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A Trial of Fantasy

Weary Student finds relief

It has been far too long since I posted a's one written for a friend...plaease enjoy and comment if you will  grins


It had been a long hard road to get this far, and Neotha was weary; most surely ready to have the final test done and gone.   ‘Two weeks’ she thought silently as her eyes strained again and again to read the texts of case histories, legal precedents and points of law.   At 26 she was almost done with it, she stretched as she sat in her chair, her lithe athletic body strained by long twelve hour study sessions in preparations for the infamous New York Bar Exam.   She grimaced at the task not knowing yet if she was confident enough to pass, but hopeful that she would only have to take it one time…most did not and were forced to return again…and some even again and again to gain the prestigious title of Attorney at Law.


‘Time for a break’ she thought as she pulled at her eyes with her long slender fingertips to clear the haze she had become almost accustomed to.   Setting the volume aside she rose from her chair and moved to the overstuffed arm chair to sit, not necessarily more comfortably, but at least in a different posture and place for the much needed time out. She pulled the laptop table around so it would be before her, it swung easily into place and she clicked the on switch and waited, a few seconds later it sprung to life and she gazed at the image of her preferred screen saver…a photo of the most dreamy male model any woman could have ever seen…well to her eye anyway. ‘Hmm’ she thought as she clicked the internet on to see what she could find for mental distraction, and with a thoughtful roaming of her fingers on the keys she went to a site that would bring Mr. Dreamy Man into her living room…well his image anyway.


She watched as the site opened, it was one called ‘the red light zone’ and though it was animated, it was well done, and she had created her dream guy in it, well an animated version of him anyway.   With deft fingers she moved into the club she would meet him in again chuckling with eagerness as the crowd parted and she saw him on stage.   Quickly she zoomed in, no sense getting in a hurry, she really needed the break and wanted to take a full half hour so her sanity would return enough to study farther…only a half hour though she vowed silently.   The software was superb, she now saw only his head and face, dark hair that was trimmed neatly, but with the gyrating dances he did it always seemed mussed, a definite bad boy look to it.   His eyes glimmered in shades of deep green with sparkling jabs of gold and amber to set them aside as haunting invitations of even closer encounters, his smooth shaven face was so amazingly shaped…the cheek bones and jaw absolute perfection and the dark bronzed skin tones always set her blood to pulsing just a bit faster, but as she gazed to his lips a shudder of pure lust fell across her whole body as a warmth began to take form deep inside her feminine core.


Neotha wasn’t sure just what it was she would want in the mean time, but she knew that before this break was done she would have found herself in the mental throes of climax; her fantasy would end when he, her dream animation, took her to heavenly bliss.   She panned out a bit on the view; he would be topless, of course.   His broad muscular shoulders came into view and then the well defined pecks, smooth as a baby’s butt, a hairy chest not her fantasy…and even the hardened stomach muscles, not a body builder’s six pack, but so sexy as the muscles undulated his torso back and forth with his dance.   His lips smiled from the screen at her and she all but felt herself quiver out a bit of nectar from her core, she moved her hand and raised the sundress she wore so she could feel the warmth as it gathered between her nether lips and moistened the fabric of her thong…just the slightest touch sent a spasm through her that was profoundly satisfying…for a beginning.


Again she panned out a bit as if moving away from the stage to get an overall view of Alfonse…her dream lover.   Now she could see him from head to toe, not overly tall, but tall enough, the trim athletic frame sent yet another jolt of energy through her…her fingers pushed just a bit harder against the eager swelling node of her clit…. ‘Not yet’ she thought avoiding the imminent masturbation that would soon take her over the precipice of joy.   His body moved to a slow rhythmic tune and swept her away to deeper thoughts of how he would take her…today…for she had found so many wondrous means to watch him over the past months she never prejudged the adventure.   The long boy briefs he wore to dance showed his muscled hips and butt so sweetly it was all she could do not to indulge herself just a bit…her fingers pushed aside the thong and slipped between the swelled labia gently…a gathering had begun of the sweet nectars her body would give in copious volumes…. ‘Soon’ she thought.   Her eyes stared at the pronounced bulge in Alfonse’s briefs as his thighs gyrated to the tempo of the music driving her ever father towards desire.  


She could all but feel the air stir as she flipped her hair from her face where it had fallen and beckoned him to give her a table dance with her crooked animated finger.   Of course the software obeyed her every wish and he walked towards her as she now sat at a table, her chair turned from it towards the stage.   In reality her thighs parted just a bit farther, her fingers dwelled just a bit deeper into the lush folds of her pussy as he came to do her bidding.   The bulge restrained by only the Hanes briefs was simply magnificent…not huge, but certainly big enough even though it was still fairly soft in the animation.   The fingers of her left hand worked the keyboard as her right took care of other matters ‘at hand’, well more precisely ‘at her pussy’ now very wet and sensitive to each manipulation of the labia or engorged clitoris that had emerged from its crown.


Alfonse smiled down at her character…and in her mind right into her own heart and soul as he slowly seduced her with his dance. The eased moves of his hips drew her attention and she keyed in a command to the program…his hands covered his abdomen with splayed fingers that trailed down to the snug waistband…his manly tool growing slightly as the tips of his fingers slid beneath the elastic band.   Alfonse moved closer yet and she found herself panting as the sight of the strained fabric of his briefs came so close she could all but smell and taste his man scent.   His manly tool had grown now all-be-it a hardened thick shaft barely restrained.   Her fingers moved faster along the outer regions of her swollen flower, the moistness had turned to a seeping flow of nectar from her channel and she pushed two fingers inside just enough to bring a shudder to her entire body as they found the inner g-spot.   She gasped as a surge of feminine cream coated her fingertips, they worked forth and back over the inner nubbin of delight with increasing pressure.


Her left hand busily keyed in more commands and she found herself now face to face with his hips as he pulled her face to meet them…the swollen mass before her ready for whatever she would do with it.   Her character’s hands moved up and pulled down the waistband exposing the broad mushroomed head, surely too large to fit into her own mouth, but not that of her characters’.   She manipulated the keys and the character’s tongue trailed in circles around the massive cock’s head…Neotha’s body reacted fast and hard as the first flood of cream filled her core and seeped along the walls of her channel while she sat gasping for air.   When the onslaught ebbed she keyed in more commands and his fingers slipped in to her hair pulling her to take more of his meaty prong into her mouth….she clicked pause and gazed at the picture on the screen…Samantha, the name she had given her animated character, had moved, her lips were nestled neatly about an inch past the bulbous head…sucking him with eager want.


‘No’ she thought, that’s not what I want today…thoughts raced through her brain as to just what she needed.   The light bulb came on in her weary head, ‘I need to get fucked’ she thought with a twisted grin painting her face.   A few commands keyed into the computer and she was now sitting at the bar, her back towards the smooth walnut rim, her elbows propping her up against it.   As she gazed down she saw her skirt was raised enough to allow her Alfonse to see to her heavenly petals and the thong that barely covered them…he was knelt before her with a gleam in his eye that spoke volumes…he would first eat her out with passionate reverie, and then fuck her….right there in the club in front of all of the other animated customers and such still milling about.   She clicked the command and the screen came to life…his hands pushed her knees apart, his panting breaths almost real to her mind as his lips trailed up her inner thigh and found the soaked panties waiting for his advance.


In her animation he had a very long tongue, and it soon was ravaging her petals and clit with ferocity and vigor…he was hungry and she knew she could feed his appetite well, her own fingers pushed faster and deeper into her ‘real life’ core… “Soon” she gasped aloud towards the screen.   On the screen Alfonse had arrived and she found his tongue invading her channel with eagerness only possible with the most adept of oral masters…she had created him with that ability and reveled in watching his head as it bobbed between the animation’s thighs.   In her mind her fingers were his tongue and brought another surge of cream racing through her channel…she groaned aloud, so close to the final climax she could feel it building deep within herself.


With her eyes all but closed she keyed in another command and the character stood before her, his briefs gone, his raging cock standing erect and ready for her…all ten inches of it’s thickness willing to give it’s all.   Neotha was more than ready…she reached to the table beside her arm chair and picked up the toy she would finish her time with her animated lover with.   To say it was a match for what she saw on the screen would be only slightly off, Alfonse’s cock was created to match her favorite dildo…ten inches long to the hilt, and about an inch and a half thick…the soft latex coating fully textured to match a man’s excited cock as it neared climax…the veins distended along the shaft created the best French tickler ever devised.   As the screen showed his hands part her thighs enough to step between them she shuddered and put the tip of the dildo to her inner labia…as Alfonse stepped closer and pushed into the animated character’s pussy she pushed it in with equal force and depth.   The animation continued, inch after inch invading the female character’s core…the reality continued as well as Neotha matched each pulsing stroke of the cock she watched with unblinking eyes…her body now wracked with need to explode.


She clicked the command key and Alfonse sped up, more vigorously his animated cock pushed in and retreated from the lush wet core…her view was as it would be if she were watching herself being fucked by her lover…she panted out loudly as a stream of jism flowed from her sweet petal’s lips…Alfonse fucked on and his character gasped realistically with his own need to fill the wondrous cavity.   Soon his invasions were full, all ten inches filled the wonder hole with pounding thrusts…Neotha met each stroke with equal resolve and found her body tighten into a knot as she came…the gush flooded her fine leather chair, but it didn’t matter…she screamed aloud as again and again the nectar flowed from her around the latex cock.   On the screen Alfonse was about to cum, the look to his expression filled with that look a man gets as he is on the verge…one click and he exploded into the animated character’s womb…she saw the escape of their combined fluids and came again herself…she sat and gasped as her heart rate slowed, her breathing came back to normal….


‘Yet another wondrous adventure’ she thought as she withdrew the latex dildo from her slick sopping hole with tentative moves…not really wanting it to end; knowing it must.


She clicked off the computer and swung the table to the side, the dildo still in her right hand dripping with her creamy jism…she giggled at the sight and reveled in the purity of her orgasms.   She got up and pulled her dress off, used it to wipe up the flood of her fantasy fucked orgasm and went to the bathroom; she needed a shower for sure after that.

She tossed the dress onto the hamper and started the water, climbed in and washed away the residue of her pleasure quickly…reality had again taken place in her mind…study she must.   She dried off, walked to the bedroom and slipped into another sun dress, this time she found a more practical pair of panties, the seepage would be coming out for an hour at least and they should catch it for her as comfortably as possible.


She walked back into the living room, her place to study…and sometimes her place to find a bit of fantasy during a break from the mental turmoil of studying for the Bar Exam.

She sat in the usual chair and picked up the book, another chapter of her day fulfilled.

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