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A nurse's story Pt.1

A nurse's fantasy, inspired by a friend.
You arrive home after your long nightshift at the hospital, you chuckle to yourself as your memory drifts back to your close friend and colleague Tina, and how she was openly flirting with you in the otherwise dull and boring early hours. You remember how you started to get unexpectedly aroused, your nipples hardening and your panties becoming damp even without her actually touching you. Your mind working your body into such a state, that when she ran her hand over your upper arm, squeezing gently at your shoulder before cupping your neck, applying the lightest of touches on the nape of your neck, you almost had an orgasm right then and there, you had gotten yourself that worked up.

“God, what the hell was that all about?”

You would like to think of yourself as straight, not a lesbian, or even curious until that point, but lack of sexual contact, long hours and just being in close proximity to the petite, beautiful brunette set your pulse racing. Even now, the memory of that incident starts to get you aroused again.

“Stop it!” you command yourself.

Dumping your and keys on the kitchen counter and head off for a shower before going to bed, stripping out of your clothes as you head for the bathroom, you kick off your shoes, take off your uniform tunic, trousers and hold-ups. You reach behind you, unclasping your bra, tossing it to the floor just outside the bathroom door. Finally you remove your dampened panties, catching a brief scent of your earlier arousal.

Entering the bathroom, you turn on the shower. waiting until the water temperature reaches the desired temperature. Stepping into the shower enclosure, you reach for the lime scented body scrub and start to lather yourself up, arms, shoulders, upper back, lower back. It’s not until you reach your breasts that you realise just how aroused by the incidents earlier you still are

As your soapy hands pass over your erect nipples, you struggle not to linger and tease, you tell yourself to stop thinking these thoughts once again, an your hands travel downward to soap up your legs, one then the other. however as your hands move upward you linger at the tops of your thighs, you part your legs slightly to allow access to your pussy, soaping up your outer lips you find yourself lingering for just a little too long, in your mind, to cleanse your moistening outer lips, and you command yourself to snap out of it.

“What IS going on in my head?” you ask yourself, shaking your head to bring yourself out of your reverie.

Moving further under the stream of water you rinse your body of soap, and you remove the shower-head an play the jet over your body, you turn the flow control on the shower to pulse.

As the warm water hits your breasts your nipples again display your arousal.

“Oh, what the fuck.” you say to yourself, and as you position so that the pulsing jet of water hits your left breast, your free hand starts to caress, pinch and tease your right breast. You continue to play the water over your breasts, teasing and gently pinching. Keeping the shower head directed at your chest, you move your other hand down, stroking your flat tummy as you go.

Your fingers reach the V between your legs, you stoop slightly and your legs part to allow your fingers to gain access to your Pussy. You part your moist outer lips, probing for your clit with one finger.

“Hmmmm!” you moan as you continue to probe at your rapidly hardening clit, gently stroking over your little organ. You move the shower-head away from your breasts, directing the spray between your legs, so that the flow of water is directed onto your clit. Opening your pussy lips, you push one, then two fingers inside yourself, aiming for the front walls of your pussy, finding that extra sensitive spot just inside of you.

Turning the flow control from pulse to massage you once again aim the water directly onto your clit, the needle-like spray of water and your probing fingers start your juices flowing freely from your pussy. Your fingers flash in and out of your pussy, rubbing and probing at your G-spot, working up into a frantic rhythm, your breathing becomes more rapid, your chest flushes, your pulse races as you continue to finger fuck yourself, until SNAP, your pussy clamps down on your fingers, your juices seeping onto your probing hand.

“OH! FU……..Hmmmm!” you scream as your orgasm hits you.

As your orgasm fades you drop the shower-head and move one hand up to your breasts, feeling how hard your nipples have become. You remove your other hand from your pussy and bring it up to your face, examining the juices on your fingers, you then do something that surprises you, you pop your fingers into your mouth, tatsting your sweet juices. You suck your fingers clean and moan once again, the taste of your sex is strong but very sweet. Your breathing starts to return to something like normal and you stoop down to retrieve the fallen shower-head, aiming the jet of water between your legs again, this time to get clean, not to bring yourself to arousal, but the memory of what has just happened lingers. After cleansing yourself you reach up and turn off the water, step out of the shower cubicle to dry off with a warm fluffy towel. Sated, at least for the time being, you head for the bedroom where you hope to get some sleep ready for your next shift at the hospital. You ignore the trail of clothes in the kitchen, intending to collect them up after your rest. You hop into bed and quickly drift off into a comfortable sleep, you begin to dream……………………………

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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