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A surprise start to the day.

On waking somewhat aroused...
For once, I awoke before my four-legged alarm clocks. A distinct 'itch' of horniness was already tingling between thighs, thighs that were strangely sticky for such an early hour of a morning. I mean, 'morning clitty' is pretty common with me, but it doesn't normally shake me from my slumbers at five o'clock in the morning!

I let the pooches out, poured the first morning coffee and padded to the computer, wearing nothing but a simple white, fluffy towelling robe hurriedly thrown on before letting the dogs back in. My overnight mails were checked; nothing of importance to deal with for once. I logged into Lush, my primary port of call when in the mood to chat on subjects sex, and that I most certainly was.

A quick look at my messages/ views and stuff and I checked the chat page, that tingling getting to more needy proportions. I entered my usual ladies room and did the formalities.
"Hi, how are you, whats up," etc. I started to perv the various profiles for possible cyber partners.

Once I'd discounted the 'dodgy' ones (the 'known' fakes ) the airheads and dreamers, the semi-literates, and those with tastes I didn't share, it didn't leave too many. I was feeling a little disappointed and that itch between my thighs was beginning to scream in my head to be scratched; scratched big time.

One hand had already found its way to my naked, glistening mound, gently teasing myself, my fingernail raking the swelling bud of my clit. A steady trickle of aromatic nectar ran down towards my arse, dampening the towel under my bum.

Then she arrived.: a girl I'd spotted in chat a few days before, posting some rather hot images that had caught my attention. Without a word of greeting she just started throwing pics into the room, and given my current state it hardly needed an Einstein to imagine the effect it had on my now quivering bod.

This time she was pulling up some even hotter girl on girl stuff, all in some really hardcore situations and positions. My fingers were suddenly more active, stroking my kitty with long slow strokes, teasing, taunting. My tits were rising and falling as my breathing increased. I clicked her nick, and whispered a very explicit few words to her, unseen by the rest of those present, not knowing if she'd even respond, seeing as she'd not acknowledged a single person in the room up to that point. All the while, unable to draw my eyes from the highly sexual images flashing up on my page.

To my great surprise a whispered reply appeared, "Glad you like the pics,and hope they're having beneficial effects."

Beneficial? Was she joking? My response was simple and to the point, "They, and you (yes I'd checked her pics out too, and she was gorgeous) have me fingering hard. I'm horny as fuck!"

More images and no further comments from her. I was plunging my fingers deep within the sodden tightness of my pussy now, breathing hard, when again, out of the blue, another whisper from her hit the screen.

"So am I. But I'm edging it, and have been now for an hour! Want to finish each other off?"

I moaned, loudly! The fingers of my free hand punching the keys in an instant.

I hurriedly replied, "Fuck yeah. Where? How soon?"

More images rolled up, one following the other with amazing speed. I could only imagine her state of arousal. I was still curious as to how she was playing and typing so fluently at the same time.

The bitch kept me waiting. Hanging on for another five minutes or more before replying, "Private me. Now!"

I hit that drop down so quick! She accepted equally rapidly.

No "hi" or "how are you?" just those two words, "TAKE ME", in bold caps.

I stuffed a vibe between my dripping swollen folds, rammed it deep and on full speed before beginning to type. My words commanding. Forceful. Raw. In any other circumstances, crude.

Via the beautiful rich variety of this wonderfully expressive English language of ours, we further aroused and wound each other up. We fucked! We were both totally into it, the power of our words and our imaginations bringing us both to a first, tumultuous body wracking orgasm. Without stopping, we continued to play, the cums slamming through us one after the other.

I was absolutely loving it, and her. And then the fucking door bell rang. Instant anger, annoyance, I was fuming. I hate being interrupted in the middle of such strong cyber.

I ignored the first few rings, concentrating on my screen lover, thighs streaming my gooey fuckjuices. My towel was, by now, soaked through and through.

The bell ringer was insistent. I had no choice but to go to the door, pissed off; very pissed off. My robe still not fully wrapped around me, I stormed to the front door only to find one of my on/ off fuck buddy standing there.

"I saw you'd not left for work yet, so thought I'd cadge a coffee," he said.

I lividly grabbed his wrist and yanked him into the hall, slammed him back to the wall, not even caring whether the door was even shut. And then I did all but fucking rape him! I had his admittedly pleasant sized weapon out and in me in seconds.

Half an hour later he was shoved out the door; he never even got his coffee. I went back to my computer, obviously she'd left our private chat. I sent her a mail, apologising profusely, explaining precisely how I felt during our play, how pissed off I was as I went to the door, and the truth of what followed, hoping she'd understand.

I then showered, walked the dogs, and eventually went to work. The memories of my early morning kept me 'buzzing' all day.

I got home, and when I checked my mails saw she'd replied. I smiled as I saw, "Hey, I'd have been damn disappointed if you hadn't!" she wrote, with a couple of big laughing smileys after it.

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