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A Very Naughty Girl - Takes a Shower

A Very Naughty Girl - Takes a Shower

Horny, and awake early, I decide to satisfy myself in the shower with an unusual toy!
It was just one of those nights. I was awake for more than half of it, fading in and out of consciousness. My mind drifted through every sexual perversion I had ever done in my life. On a number of occasions I found my hand would drift onto my nipples and I found myself pulling on them, really hard, and even pinching them to the point where it hurt. My other hand was of course caressing my arse and I felt myself push a finger up my anus.

I felt like I just wanted to be used, by anyone and everyone. I contemplated searching for my vibrator, but I couldn't be bothered. Then I would fall asleep again. At one point through the night I actually started humping my spare pillow. I pushed it between my legs and rolled it until it was taught. Then I slowly fucked it between my thighs. I really wanted to cum, but the sensations, on this occasion, were not strong enough. I sobbed with frustration as I really wanted to feel the pleasure of an orgasm wash over me.

At six thirty I eventually woke up enough to realise that something had to be done about the state I was in. It was a Wednesday, and I had to go to work. I would be next to useless answering the phones in a support centre when the only thing on my mind was sex and pleasure. Before now, I have found myself in the ladies' toilets at work desperately frigging myself off while playing some dirty scene through my head. I was certain that stifled moans and groans definitely left my mouth. I just hoped at the time that no one else was in the toilets. I didn't want this to be another one of those depraved days.

I got out of bed and decided that the best course of action was a very long hot shower. I loved a long shower. In fact, over time, I have come to love the shower head too. I can tell you know, I was more than fucking horny as I grabbed the towel and headed across the hall to the bathroom. The towel was in my hand and I walked the six feet, past Gary's room, completely naked.

At the time I didn't care if he opened the door and saw me. I had decided that if he had then I would have to fuck him. I paused at his door and then I leaned against the opposite wall and slipped my hand over my pussy, slowly extending my index finger into it. I pulled it up to my mouth and licked it. There was no sign of Gary. I smiled to myself as I thought how unlucky he was.

I was a little disappointed as I moved off to the bathroom. Gary is not the brightest spark in the world, and while I have never seen his cock or anything like that, I would consider him fuckable on a one-night basis.

Inside the bathroom, I put the towel over the washbasin. I considered leaving the door open but decided against it. It was 'me' time in here, and I locked the door and then switched the water on in the shower. I was breathing rather unevenly. I had so many thoughts going around in my head, and I had planned how I was going to orgasm several times over already, but as I watched the water jet hit the glass wall of the cubicle, I found myself smiling.

This was my lover, my powerful lover and I couldn't wait to feel his arms and hands caress me. Then his powerful touch as he rounded my arse and came up between my thighs was going to be wonderful just like it always was, and I knew, that when he touched my clit, my eyes would close and I would be in heaven. I looked at the jet of water with anticipation, marveling at its sexiness. If only it was aware of what it was about to do to me, how it was going to make me feel.

I stepped into the shower and felt the water crash onto my head and back. I reached for the shampoo and washed my hair, savouring and anticipating every drop of water that touched my skin. I washed my body next. My soapy hands caressed my nipples and held my breasts, snaked down and over my belly and slipped sexily between my thighs. My pussy jumped in anticipation. I washed my legs and then poured more shower gel onto my hands.

My hands came up onto my breasts and I cupped them. I pushed the soap all over them and while holding them up I leant against the shower wall and tweaked my nipples hard. I felt a jolt of pleasure shoot through me. I reached for the shower head and adjusted it so that the water fell over my belly and onto my pussy. My hands came back onto my nipples as I stared dreamily out of the shower.

I pinched my nipples a few more times. My hands finally snaked down my waist. I have a nice waistline. It's slim but I would not describe myself as skinny at all. It dips into me before it flares out again at my hips. I followed my curves and I loved how it felt. When a man does this it makes me go all soft and weak at the knees, but I have to admit, I only feel those caresses when there's a cock the size of King Dong between my legs.

My hands rested on my hips for a while before one of them started to caress my arse. My hands seemed to have a mind of their own. They knew what to do without any instruction from me. I was on automatic. Both of them caressed my arse and I felt a finger probe along the cleft of my anus. It hovered over the hole, waiting to be told what to do.

I looked up at the shower head. The water was still pouring over my body. I reached up and unhooked it with my right hand while the finger of my left hand had its way with my arse. It pushed itself inside, it wiggled itself about and then the shower head came up between my thighs and I felt hot, powerful jets of water caress my pussy lips. I held the shower head between my thighs as my fingers caressed my lips and clitoris. My eyes were now opening and closing as I concentrated on several intrusions and sensations all at the same time.

It was then that I noticed it. I looked at it for some time as my hand stroked my pussy, contemplating whether it would be any good, how it would feel and most of all, whether I should even contemplate it. I removed my finger from my arse and replaced the shower head in its holder. I was lusty, too lusty and horny to ignore it. I had to give it a go.

I murmured the word "fuck" as I opened the shower door and reached out onto the bathroom shelf over the sink to retrieve my new, and unknown to it, sex toy. I stepped back into the shower with it in my hands. The first thing I did was slide the handle up and down my pussy lips and over my clit. Fuck, it felt nice just doing that with it, but I knew it was capable of much more. With the handle held against my pussy I switched it on. The vibrations shot through me at an alarming rate. They were subtle, yet strong. I varied its position and another jolt of sensations went flowing through me. I pushed the handle up onto my pubic bone and adjusted its head so that it was poking out from my pussy.

The sensations of a mild vibration against my pubic bone was second to none. It was wonderful. I found myself clenching my knees and legs together and gyrating my body to and fro; varying the sensations it sent through me. In my head I knew it was capable of making me cum all on its own. Maybe it was partly down to my heightened sexual state of arousal, but I knew I was going to cum with this toy helping me out.

I eventually found myself holding onto and directing the shower head over my breasts as I wiggled under the shower. I was like a snake on heat. Different sensations hit me when my body was fully forward and when my arse was nearly touching the glass door. Every wiggle of my arse slowly adjusted the position of my new toy and I found myself putting it back into position. My orgasm was definitely getting closer and closer.

Eventually, I had to feel what it would be like inside me. I took the handle and inserted it, still vibrating away up into my pussy. I put the head between my thighs and gyrated my body as I did before. I found a murmur of pleasure leave my mouth, then a groan, then a full blown "Oh! fuck!"

I was trying my best not to use the head of my new toy, but I was a hopeless case by now. My orgasm was burning inside me, and telling me to do anything and everything to release it. I pulled the head up towards my clit with it still inside me. I felt stronger vibrations against my womb but the head never reached my clit. I removed it and while pressing the head to my clitoris, placed the handle along my pussy lips. I held the whole thing in place with my thighs.

The vibrations were wonderful as before, but my clit went wild when it felt it the vibrations of the bristles against it. I found my stomach clenching uncontrollably, like a million butterflies were swarming inside me trying to escape. My arse, legs and knees wiggled in a circular motion around the shower which varied and enforced the vibrations on my clit. Then I started to buck my pussy up and down as if I was on some guys horny cock. Every thrust of my arse downwards pushed the vibrating head onto my clit and I would clench my stomach even more.

I was by now gasping for release. The water from the shower was falling onto my back, I was more or less doubled over with this device throbbing between my thighs. I eventually pulled the head onto my clit and held it there for a few seconds. It tickled like fuck as it rubbed my most sensitive spot. I pushed it onto my clit some more and with the handle between my thigh I clenched it in place. My left hand was placed flat on the shower wall, steadying my body as I clenched my thighs together, each time sending the bristles onto my clit.

I was about to cum.

I let out a barrage of expletives as I felt my orgasm build. I was gritting my teeth, as I felt it rise inside me. At no time did I stop the bucking of my hips. My spare hand came down on my arse and I snaked a finger straight up my anus. It was the last straw. I felt like a dirty and depraved whore in the shower and I loved every minute of it. My orgasm exploded, and I mean exploded, out of me. I gasped loudly as it ripped its way out and washed itself away with the water.

The intensity made me collapse onto the shower floor. My legs opening slightly as I relaxed. My toy slipped from my clit and started to fall. I grasped it quickly before it hit the floor. I was breathing heavily and my thighs were still twitching as I switched it off. I finally raised myself into the full flow of the water and started to breath a little more easily.

Out of the shower, I looked at the device with a little more respect than I had given it earlier. I found myself smiling at it, and biting my lips in a sexy way. I washed it under the cold water tap, dried it off and replaced it on the shelf above the washbasin. I dried myself and after cleaning my teeth, wrapped the towel around me and left the bathroom. I hesitated outside Gary's room and wondered whether I should slip my finger in my pussy again. I carried on towards my room.

I looked at the clock and it read seven forty five. "Fuck!" I thought. I have been in there for an hour and a quarter. Worse, I had been masturbating for that long as well. As I was getting dressed in my sexiest lingerie, as I had decided I deserved it after that wonderful orgasm, I heard Gary head for the bathroom.

As I left for work, I could hear a buzzing from the bathroom. The door was half closed and I could see Gary leaning over the washbasin cleaning his teeth. I stopped. Watched him for a few seconds and bit my lip like a wicked schoolgirl. In a very wanton way, I hoped he could taste my cum juices as he brushed his teeth.

He never mentioned it, even if he did.

I will admit to having used Gary's toothbrush on several occasions since that naughty day, and if you are ever wondering whether you should give one a go then don't hesitate. Do it. Gary made me smile one Saturday when he asked if he could grab a lift into town to do some shopping with me. After asking him what he wanted, he told me that he had bought a useless vibrating toothbrush. The batteries were dead after only two weeks and he was going to get an ordinary one. It made me laugh out loud, and I told him that I was thinking of buying one. I then realised that I would have to buy one sooner than I had expected.

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