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A Trip to Victoria's Secret

As I entered the dressing room she was there, watching me undress
I am a painfully private person. It is so hard for me to open up and share things with others, especially pictures of me in a personal nature. He had been after me for a few months now trying to loosen me up. I resisted a lot at first but he broke down my walls slowly but surely. Then he told me how much he liked a woman in boy shorts. I promised him I would go shopping and buy some for him.

Well it took a while for me to go for several very good reasons but I hadn't gone yet. We were chatting on my birthday, and he asked me again when I was going shopping. I knew for what without asking. I said maybe next weekend, not really meaning it, when he dared me. He dared me to go shopping and to masturbate in the dressing room. To take a lot of pictures of myself but only for me.

He wanted me to seduce myself, to enter the dressing room with a bundle of things to try on. He wanted me to slowly undress while I watched myself in the full length mirror. I admit the thought made me tingle thinking about it and I agreed to do it before I realized I had done so.

There I was at my favorite Victoria's Secret, gathering up various things that I knew would look amazing on me but I could never share with anyone but my husband before. Today I was going to share me A very beautiful sales clerk led me to a dressing room and she told me to take my time. If only she knew. Maybe she did.

I peeled off my business slacks and pull over top. I stood there in my navy blue bra and matching thong. She was standing there mimicking every move I made. Her alabaster skin matched mine perfectly. Her ample bosom was what drew men's attention and quite often women's too. She reached behind and unclasped her bra letting her soft creamy breasts free. She hefted them in her hands rubbing them softly.

Her mouth formed the same oh that mine did. Her freshly waxed pussy was getting moist already. She slipped a hand inside her panties and deftly slipped a finger inside her love tunnel. She had many years’ experience and knew just where to touch herself for the ultimate pleasure. She quickly peeled off her panties and stepped into the sheer red baby doll nightie she had picked out for him. She pulled out her cell and snapped a quick picture. Her creamy white skin looked fantastic against the crimson material. Her cleavage was also prominently displayed just as she knew it would.

I swirled around and so did she. She let her hand slip down and part her smooth lips exposing the entrance she wanted filled. She slipped three fingers inside her fingering herself just like she always did but this time she had an audience. Her twin was watching and repeating every move she made. It was so sensual. She snapped several pictures, one with her shiny wet fingers in her mouth, another with her breast out and her fingers pinching her nipple and a final picture of her round bubble butt that he had begged for.

Just snapping the picture made her so excited. She peeled off the baby doll and slipped on a black garter belt, sheer black stockings with hearts all over them, see through black boy shorts and a sheer bra that would never conceal her huge nipples if they hardened for any reason. Today was not the day for modest attire. She wished she had some stiletto heels; those would make this outfit perfect.

I pinched my nipples and stood there admiring myself as they hardened. I snapped a picture, if I ever did send it he would be a very happy man. I slid a hand down and inside my waistband. I was even wetter now. I slipped three fingers inside my slippery pussy and started a slow motion that was my favorite stroke.

I uncovered my hooded clit and pinched it hard. She moaned in the mirror just like I did. I was nearing a very intense orgasm when the door burst open and the gorgeous sales clerk rushed in and kissed me.

“I have been watching you through the two way mirror. I knew you were going to be hot but my god I couldn’t wait anymore,” she said.

I stammered as she shoved her hand inside the boy shorts and her fingers joined mine. She yanked the sheer bra down releasing my full tits before she clamped her mouth over an entire arreola. She sucked hard as she hammered her fingers in my wet box.

I was so close to cumming before she joined me that when I exploded all over her hand she just smiled and bit my nipple. The boy shorts and hose were wrecked. The clerk grabbed my cell and took several pictures, She also texted them to her phone.

I kneeled down and shoved her skirt up to her waist. I peeled her thong off her and drove my tongue in her glistening snatch. She grabbed my head and drove my face into her crotch. I reached up and cupped her ass with both hands. I squeezed and kneaded her ass while I nibbled and sucked on her sweet spot.

She reached down and fingered her own clit. I bit it as soon as her finger moved away. She came in a gush splashing my chest with her cum. She snapped that photo too.

We sucked and fingered each other for two more orgasms before we ran out of steam. I wore the soggy lingerie home as a free gift. I did purchase three other outfits. I can’t wait for my next shopping spree.

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