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A walk home

Walking home from a party can be very exciting
I was walking along a narrow path through the woods, on my way home from a party out with the boys. We have been trying to pick up some chicks but neither of us had any luck that night, we had a few to much to drink.. I did anyway..

It was dark and sometime it was hard for me to avoid falling over the branches that was on the path. Suddenly I saw a glimpse of something I couldn’t clearly see, but the first thing that came into mind was a half naked woman in a long coat. I thought that It was funny and I decided to follow the moving shadow. I came close enough and I saw this shadow turn in to a very beautiful woman in a long coat. She walked off the path to a bench where a homeless man was drinking a beer. In the light from the lamp, I could see she flashed him. She opened her coat and revealed her naked body.. She was all naked except for a pair of long black boots. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Neither could the homeless person. 

The girl walked away, as if nothing had happened and she passed a couple walking by. When she walked away, her bare leg was showing from the opening of the coat. I was stunned.. Stunned by what I have just witnessed and by her beauty.

I tried to follow her, but after a few turns she was gone. I was sad cause I was really interested in this beautiful young woman and to see what she was up to next. I turned around and started to walk home. I had walked for like 2-3 minutes when I heard something puzzling in the bushes. I just walked further but it was like the puzzling went along or even followed me. I got a bit curious so I walked over to the place I was hearing noises from. I removed a couple of branches and what I was seeing now, got me very excited.

In the bushes, the girl I was following earlier was on her back, her legs spread wide and her body naked, just partly surrounded by the long coat. I could see her hand was between her legs, she didn’t make a sound but her legs were twisting so all the leaves were making this puzzling sound. I stared at her, trying to hide so she would not see me. I was afraid she would stop the show if she did see me.  

I could see she was very excited by her own touch. Her parted legs still had the long boots up those slender legs. Her eyes were closed and I couldn’t help thinking if she would scream or run away if she saw me. I wanted to jerk of to the sight of her so I unbuttoned my pants and got my half erect penis out in the free air. I looked at her and now small moans escaped her lips. I thought about how many she had flashed that night, if it was a lost bet that made her do it and stuff like that. I came to the conclusion that no matter what, she was very excited now and that I just should enjoy the show while it lasted.

From her coat pocket she took out a vibrator. It didn’t look like a penis, it was more like a triangle with a handle on it or something. She moved and I was afraid I was caught. Her eyes were still closed and she turned around and placed herself in such away that her behind, were in the air. She took the toy and placed it in her now very wet opening. She pressed it in and getting it all wet. Now it was time for the toy to enter the rear hole it seemed cause that is where she played with it most of the time now. It got further and further inside her and after 5 minutes it swapped inside and stayed there. I could hear it was a vibrator too and with the vibrator inside her, she placed herself on her back again. Now her legs pointed directly at my spot. She bend her legs and placed one hand on her clitoris and the other grabbed the vibrator in her rear end. I think it was to hold it in place while she rubbed her clitoris.

 All this was very exciting to me and I couldn’t hold back much longer. I didn’t want to cum either because I enjoyed the show too much.

Her moans got louder and I wondered if anyone else heard this too. Her body started to shake a bit and I said to myself: “This is it, you are allowed to cum now”, and the second I let myself do it, the orgasm came with such a force that I squirted all the way up to where she was having fun. Some of it landed on her knee.

She almost screamed her orgasm out and I stayed to watch her. She laid there, totally still. Then she sat up and looked around. Her eyes were blank and I could see she were still horny. Her hand accidentally touched my cum stain on her knee and she looked at it. She got some of it on her finger and she tasted it. Then she looked directly at me and said: ”Thank you, did you enjoy the show?”

To be continued…

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