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A teasing blindfolded fantasy come true

A fantasy tried out resulting in some hot action!
My husband and I regularly talk about our fantasies and ideas to spice up our sex life. During one of these conversations he mentioned something new that he would like to try:

‘I would like to tie you up on the bed, blindfold you and then wank my cock. You will be able to feel and hear it but not do anything about it. I will tease the pussy at the same time and get you hot and horny and you will get really frustrated as I pleasure myself.’

I liked the sound of this suggestion. I love watching my husband wank his shaft, there is something so sexy about seeing him stroke his rock hard dick in pleasure and I am never able to resist in sucking him off or lubing up my hand to join in and help.

‘Then next time we can switch and you can tie me up and leave me frustrated as you play with your pussy next to me, which will make me so horny and hard.’ My pussy started to twitch with excitement at these suggestions and I could feel the moistness between my legs.

We agreed to try the fantasy out a few days later but after talking dirty for the last hour we both needed some quick satisfaction before sleep. My husband’s cock was already stiff with longing and I was desperate to feel it inside me. He soon realised this as his hands felt my dripping wet hole and I moaned loudly as his fingers brushed over my clit. After a few rubs he could tell I was already on the verge so climbed on top and started to rub his penis up and down my wet slit. I lifted my bum to encourage his entry and a loud groan escaped me as he slid deep inside. He worked his cock back and forth and I grabbed his arse cheeks pushing him in deeper.

He then lifted my legs onto his shoulders and rammed his cock in. This position felt so good as he was hitting right on my g spot and I could feel his full length pumping in and out as his balls bounced against my bum cheeks.

I lowered one of my legs so I could bring myself to orgasm by fingering myself whilst he fucked me.

I slid my fingers between my swollen cunt lips and felt the familiar heat and wetness and the longing for my clitoris to be stimulated. I knew my husband was holding back his orgasm as I moaned, hoping we would orgasm together. I frantically rubbed my fingers over my clit, feeling it swell under my touch and the building of pleasure starting. My husband started sucking on my breasts, making the clit tingle with excitement and my body went tense as my orgasm began. Then came the sweet release of pleasure; I bucked back and forth as my hole pumped around my husband’s cock, ‘cum in me baby, cum in me,’ I moaned as my husband arched forward and released his salty cum inside me.

I wrapped my legs around his back and we lay for a few moments sated, the whole thing had not taken long as our dirty talk had got us both so horny. We cleared up and both slept soundly looking forward to acting out our fantasy we had discussed.

The day came, my husband came home from work as normal, we talked about our day, ate our evening meal, pausing every so often for some long lingering kisses and then quickly headed up to the bedroom, anxious to get started.

He kissed me deeply by the bed, searching my mouth with his tongue and pulling me into him. He ran his hands over my large breasts and clamped his fingers over my nipples as he felt them tighten. I reached down and felt his dick, it was hard already and he said he was feeling very excited. He pulled my dress up over my head and ordered me onto the bed in my bra and knickers.

‘Time for you to be tied up!’ He placed a black silk eye mask over my head plunging me into darkness and I began to feel very excited with the anticipation of what was to come. He then tied both my hands to the corners of the bed with our dressing gown belts and told me to spread my legs wide and keep them there. I then heard him take off his t-shirt and drop his jeans to the floor. My sense of hearing was definitely heightened and I was longing to feel him touch me. I was not to be disappointed, he began tracing his fingers up and down the insides of my legs. My pussy tightened as he reached my inner thigh but he just brushed his hands lightly over my knickers before tracing his fingers down my other thigh and I could feel my wetness building.

I heard him remove his boxers, ‘I am naked now,’ I nodded in knowing, I was anxious to hear him start wanking his shaft. ‘I am lubing my cock with my spit, it is very hard already.’ He wanked it next to me for a few moments.

‘Do you want to taste it’ he said as more of an order than a request and I nodded enthusiastically. Suddenly his cock was in my mouth and I worked my tongue back and forth as I felt it stiffen and swell. I was greatly enjoying blindly sucking this cock, it felt and tasted so good but it was quickly withdrawn from me and he began sucking hard on my nipples. I began to squirm with excitement, the thrill of not knowing what was going to happen next was driving me crazy with desire.

Again he started tickling his hands over my body, round my thighs, over my stomach and round my breasts which he had now pulled out of my bra.

Not knowing where I was going to be touched next was exhilarating but my pussy was begging to be pleasured, I pulled at my tied hands desperate to finger myself. He rubbed at my slit through my knickers, ‘You are so wet, you bad girl,’ he exclaimed and pushed his fingers round my pants to feel the hot wetness. Feeling how excited I was he quickly removed my knickers and gave me a good hard fingering. ‘Smell your wet knickers,’ he said as he shoved them in my face and I smelt the familiar scent of my longing. I then heard him sniff them loudly as he rubbed his cock along my cunt covering it in my juices.

He pushed my leg up and quickly shoved his dick in.

‘You didn’t think you could be getting that did you,’

‘No but it feels so good,’ I moaned out.

I tried to wrap my legs around him but he held them down as he slowly moved his cock in and out of my hot cunt.

‘You’re not going to get it for long though, you naughty girl.’

I savoured the pleasure not sure when it would be taken away. I could feel my orgasm building and raised my hips to encourage his dick in but my husband quickly withdrew sensing my closeness. He leant down and kissed me passionately and then moved down to suck on my large breasts.

He straddled himself over my thigh and stuck his fingers inside me. I felt him gather my juices on his fingers and then heard him using them to lube up and bash his rock hard cock. I could feel his balls slapping on my thigh and hear his groans of pleasure as he wanked himself off. Just the sound was making my pussy tingle with excitement and it was the closest I have felt to cumming without being touched.

He switched thighs so he could use his other hand and again whilst I could feel and hear him wanking he slid his fingers inside me and rubbed his thumb over my clit.

‘This is so sexy’ I gasped out. My mind was focused completely on the sound of his wanking and his fingers inside me, I was so turned on.

‘I am going to shoot my cum over you soon,’ my husband exclaimed between groans and this was nearly enough to push me over the edge. I was panting with pleasure, my whole body was tender to his touch and my nipples tightened with excitement. In my head I could picture his face gripped with enjoyment and his hand twisting and sliding back and forth on his shaft covered in my own juices.

I heard the familiar loud groan of his cumming, he stopped moving and I felt his juices shoot out over my thigh, stomach and breasts. With his fingers deep inside me, I too exploded, my orgasm a huge relief of built up desire, my legs shook and I arched my back as the sensation flowed through me.

‘What a mess’ my husband remarked as my convulsions subsided and as he removed my blindfold I could see what he meant! I was covered in his cum! We decided a joint shower was the best option and enjoyed a hot shower, kissing each other deeply under the warm water.

‘My balls are aching’ my husband said a good hour later, it had certainly been a good session.

I really enjoyed being blindfolded and not having any power over what was happening. Being tied up was certainly frustrating but it heightened my pleasure on this occasion. I wouldn’t want to do it all the time but a bit of domination now and again is definitely good fun.

I am now greatly looking forward to reversing the roles, having the power to tease my husband’s cock and seeing what that experience has to offer! I will let you know…..

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