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A ride to remember

It had been a long night out with the girls, drink after drink after drink, and I knew it was time to head home. We had spent the whole night dancing, each in our sexy little outfits. All out for some male attention, and boy did we find it. We aren't typically slutty girls. I mean we all know we are good looking, me having long blonde hair, small petite figure at 5'3 and DD boobs, but we don't put it about.

I had gone to the bar at the beginning of the night to get us all a shot of sambucca. As I went to pay, a deep, sexy, irresistible voice said to me "Let me get those for you pretty little lady. I'll buy your drinks tonight". Now who could say no to that?

As I turned round I noticed that he had a gorgeous face and beautiful body to match, a real 10/10. He was about 6'2, tanned muscular body, seductive hazel eyes and dark wavy hair. "Thank you, not many nice blokes like you left these days! Think I owe you a dance or two," I said with a wink. We had our shots and made our way to the dance floor. A dance or two turned into three or four, and by this point things were heating up. I felt like we were the only two people out there. Our bodies were so close, our lips would meet but never kiss, the sexual tension was incredible.

As I was grinding down on him I could feel that he now had an erection: "Maybe we should take this back to my place?" I suggested. "I can see your enjoying this as much as I am."

"Im sorry darling, as much as I would love to go back with you I can't. I have a wife!."

Now that was unexpected! But maybe its for the best, I thought. I was now more than tuned on and the teasing was always the fun part, so why not continue? At least I could give him something to go jack off to later.

"Ok sweetie, we can still have a bit of harmless fun here". I took my arm from around his neck and after checking to see if anyone was looking, put my hand up my skirt and inserted two fingers into my dripping pussy, pulled them back out and let him suck on them. This was when I knew I was way too drunk and decided to call my taxi home.

As I sat down in the back seat of the taxi I could feel just how wet my panties were from that encounter in the club, so I decided to sneakily take them off. After all the taxi driver might appreciate the tip. The air conditioning in the cab made my pussy tingle; I felt so turned on at what I had done, making a married man suck on my pussy juices and sitting in a taxi without any panties on.

Naughty thoughts flooded my head. I wanted his wife to know what he had done. More than that, I wanted her to watch what he had done. I wanted her to watch what he had done and be just as turned on and as wet as I am right now. Images of him fucking me senseless while his wife watched were driving me wild. I was so wet, I had to check to see if I had made a mess on the seat. Thats when reality hit me. I had been sat in the back of the taxi wearing a short black dress, no panties, and had my legs apart enough for my wet pussy to on view. Luckily he hadn't noticed. 

I wasn't far from home now, so I decided to make full use of the air conditioning by opening my legs slightly wider. The way the cold air hit my hot juicy pussy was a sensation I had never experienced before. My clit was literally aching for attention, my hole begging to be filled, either by my fingers, or my dildo that was awaiting my return. I then noticed the driver removed his hand from the gear stick and placed it on his lap. Our eyes met in the rear view mirror and both quickly darted away. He could see my pussy, he wanted to touch himself there and then, just like I did. I wanted this dirty old man driver to touch himself. 

He must of been about 65, grey hair, quite chubby. The type of man that spent most of his spare time down the pub, eyeing up girls half his age, and never getting any attention back. His Internet history was probably filled up with teenage porn sites, the sort where naughty school girls fuck their dirty next door neighbor. I wonder how long it had been since he saw a freshly shaven, soaking wet pussy like mine? 

I knew he was rubbing his cock, I couldnt help but to imagine its size. I could feel his eyes watching my hot pussy in the mirror. Maybe I should give him something to really get excited about.

I rolled my head around a bit to let him know, yes I was still very drunk, and slowly lifted my dress up, pushing two of my fingers inside me. The noise it made let him know just how turned on I was, that kind of sloshy noise you get when your fingers go in and out, in and out.

The driver pulled over, never once looking in my eyes, aimed his mirror in full view of my open legs and I heard him unzip his jeans. His breathing heavy, I saw his arm moving up and down, up and down. Quiet moans leaving his lips as he increased his pace. Both of us sat in the car masturbating over each other, him over me, and me over him, some dirty old man. I could hear his balls slapping against his legs as he jacked himself off. I was now frantically rubbing my clit whilst my fingers were inside me, bringing me over the edge. I let out a long moan, letting him know I had cum, and soon after I saw spurt after spurt of his cum land on the dashboard.

Without a word said, he restarted the car and dropped me off home.

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