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A Ski Trip Gets Off On The Right Foot

A Skiing Holiday starts with some me time
What a fantastic first day on the slopes Susan had had. The week long trip to Chatel was a birthday present from a group of her closest friends. The kids were with her ex-husband and she was free to enjoy her first ski trip in a few years completely on her own. The present included a set of lessons, a room in a beautiful chalet and the air fares.

The first day had been just fab. The sun was out, the ski class consisted of all women and the ski instructor was a gorgeous Frenchman called Alain. Susan could tell the other women were getting a little giggly and squiffy as he spoke in Franglais and moved them into position with his hands.

At the end of the afternoon lesson, the whole group of ladies went to the bar. After a few bottles of wine, the conversation turned to the Frenchman. One by one, the other members of the group confessed about what they would like to do with him. You could sense as the conversation went on, every member of the group was beginning to feel a little damp under their ski clothes.

As they left the bar, they all arranged to meet for dinner in two hours time, giving them all enough time to get back to their rooms, shower and get dressed for the evening.

Susan sat down in the boot room and took her boots off. What a relief she thought. Her thighs ached a bit from the tough skiing and she was ready for a cup of tea, a lie down and a shower. She staggered a bit up the stairs to Room 9, opened the door and half jumped onto her bed. It was a comfortable room, a double with white bedclothes and a wooden frame. She also had a loo and en-suite shower.

She sat up and took off her ski jacket, undid the belt on her trousers and then stood up to slide them over her thighs and calves before stepping out of them. As she stood, she lifted her fleece over her head and sank back onto the bed in her long sleeved t-shirt, her panties and ski socks.

As she lay back, she looked at herself. She was nearly forty with two teenage daughters, but time had been good to her. Her breasts had held their shape and were pert with sensitive nipples. She was slim and with shoulder length blonde hair, she always drew glances from younger and older men. She was in short a good looking woman.

As she lay on her bed, Alain’s face filled her mind. He was rugged, tanned from days on the slopes and handsome in a typical French way. Although his hair was dark, she had noticed some grey poking through. She guessed he was in his early forties and was definitely in good shape.

The thought of him was beginning to have an effect on her and without noticing she had slipped her left hand under her top and had begun to tease her right nipple, making it hard inside her bra. The feeling of pleasure began to spread through her stomach and down to her pussy.

Susan sat up and removed her t-shirt and bra before lying back on top of the bed in just her socks and panties. As she closed her her eyes she imagined Alain naked crouching over her, kissing her breasts and nipples, licking them, sucking them.

As the images filled her mind, she placed both hands on her breasts, squeezing them and pinching and rolling her nipples between her thumbs and fingers. God that felt good, she thought. She felt Alain’s mouth on her breasts, switching from nipple to the other in quick succession.

As her fingers teased her nipples she felt her hips beginning to move and that familiar dampness growing in her pussy. Slowly she slid her right hand between her legs and ran her middle finger lightly over her panties. She imagined Alain moving into position between her legs which were now spread wide.

Susan could feel her juices through her panties and as she pressed her clit, she sighed and jerked at her own touch. With out thinking her hand found its way inside her black lacy panties and slipped a finger between her pussy lips before running it up and down between them.

All the while she imagined it was his tongue licking her, flicking her clit, sucking it and teasing her entrance. She was so wet. Susan lifted her hips, grabbed her panties and slid them down over her legs leaving them on her left ankle.

All she could see was Alain’s dark hair between her legs. Her fingers pressed her clit before pulling back to expose the tip of her clit. She raised her middle finger and began to tap her clit thinking about Alain’s tongue doing the same.

As she tapped her breathing got heavier and it wasn’t long before she slipped her middle finger into her wet pussy, curling it and touching her g-spot as her thumb began to rub her clit.

Oh my god that was so good. All she could think about was Alain’s tongue and fingers all over and in her pussy, every touch bringing her closer and closer to the orgasm she so desperately wanted.

Susan wanted Alain to fuck her. She quickly turned onto her stomach and put a pillow under her hips. Her bottom was in the air and her legs open. She slipped her hand between her legs and began to grind her pussy on her hand, thinking about Alain rubbing his hard cock all over her pussy before sliding it in slowly.

Susan began to grind harder and faster on her hand. She had two fingers inside her while she pressed her clit hard against the palm of her hand. She could feel her juices leaking from her pussy which was getting tighter and tighter as her orgasm approached.

She began to move faster and faster as she felt her orgasm beginning to rise inside her. The thought of Alain fucking her, opening her as his cock went deep and hard into her, was making the orgasm unstoppable. Suddenly it rose and hit her hard, her stomach clenching as she jerked against her hand and cried out as it reached its peak.

Susan’s hips slowed as she started to come down. She was in heaven and so utterly spent. She fell into a deep sleep only to be woken by a knock on her door about 45 minutes later.

(To be continued)

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