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A New Discovery

A New Discovery

The first story I've written: it's about my unforgettable night
It was a nice cool night, as I awoke from my bed after having a weird lesbian make out session in my dream. My curtains were slightly pulled apart, leaving a handful of gaps to the outside clear view of the street. I turned up the air con temperature in my room, as I try to recover from my first lesbian dream...

"Goshh!! What the fuck was that? Did it really happen?" I spoke to myself silently in my room, touching my lips.

I sat up onto my bed, hugging my pillow tightly as the softness of it touched my topless body. There were so many things rushing through my head... was I becoming a lesbian? Was that actually a vision of my near future? Was that really what I wanted?

As I thought and thought of it for the past few minutes, I felt a trickle down my white lace panties.... I tossed my pillow aside and raced my left hand down into my panties, only to realize that it was more than just wet... it was drenched.

"Seriously?!" My eyes widened from what I'd just found out about myself. I couldn't believe I was so turned on by that image. I went down again into my panties, feeling the cool, wet, humid sensation once again as I slowly put my fingers into my already wet pussy....

"Ummmmmm! Goshhh! No way is this actually happening!"

I just couldn't stop myself at this point, it was as if I was taken over by pure lust and passion. I knew I wasn't straight anymore. My left hand began to form an arrow with my index and middle finger as I pushed deeper into myself. Moans began to come out loud and long from my vocals.

"Yes! Ahhhh! Mhmmm! Fuckkkk!" was all I could say as I began to rub and penetrate myself, hoping to reach a massive orgasm. My nipples were so stuff that even pinching them, wasn't really much of a pain anymore. It was just more arousing. I took out my fingers from my panties and placed them over my two swollen nipples, caressing them with all my juices, before finishing it with a sensual lick with my tongue.

My hands went along the sides of my waist, as I quickly took off my panties, tossing them off the bed. I spread my legs wider on my bed and reached out for my vibrator in the drawer next to my bed. The vibrator sprang to life as I turned it on to medium speed...spreading my labia with my index and middle fingers, I carefully placed my vibrator deep into my dripping pussy, going deeper and deeper.

"AHHHH!" I found out that there was this certain spot in my body that made my toes curled up. I kept my legs apart and butt off the bed, as I lay on my back, pulling my hair and clumping onto the vibe tightly with my inner walls muscles. The vibrations were totally driving me nuts. With my vibrator working my pussy hard, I quickly cupped both my breasts together, pinching my hard, swollen, stiff nipples. Moans of pure pleasure filled my room as I drive myself off to the point of no return.

"Dammnnnn! Fuuuuuuccckkkk!" I pinched my nipples tightly and for as long as I could before my eyes shut and toes curled to the point of aching. Wave after wave of pure joy and lust flushed through me as I lay back on my bed, panting heavily from what I'd just enjoyed. I pulled out my vibrator from below and cleaned it with my tongue and a soft piece of tissue. My pants were still heavy and deep, as I realized how much I'd missed making myself squirm and orgasm.

I flipped up my blanket and turned back to sleep. Before my eyes shut, I realized that my door was left open.....

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