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A Morning Delight

A female masturbation story written in the first person. I hope you all enjoy!
With an abrupt jolt I am awoken from my dream. Instantly forgetting what the dream had been about but just as quickly sad to have left its warm embrace, I register the neighbour’s car, coughing and spluttering in the driveway. So that's what is depriving me of my sleep!

Gazing at the alarm clock I see it is 7.45, an hour earlier than I had planned to wake up. In a haze I roll onto my back, my head settling into the lush pillow where it had been resting, my auburn hair flowing around me. I can feel a slight morning chill in the air, and before I pull up my duvet I feel a stiffening of my nipples and can feel them pushing into my baby blue tank top.

I have owned this top since high school, a present from my first boyfriend, and whilst it is now way too short and tight to wear out in public, I still love sleeping in it. I love the way my 32C boobs fill it out, and for an old throwaway shirt, guys never fail to make their pleasure at seeing me in it known.

Against my wishes to fall back asleep I feel my morning horniness beginning to creep through me. My nipples rub agonisingly against my shirt and I savour the way the chill of the air juxtaposes the rising heat within me.

I breath deeply, sinking further into my bed as my right hand begins to stroke my stomach. I play with my belly button, slowly working my hand along the toned centre of my stomach, flicking the bottom of my top. My thumb pushes further and further up with my little finger still circling my belly button, and my skin to begins to prickle as my breathing increases.

Without conscious thought my left hand slips down my side and presses the crotch of my pink tartan pyjama bottoms into my glowing mound. I feel my trimmed auburn pubes rasp against the cotton, and my wetness grows causing the material to stick and achingly peel off my moist folds. 

 Nibbling my bottom lip and starting to roll my hips up and down, my right hand makes its way under my shirt, cupping my breast. Gazing down, seeing the fabric moving as the hand underneath massages my breast, the hand almost looks foreign. I imagine a stranger has found their way into my bed in the night and is now bringing me to life in the morning.

With a quick upward movement I raise my upper body and pull my top over my head. I carelessly fling it into the centre of the room as my hair settles about my shoulders. I hook my thumbs under the waist band of my pyjamas and push them down, exposing my wet pussy. I wriggle my hips and draw up my feet, gripping the material between my toes I pull them down, then kick out of them, pushing them to the end of the bed.

As my feet undress me of my pyjama bottoms, I bring both hands up my body. My pussy is crying out to be touched and I delight in depriving it. Teasing myself, I begin to play with my tits, taking a nipple in one hand between my fore finger and thumb and I squeeze it as I massage the other in the palm of my hand.

The nipple between my fingers responds to the pressure, aching delightfully. I squeeze harder, twisting a little, causing a sharper pain. My brain tells me to stop, but my body can take more and so I continue to push myself. I pinch and twist then release and the internal battle subsides for a moment before my other hand grasps my other nipple and the torment begins again. This time, though, I twist and pull both nipples. The sensation doubles and I kick my feet in protest as my pussy throbs.

My mind floods with desire; my sex crying out to be touched. I raise my left thigh and cross it over the right, squeezing them together, offering any kind of friction I can to my aching clit. I cry out breathlessly as the sensation of pain shoots through my nipples. A tear forms in my eye and I bite my bottom lip, perversely adding to the pain rather than alleviating it. The tear then rolls down my cheek, and I feel its exact path on my face. All my senses are heightened as it runs across the tiny imperfections of my delicate, smooth skin and tickles my ear lobe before eventually being absorbed into my hair.

It is too much, my mouth is now dry as if all moisture has flooded to my wet pussy. I release my nipples and my right hand races down my body, pushing between my thighs, fighting my left thigh from squeezing into me more. I almost don’t believe I will allow myself to finally end the torment of not giving my wet folds their due attention and my pussy is savouring the little pressure my thigh has been providing.

The instant my fingers hit the top of my now damp, thick, short brown pubes, my legs relent, spreading like a flower. The scent from my juices fill the air with the seductive scent of sex. Suddenly, a prolonged moan cuts through everything, deafening yet distant as finally my fingers meet my clit.

My middle finger pushes down and my juices soak it as my labia enfolds around. My finger then curls up seeking the bud and then flicks over it, into it, scissoring it between my fore and middle finger. I cry out again. My left hand runs through my hair, gripping it into a ball, pulling then releasing. My face turns and presses into my open hand; I bite the base of my thumb. I grip my hair again and I bury my face into my pillow.

My pussy is on fire. I feel my climax racing toward me and I agonisingly cry out for it. My left hand joins my right, slipping below it and two fingers slide into my pussy. The walls of my pussy are so hot and sensitive, welcoming the fingers in a tight embrace, every moment of their entry gloriously savoured.

At a pace which matches the rise and fall of my hips I finger my pussy. My moans grow louder as I relish the thrusts of my fingers into me. I flick my fingers as I enter and twist them as I withdraw. I rub my clit up and down, then side to side, I circle it, I use my finger tip, I use my finger nail and all the time my fingers relentlessly fuck my pussy.

Overwhelmed with divine pleasure my body flips over, my left hand releases my clit, replaced by the base of my right hand and I grind my hips down. I add a third finger and forming them into a triangle I fuck myself again, rolling my hips as I grind down harder and harder. Moaning, I close my mouth around my two wet fingers of my left hand. The taste of my juices dance over my taste buds, and I suck them hard, biting them as I begin to scream.

My legs kick out making circles as finally, bursting from the core of my body, my orgasm explodes out of me. My pussy grips my fingers, the tips flicking harder into the rough skin of my G spot causing wave after wave of my orgasm to crash onto my hand. I tremble, every sensation amplified and yet my clit feels numb against my slippery hand, as if it’s too much, as if it can’t process this much pleasure.

I raise my hips slightly, releasing the pressure and allowing the pleasure to engorge me again. I cry out louder into the pillow then bring my hips back down again onto my hand. My legs spasm, my fingers held tightly inside me, as the tide continues to flood in. I let it wash over me and I drown for one infinitely blissful moment.

Opening my eyes, I adjust to the light of the room. I find my fingers have slipped from my hot wet sex, nestled lovingly between my thighs. My thumb makes just the slightest of twitching movements against my wet lips. My left hand cradles my face and with a small nibble of my hand I slowly roll over. I release my hand from between my legs and I look at the clock. 08.10. I smile, nestling my face into my pillow. I guess I have another 35 minutes to kill before I have to get up…

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