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A Short Masturbation Story

Self satisfaction on a hot day
It was a hot summer day and the air conditioning was on the fritz. The heat is taxing and causing me to feel very lazy. I managed to stay a little cool with the use of several fans. If it wasn't for the wait on the repair man I would have left hours ago. Maybe I could get lucky and a hot repair women would show up. With nothing to do but wait, I am starting to feel a little horny.

I decide to rest a bit, hoping I might find some comfort. I remove all of my clothing and throw the covers from the bed. I place one of the fans as close as I could to the bed in an attempt to keep the air circulating.

As I lay there, my mind unwilling to drift into sleep I find my thoughts turning toward visions of full sweet lips, lips wrapping themselves around the tip of my cock. The fan blowing nearby helps but can’t stop the small beads of sweat from forming across my chest. As my hand strokes circles around my stomach tracing down to my pubic area. My cock starts to come to life. Slowly rising and hardening. I feel no choice but to continue what my naughty thoughts have started.

My mind is trained on the thoughts of a woman’s lips. Lips that are surrounding the head of my cock and slowly gliding down its shaft. My cock has reached full attention. It's thick and long in my hand, the skin is tanned and the head is sensitive as I glide my finger over the tip. My hand slides to its base as I give it a long slow stretching stroke, expanding the blood that has engorged it.

I let out a moan as my hand slides back down its length. My balls are heavy. I feel them lay against the crack off my ass, filled with cum wanting to be drained. I grab the bottle of baby oil sitting on the night stand and dribble some across my shaved pubic area, then across my shaft and onto my balls. Massaging in the oil, my hand glides back and forth in long smooth strokes. I start to rotate my hands one following the other stroking upwards then back down trying to draw the seamen out. The head of my cock glistened as pre-cum pushes from the tip.

My eyes are closed and my stroking starts to pace itself faster. The gentle tingling in my balls telling me I'm close, I just need her wet mouth taking more of my shaft in. My left had reaches down to my full balls and rocks them in my palm. The gentle rocking becomes a shaking as my right hand begins to stroke faster.

Grabbing firmly, it is no longer a stroke but a fast controlled jerking. My mind sees her now sitting across from me. Her legs spread wide as she teases her clit, spreading the lips of her pussy apart displaying a wet inviting entry. My hips start bucking forward, wanting to driving the cum from my balls. My cock reaches extreme stiffness as I feel the orgasm nearing.

The final vision of her burying her fingers deep inside her pussy and her back arching as she finds her pleasure spot causes me to explode in a wild orgasm. The creamy white fluid spews over and over from my cock shooting into the air and landing everywhere. The tingle from my stomach to my balls indicates a huge load has left my cock.

I lay for a moment. The cum dripping down my shaft and covering my balls. My cock is still standing at attention as I envision her sucking the very last drop of juice from me. My hunger now satisfied. Temporarily

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