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A Day At Your Office...

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Hiding under your desk and giving you a sweet surprise.

A Day At Your Office...

After you ravish my sweetness and explode deep inside of me, I slide down under your desk to try to catch my breath.   Curled up, using my crossed arms and resting my head on your feet, you smile at me since you wore me out!   You get your pants right and sit there for a few minutes trying to get your mind back to business.


You hear my soft breathing and decide to let me get a few winks.   It is a slow day for you and you don't really expect anyone in your office before the end of the day.   Since we had such a late lunch and with it being Friday, you are fairly certain it will be okay for me to stay.


You begin working, stopping every once in a while to look down and smile at the picture I make, curled up at your feet with a sexy smile on my sweet lips, I must be dreaming of what we just shared.   You hear the door open and OMG, your partner walks in and you freeze.   You must have jerked your feet because you feel me stirring and you are trying not to panic, thinking I will say something and he might hear me.


I feel you going tense, so I figure it out and remain very, very quite and still.   Your partner must have a lot to say because he sits in the chair on the other side of your desk and starts talking to you.   Deciding it is about someone important; I just can't help but to tease you a little.   You are talking so seriously that I get naughty and reach up to caress your cock gently.   I hear your voice stutter and stop, and then you clear your throat and push my hand away.


Your partner asks you if you are okay and you just say you have a tickle in your throat.   You glance down at me and I smile and wink at you and you frown and glare down at me.   Accidentally knocking over some papers, you bend down and growl at me to "stop it"!   This of course only makes me want to torture you more...


You start to stand up and your partner tells you to sit down, he wants to go over something and it will take some time so just relax.   I sit up under your desk quietly and take off my blouse and then my sexy red lace bra, letting my big soft breasts spill out.   I push your chair a little farther back from your desk and you act natural and cross your legs with your ankle on your knee.   Your visitor is busy looking at some papers in front of him so you keep stealing quick glances at me as I start to caress my breasts for you.  


Closing my eyes and pinching my nipples and then squeezing them together, knowing you are watching me sometimes is getting me excited.   Being the naughty woman I am, I start to lower one hand across my tummy and I see your eyes widen.   You cannot believe what I am going to do as I slowly spread my legs and prop my feet up on the feet of your chair.   I hear you swallow loudly and your partner asks again if you are okay.   Your answer comes out kind of squeaky and you cough and answer him more firmly that you are fine.


You see me smiling and then your partner gets a telephone call and while he sits sideways, looking away from you and out the window, your eyes latch onto what I am doing under your desk.   You see my fingers running through my curls and then spreading my pussy lips so you can see them glistening, I am sooooo hot and wet for you baby.   You stare as I first slide one finger in deeply and then you watch it as it comes out all wet and shiny.   I bring it up to my mouth and lick it off and then suck on it making your cock start to harden in your pants.  


I reach back down and while spreading my pussy lips with one hand, the fingers on my right hand start to make small circles on my hard little clit and you see me lifting my ass and rotating it against my fingers.   My eyes are closed and you are hoping that I remain quite but you are wondering if I can, knowing me and how hard I will explode.   Your partner is yelling at someone on the phone and you hear me whimper, glancing at him, he appears not to hear me and with all the noise he is making, I am getting more and more excited.


You see me biting my lip hard and watch my hand flying faster and faster, first pressing and moving quickly over my sensitive little clit, then plunging into my pussy.   You can actually see my pussy clenching around the two fingers that are being shoved inside of me and how I am starting to tremble.   Your cock is throbbing and you reverently wish that your partner would stay on the phone for a while so you can be sure to see what happens next.


I open my eyes and you see the ecstasy there as I gaze deeply into your eyes as my orgasm rips through me, making me shudder and you look down just in time to see my pussy open up and my sweet, hot juices start to gush and squirt out of me over and over and over again.   Seeing my hand moving faster and faster and my juices pooling under me, your shaking hand reaches down to feel my nipple bead at the same time I am exploding all over.


I shudder and go still, opening my glazed eyes and smile at you very sensually.   You shake your head at me and with a big hard achy cock you look up to see that your partner is about done with his call.   You try to slow down your heartbeat and hope your voice comes out steady as you feel me pulling your chair under the desk farther.


You partner gives you his attention and tells you that you look flushed, is the A/C broken?   You say that you are okay and he resumes talking to you.   You think that I will be a good girl now that I have tortured you, but you are not that lucky.   You almost jump out of your chair when you feel my hand on your cock, but then act like your leg had a cramp and laugh nervously and settle back down.   I grin up at you and then spreading your legs, against your will as you try to keep them together, almost making you laugh out loud.


Finally getting my way, as usual, your legs are spread and you are leaning forward with your arms crossed on top of your desk.   You feel my hot little hand caressing your hardness and running my fingers up and down the length, and then tickling your balls lightly.   You squirm and your partner tells you to pay attention.   Sitting at the edge of your chair, I have full access.   Not giving you any mercy, I get on my knees and the next thing you feel is my hot breath and even hotter mouth opened and pressed against your throbbing cock.  


I cannot resist and my hot, wet tongue starts to lick and you push me away gently but I am bound and determined to make you cum while you are talking with your partner.   I hear a couple more people walk into your office and under the cover of the noise they are making, I quickly unzip your pants and your cock springs free.   Hard and throbbing, just like I like it.   You have realized that I will continue so you are trying to keep your breathing level and your eyes open, trying to enjoy, but not too much.   A hard feat since my mouth has just sucked your cock inside of its wet heat and you are feeling my tongue swirl round and round it.   I feel your legs twitching and shaking and I start to suck faster and harder, taking your cock deeper in my mouth.


All of a sudden, your partner gets another call and stands up and says he must leave immediately and the other two leave with him.   I know you are about there and since they are gone now, I start to hum loudly and the vibrations along with you finally being able to close your eyes and let loose are your undoing.   You grab my head and hold me still as you start to erupt violently.   Swallowing again and again, milking your cock while you are shooting load after load of your hot creamy cum down my throat, you moan loudly over and over again. 

After licking up every drop and kissing your cock gently, I put him back into your pants and you are breathing hard so I let you try to catch your breath.   Knowing that you will probably spank me for what I did to you while your partner was there.   I wiggle into my panties and crawl out and cuddle up on your lap, kissing your sweet lips and telling you that you had me soooooo hot I could not help it and you should not be mad at me.


You grab my face between your hands and kiss my lips, smiling at me and telling me that you can never be mad at me because I always leave you so weak and sated and it drives you crazy but you love it!  I smile, grab your hand and we leave for the weekend, wondering what we are going to do for the next two days...


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