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A Mutually Beneficial Situation

Friends take care of each other

As usual, I was late for the meeting, or in this case, the likely to be long and boring yearly mandatory state-of-the-union address by our department’s VP. Held in a large function room, it was not just standing room only, I could see nowhere to stand. As I scanned the room for a space to wedge myself into, I saw my colleague, Tina, wave to me from the kitchen area at the back of the room. I joined her in a crowded galley kitchen, where there was just enough room for two, amidst storage boxes and discarded office equipment. We had a good vantage point, standing behind a waist-high serving counter that opened on to the bigger room. The space was further enclosed by boxes on the counter, stacked up to chest height.

Tina and I have worked together for a few years but not closely until just recently. I’ve always found her physically and intellectually attractive and appreciate her bawdy sense of humour. We frequently tease each other and flirt in an increasingly comfortable way. I like the way she dresses. She has great fashion sense, and today she was in a sleeveless, scoop-neck, floral-print sundress, and wore a pair of her trademark heels, open-toed ankle strap sandals with spike heels, that showed off her crimson toenails. She looked great, very womanly. And she smelled great too.

As I came up beside her, I playfully hip-checked her, saying, “Move over, I need some room.”

Tina laughed and checked me back. And she stayed close, with her hip against mine.

As the presentation progressed, the initially slight pressure between our hips increased. I wasn’t really paying attention to the talk, instead glancing out of the corner of my eye at Tina. I noticed that she had undone a button at the top of her dress, allowing me a great view of her cleavage and the lace of her crimson bra. This was getting very interesting. I wondered what else she wore that was colour-coordinated, in crimson. I was getting very aroused, which was likely visible in my linen pants, under which I wore no underwear, as I had neglected to bring a clean pair to put on after my lunchtime workout shower.

I looked fully toward Tina and she at me; there was a look of heat in that shared gaze. Tina’s eyes were smouldering, which increased my arousal. The tip of her tongue was showing between her teeth. I needed to touch her and reached behind and cupped her left buttock. Her butt muscles tightened in my hand as I massaged both of her cheeks.

I said, “I don’t think anyone can see us back here.”

“Good,” whispered Tina. “Because I’m going to do this.” She unzipped my fly and pulled my penis free.

“Mmm,” she purred. “Now, we’re doing to have some real fun.” 

I pulled the skirt of Tina’s dress up and revealed the globes of her ass, crowned by the V of her crimson thong. I didn’t think I could get more aroused than I felt at that moment. But there was more in store. I pulled her panties aside and stroked her lips. They were slick and swollen.

Tina breathed to me, “Touch me between my slit and my ass. Very lightly, tease me.”

My middle finger caressed her perineum with light, featherlike touches. She felt so soft and smooth yet with a strong ribbon of tendon just under the skin’s surface. I played with Tina; it was intoxicating to feel her reach toward my finger yet denying her any pressure other than the lightest, teasing brushes.

In contrast, Tina worked my cock hard, rubbing it from base to head, squeezing then releasing. She reached her hand to touch herself, wetting her hand in her own juices and then returning to my erection, making it slick. I was getting weak in the knees as she encircled my cock with her thumb and index finger and milked it just below the throbbing head.

We continued pleasuring each other for several minutes, occasionally varying the rhythm of our touch, but staying in synch, keeping our arousal at a high level but not enough to lose control. It was an incredible turn-on knowing that we were pleasuring each other with so many people nearby that were oblivious to what Tina and I were sharing. I was completely unaware of my surroundings, being caught up in the feeling of her hand on my penis and my fingers stroking her wetness.

In a tight, controlled voice, Tina whispered, “Whenever we are in meetings together from now on, I’m going to remember what we’re doing. And you will be sitting across from me knowing that I am wet just like this. And I will be quivering inside, as I won’t be able to get myself off until the meeting is over. Then I will go to my office, close the door and give myself as many orgasms as I can. Just like I’m going to have right now. Come with me! Keep touching me just like that!”

Tina’s fingers increased their tempo as my cock swelled and spasmed. I spurted over and over, heat spreading from the base of my pelvis, down my legs and up into my lower abdomen. I don’t know how I didn’t shout out loud.

My fingers were clenched by Tina’s thighs as her orgasm rolled through her. Her left hand milked my cock as her right clenched into a fist on the counter. I heard her very low voice repeating, “Yes, yes, yes.” 

As our orgasms subsided, I was becoming aware of the gathering outside our little kitchen area. Tina handed me some paper towels and we cleaned ourselves as discretely as possible and rearranged our clothing. We stood attentively for the last few minutes of the VP’s talk, holding hands, my thumb stroking the top of Tina’s hand.

As the meeting room emptied, Tina and I joined the slowly moving mass of employees. We were joined by our manager, who commented, “You two certainly had a good place to watch the presentation.”

Tina smiled and replied, “You have no idea how good it was.”

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