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Afternoon routine

Just a little tease, sort of a sequel to 'morning routine'

I’m sitting in my chair and look at you. For some reason I can never get enough of looking at you, the smooth outlines of your face, the soft curves of your body are a sight I can look at for hours. You sit on the bed with your back against the headboard. Your only clothing is one of my white shirts with only the middle button buttoned up, exposing parts of your flat stomach. Your belly piercing glistens by the light of the afternoon sun that brightens the bedroom. Your legs are stretched in front of you, but pressed against each other, not allowing my prying eyes to see what they want to see.

The corners of your mouth lift slightly in a sly smile as you raise your hand, and press a finger on your lips. Seductively, you moisten your finger with your tongue, and then slowly trace your lips with it as if applying lipstick, causing the moisture to accentuate your full pink lips. Closing your eyes, you slip your finger in your mouth, sucking it slowly in. How I wish something else was getting sucked into your mouth. That something was swelling rapidly in my pants. And you know what effect you have on me, although you cannot see it. You open your eyes again, pulling your finger slowly out of your mouth. You look at me as you lock your lips tight around your finger, trying to delay its retreat.

You unbutton the only button that holds the shirt together. The fabric slides to the side of your body, exposing your breasts to my view. I can see your nipples are already formed into hard buds. I want to bend forward, reach for your breasts, caress them, kiss them with my mouth, but I have to restrain myself.

I watch you move your hand down to your right breast, the wet finger circling over your areola. Your thumb joins your finger, locking your nipple between them, twisting it. Your mouth opens slightly and I can hear a faint moan. My shaft twitches in my pants at the sight and sound. I know you like to tease me and I can only imagine how wet your pussy must be by teasing me like that. But looking down, I see your legs are still pressed together, although you wiggle around slightly on the bed.

You pull your nipple and let go, cupping your breast in your hand, squeezing it. Your other hand slides down over your stomach. I follow your hand with my gaze as you spread your legs, showing me what I hoped to see. I see your shaven pussy, a hint of wetness glistening between your lips. The sight makes me reach for my crotch. I squeeze my cock a little through my pants.

Your fingers slide down, barely touching your pussy lips, grazing over them. You look at me with lust in your eyes. I know what you want to feel down there, what you want to feel slip inside you that will make you moan in pleasure. My mouth is dry at the idea of it, feeling the silky wet heat around my shaft when I push inside you.

I see you slipping a finger inside your wet folds, your close your eyes as if you’re thinking about the same thing I was thinking off, maybe you do. The rising and falling of your chest increases in speed. You open your eyes slightly, looking at me, seeing the lust for you in my eyes.

You slide another finger in and start moving both fingers in and out of your pussy slowly. Your juices stick to your fingers, makes them glistening. I can see it, almost smell your arousal. I have the urge to unbutton my pants and start stroking my cock furiously, but I resist, I have to. Your lip quivers as your moaning become louder. Your hips grind faster and faster, the muscles in your body tense. I know it won’t be long before you reach your orgasm. Your pull your soaked fingers out of your pussy, move them up to rub your love button. I hear you moaning loud as you start rubbing your swollen clit frantically.

You start to squirm uncontrollably on the bed. Your eyes are half closed, resisting the urge to close them completely, because you want to see the expression of pure lust for you on my face as you finger yourself towards your peak. But you can’t hold out any longer, giving in to the pleasure that is about to wash over you. You scream, closing your eyes, shaking as if hit by ice cold water, but all you feel is heat, sweat, and that blissful feeling.

“Mmmmm shit baby, that was good,” you say, panting. Your fingers caress your labia, prolonging the satisfied feeling “, too bad you’re not here to ram your stiff cock in my pussy. I could really use that right now.”

I smile weakly into the webcam. My dick is throbbing in my pants and what you just said is exactly what I want to do, but I’m stuck in my office at work, looking at you on the screen of my laptop.

“I’ll get you tonight and then you’ll be sorry,” I taunt you.

“I can’t wait. I’ll be home around eleven pm after my evening shift.”

I groan. I forgot you have to work the evening shift and won’t be home until late. You smile as you see my frustration.

“Sorry baby, I’m sure it will be worth the wait,” you say as you walk towards the cam, swaying your hips, showing off your delicious body.

“Tease,” I say as I see you bend forward and blowing me a kiss through the cam.

“Fucker,” you reply with a grin on your face before you shut down the webcam and the window goes black on my laptop. I sigh, close the laptop, and concentrate on my work again.

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