talk while driving. We did not have enough time to touch ourselves, as I was busy shopping and she was in rush to go to work.

We spoke about our hugs and love weeks, but we were feeling little hot after we teased each other on the phone. What a fantastic idea she came up with – A cum week.

Boy! I was already aroused by her voice and her loving teasing words, but when she proposed this plan, it made me think naughty.

Before hanging up on the phone, I asked her if she could touch herself in the office, since it was Sunday, and not many people would be around.

Her answer made me hard in my pants; my pants had a bulge, and it was being pushed by my shaft. I kept my fingers on my bulge and rubbed gently, though I knew I couldn’t have done much, because I was in the parking lot with people coming and going.

We hung up the phones, but she lingered on my mind all the time. I was thinking of her touching herself in the office while sitting on her chair.

The pictures of the office that she had sent me the previous week, were giving me vivid images of how she must be sitting in the chair and how she would be touching herself.

After I went home from shopping, I had chores to do. When I finished my lunch and logged on to the computer to check her emails, I had these naughty rather dirty offline messages from her.

She wrote “Hey my sexy lover!!! *with my hand behind your head pull you close to kiss you long and deep exploring your mouth with my tongue*

Baby my love, I have one very happy ass today after what you did to it last night *wink* but baby my love, my ass is missing your lap.

I want to sit on your lap and wriggle my ass while my nipples poke your chest. I want to ride your hard cock; I want to feel your tip parting my pussy lips and want to feel you stuffing my pussy with your cock.”

Without blinking my eyes, I kept reading her offlines. They started to make my cock melt inside my pants.

She further wrote “I want to look in your eyes while we slowly fuck; I want to see the lust, the passion, and the need. I want you to tell me how much you want this; I want you to tell me to fuck you.

My love, I am so wet... here I am, sitting at my desk, and I'm rubbing my pussy through my pants. I want you love.”

As I was reading, my hand slowly reached down to the bulge. With my thumb I started touching it through the pants.

I continued the reading...

“ S…E….X….. love! That’s the only thing I'm going to think about today, and I want to make love to you. I want to take you to the back where we can watch the traffic passing by.

I want to suck your cock and make you very hard before you take me there where we could be caught by anyone looking up and seeing what we are doing.

Love my love I WANT YOU! I want you so much. I LOVE YOU!”

This totally drove me insane. I know when we make love we are always slow and take lot of time before we discuss sex. However these IMs were completely different, they were full of sexual words.

This was hot; my cock was completely hard and my pole was pointing north. I wanted to get as dirty as she got, I did not want to deviate from the topic.

I knew this week was going to be a cum week for real and we would be getting dirty, dirtier and dirtiest.

Without stopping even for a minute, I replied to her with dirty tongue and hard cock.

“That’s so hot love!

I am fucking hot, knowing how my tip is parting your pussy. You can describe it well baby.

If you can see and imagine my cock now, it’s rock hard. I want to fuck you near the window, where not everyone will see us but I expect at least one person to look and watch us from there. We pretend we did not see them and we keep giving them a show.

Baby baby, I love you and want to fuck you more and more

I want to cum for you a few times today hehe

I love you!”

Reading again what I had on the whole screen, I wanted to pull my cock out and masturbate for her, thinking of her spreading her legs under the table, with her hands rubbing her hot flesh.

This was not only keeping me hard but also making my pee hole wet. I opened her picture on my screen and started the sex video that we both watched together last time.

I was slowly touching myself through my pants. As the girl in the video unzipped the man’s pants, I unzipped my pants and pulled it out; I sat with my legs stretched in the bed.

I was watching the hot video while thinking of us in that video. “Oh Linda, you are awesome” I said to myself.

I could see my cock pushing my undies and there was pre cum. I slid my undies down just a bit, letting my cock peep out from top side, circling my cock tip and playing with pre cum.

I was drifted with her thoughts; I was seeing her in my mind, and I was seeing her in the screen.

My thoughts were completely dirty now, I was seeing her fingering her pussy, spreading her pussy lips with one hand and with other her fingers, circling her clit.

Baby baby, this was turning me all hot. I did not turn the fan on as I wanted to remain sweaty.

I pulled my undies further down. Now I was getting a view of the whole length of my cock.

The girl in the video was already sucking the cock of her partner. “Linda, suck my cock, it feels so good, you are my little sucker baby” I said to myself with a moan.

I started to jerk my cock, feeling the skin of my flesh in my hand slowly, but in a rhythm, thinking how Linda would have sucked my cock with her wet mouth.

I wanted to cum and I was just waiting for the man in the video to moan and cum so I could imagine Linda making me cum.

Watching how the girl was sucking the cock while jerking it in her hand, I sped up as the video was coming to an end. The man was moving his hips faster now, fucking the girl’s mouth wildly.

I was not able to hold it any longer; I started to masturbate rapidly with my right hand, and with my left hand clicked forward on the video, stopping the video where he was about to cum.

He was moaning loudly, the girl was looking at him while still pulling his cock in and out of her mouth.

He pushed her head firmly on his cock and his body trembled. I let myself go and ejaculated my hot sperm on my stomach.

Linda was on my mind as I watched the man’s juices flowing out of girl’s mouth. His sperm slid down her lips then down her chin to neck.

“Linda oh Linda, you look so beautiful, I love you my love. I love you sucking me, and now is your turn to cum for me baby” I whispered to myself as I wiped off my juices on my pants.

Day 2 cumming soon.

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