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A Lonely Weekend

A Lonely Weekend

While the cat's away, the mouse will play. And play, and play, and play...

We're together 24/7. Seriously. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, except for those occasions when one or both of us are away at work. But every night, without fail, you're back in my arms and I'm all yours. So why is it that the lust and fantasies seem to spill over the most when I know I can't have you?

I've always been an independent girl. I like being in relationships. Sure, I enjoy the security, but I don't need it. But right now, I need you. Only you.

I'm getting restless, so I stretch out on our couch and try to find something on TV to occupy my mind. How long have you been away now? Twenty-four, maybe thirty-six hours? Is that all?

Nothing new on Netflix, not in the mood to binge a Hulu series, I don't have the attention span for an HBO movie right now. I absentmindedly slip my shorts and t-shirt off over my petite, curvy frame. Is it hot in here? I thought I turned the thermostat down a few degrees... My shorts pool on the floor around my polished toes.

Back on the couch, I plug my phone charger in. Maybe something on Facebook will entertain me. But no, there are no new photos or memes. My mind starts to wander, and without thinking, I open my recent search history. That red banner at the top of the page appears. I browse to see if there are any new stories that have been added.


As my eyes scan page after page, story after story, my restlessness heightens. But this isn't the release that I need. I sweep my long ombré brown hair into a pile on top of my head. Wisps frame my face, and a few tendrils fall loosely between my tattooed shoulder blades. My nails lightly scrape my scalp, setting all of my nerves on edge.

I walk through our empty apartment and I catch my naked reflection in the full-length mirror. My eyes flicker over my freshly shaven pussy, up the hourglass of my waist, and come to rest on my 36DD breasts, swollen and aching for your touch. I continue through the apartment, lightly pinching and rolling my nipples between manicured fingernails.

The bathroom fogs and steams up immediately as I switch the water on. I climb in, equipped with an arsenal of toys, lubes, and oils.

I close my eyes and let the scalding water cascade down my body. Rivulets fall surreptitiously between my breasts and over my pierced belly button to meet the anxiously awaiting target between my legs. Despite the temperature of the water, chills course through my body and I pucker with goose bumps.

Massage oil drips over my nipples, and I trace the droplets down my body to my slit. Without hesitation, my fingers go to work. I know what my body longs for, but my nails dance past my sensitive, swollen lips without giving my clit the attention it so desperately craves. I slip one, then two fingers inside. Yes... oh yes.

I know it won't take me long, but I want to prolong this pleasure.

I add our favorite purple vibrator to the mix. In and out, it lovingly caresses my G spot, as I imagine your tongue and fingers going to work on me instead. Once in to the hilt, I turn the vibrations up to the max and shudder at the sweet, sweet intensity. I'm shaking, and I'm ready to cum.

But no, not yet.

Adding more of our favorite lube, I pick a black set of beads and lightly tease my puckered hole. Desperately longing for both my holes to be filled to the brim, I insert one, then two, then all of the beads with a pop!

I cry out at the perfect mixture of pleasure and pain. Oh, how I long for your touch instead.

The fullness and the vibrations are almost too much! As my knees lock with pleasure, my entire body overcome by my impending orgasms, I blindly grab for another toy.


The small pink egg is exactly what my begging clit is waiting for! Already dripping from the oils and the shower's spray, I need little more invitation. With vibrations on full blast, I tease my clit once, twice, yes!

That's the spot. Right. There.

I increase speed, maximize pressure, and finally let myself go. My eyes squeeze shut, my body tenses up, and a primal cry emits from my throat as my body ripples with wave after wave after wave of pleasure. I'm cumming. I'm cumming so hard for you. It's almost too much to handle. I keep pressure on my clit, tight circles of sweet vibration directly on my throbbing little nub, as long as I can before my legs clench together and the toys slip from my dripping fingers.

Cum home to me soon, my love. I'll be dried off and ready for round two so very soon.


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