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All For Julie

The girl at work..a fantasy...but will it come true?
I watch you from across the floor at the store meetings; you have no idea that I’m practically staring at you. I look at you, from head to toe. Your hair is jet-black, cut in a bob type style. Your eyes are dark and piercing. Your tight navy blue shirt conceals your small, though very well shaped breasts. Your khaki pants, though not quite as snug as your shirt, have your ass to help fill them out. I watch you and your dark, brooding nature. There is something very erotic about you; I have yet to figure it out. Something strange that pulls me towards you.

I look up at you, and our eyes seem to catch each other’s. You smile and my heart seems to melt on the spot. I smile back and nod in an effort to return the gesture. Throughout the rest of the meeting, our eyes are locked on one another. All is silent, as all I can think about is you. I am almost twice your age, but you have piqued my interest. You stand approximately five foot three, a little shorter than myself. But you genuinely seem interested. Finally the meeting is over, and we go our separate ways. I look for you a little while later, but I don’t find you. Not that I would know what to say once I did, but I still made the effort.

Another day-another meeting. This time I spot you before it begins. We share another smile. So I decide to get brave and mosey around to stand next to you. We make some small talk, I tell you how I searched you out, you give me a girlish laugh, not quite a giggle and tell me you were in the grocery department the whole time. As the meeting starts, you are obviously much more into it than me. I, in the meantime am checking you out, up close this time. Your breasts, rough guess on my part would be a 34B, but I think even that’s kind of pushing it. Your dark, brooding eyes have a certain amount of sparkle to them, almost like a pitch-black night, when just the stars are out. Your ass, well, suffice it to say is just the right size for grabbing.

I’m sure most people think you’re a real bitch, just by trying to judge you by your looks. I on the other hand find you the complete opposite. I mention that to you a little while later, and you attribute it to the fact that it’s because you only talk to those that you want to talk to (lucky me). Anyway at the meeting, you turn to look at me every now and then. Giving me that dazzling smile and dark gaze that makes me fall apart. Looking at you I want to tell you so bad that I think that you are one of the hottest females in the store. Truth be known, in my eyes you ARE the hottest female in the store. As the meeting comes to a close, I do tell you that I will see you later. You simply reply “Okay, I’ll be over in grocery.” And with that you smile and leave.

Well, “later” came and I found you, as lovely as ever. You stop your busy chores, long enough to talk to me. It’s just small talk, but gives me more of a chance to let my eyes wander over your petite frame. I definitely like what I see, never being a big fan of large busted women to begin with, there’s enough there to suck and nibble on. Matter of fact, a cool breeze must have suddenly blew through, as I believe I see just a hint of pointy nipple trying to poke through your bra. Big sigh on my part. The rest of my day is spent just imagining how wild you must be in bed. I already have you pegged as someone who truly enjoys sex (if it’s done right AND the way you want it). After a few minutes, I leave you your work.

Me on the other hand, I am accomplishing nothing fast. My mind is still reeling from you, and all of the delicious ways I can think of that we would/could have sex. Not to mention the fact that I’d have to go down on you first. Just seeing you naked would have me hard, I know that just from hanging around you for that short amount of time, but then to have your legs spread and that pussy splayed out before me, with its pink pouty lips contrasted by dark, dense pubic hair…I’m hard just typing this. Julie, Julie just let me start at your feet and lick upwards. Do you suppose that you would be wet by the time I reached my destination? I’d lick all around your furry little patch, before diving in for the main course. I told you I was getting nothing done, just daydreaming about you. Or is that considered fantasizing?

I know for a fact that I’d have you squirming and writhing in no time. Not that I’m necessarily that good, but I know that you would be that good. I wonder if you would suck my cock, or at least play with it while it was dangling nearby? It really doesn’t matter, as long as I get to shove it into that hot, pink pussy hole of yours. Maybe I’ll just bring you to the brink of orgasm, before I stop, and tease you some more. Then again, I want you to cum. I want you to orgasm many more times. I want to taste you; I want to ride out your orgasm with you.

Then we could switch…being a big fan of small-breasted women, I initially want you on top. I want to fondle those little titties, those tight nipples. I want to feel that firmness between my fingers. Slide down on my rigid cock. Ride me baby. Tease me. Taunt me. But God forbid, don’t let me cum. I want to enjoy you as long as possible. I want you slide up and down my pole. I want to be taken almost all the way out and have you thrust downward, taking the whole length of me up inside you. Lean forward, kiss me, poke those hard nipples into my chest. I’ll let you have your fun, but a few words of warning, at this pace I won’t last long.

As I feel myself being drawn nearer to orgasm, I suddenly and without missing a beat, flip you over and start fucking you doggy style. Oh god, you’re so tight yet at the same token you are so wet. My cock thrusts in and out effortlessly. I reach around you and pinch your nipples gently, and then with a little more force. This invokes a low guttural moan from you. Somehow, as in everything we’ve been doing, I knew you liked that. We seem to be in sync with each other’s bodies, perfectly in tune. I slow down the pace ever so slightly as to hold back myself from cumming as long as possible.

I continue sliding the whole length of myself deep inside of you. The pressure is building within my balls. I reach around you once again, this time around your slim waist. I begin fondling your clit, urging you to cum with me. You begin pushing back in to my hips. Between the two of us I am forced to go as deep in to your pussy as possible. I begin pushing in with more force, feeling my balls slapping against your moist slit. Your very shapely ass high in the air, your moans are louder now as I continue my assault on your hot body. I know I won’t be able to hold out much longer. I feel your cunt bearing down on the head of my cock. My breathing is coming in short gasps now, holding out for as long as possible. You’re practically begging me now. You want me to cum deep inside of you, as you push against me, thrust for thrust.

I pull my cock almost completely out again, before you push yourself back on to me. Oh god, my balls are tingling now, knowing that release is near. I slam hard into your pussy. Once, twice and finally three more thrusts before I warn you that I am finally there. I hold still as I feel the first spurt leap from my cock and deliver itself deep inside your womb. Then I begin fucking you with all of the intensity that I can muster, delivering my seed to it’s much intended destination. Shot after shot of white, hot sperm erupts from my cock. I can actually feel it pulse with each spurt. All I can do is grit my teeth, squint my eyes and let my cock spasm. Suddenly your cunt is a lot slicker than it was before, as the tightness of you squeezes my cum out and around my shaft. A few, long stringy strands of cum find their way from my balls on to the sheets, from the overflow. As I pull out, my cock is completely drained.

Suddenly, I’m snapped back to reality. There’s customer who needs my assistance. But nothing, and I do mean nothing, can get in the way of keeping me from thinking about you. I make a futile effort to finish up the day’s tasks, everything else can wait for tomorrow (that is unless you work again). I put in my eight hours (finally) and clock out. Heading home for the day I’m still thinking about you. I slowly rub my cock through the material of my thin khaki pants. It doesn’t take much and I’m at full hardness. I gently massage my cock using my thumb and forefinger. By the time I’ve gotten home I can feel a decent sized wet spot in my boxers caused by the pre-cum and all of those delicious thoughts of you.

I can’t wait to get naked, so I quickly strip down. I look through my extensive porn collection, because I want to find the one girl that mostly resembles you. Forty-five minutes later, I’d found one, and fortunately for me she’s lying back with her legs spread wide, exposing a close cropped black haired pussy, with just a hint of pink peeking through. I begin rubbing/stroking myself again. My cock throbs within my hand, anticipating what was to come. I tease myself. In a way it’s all for you. I want to make it last as long as physically possible. My hand slowly glides up and down the length of my rod. My other hand reaches down and fondles my balls.

I whisper your name, wishing you could hear me. I find myself talking to the picture “Julie, this cum is going to be for you baby. Oh, I want to fuck you so badly”. But it all falls on deaf ears, yet it still feels good to say it. My hand begins moving a little faster. Any pre-cum that appears quickly gets spread on to the picture, making the glossy picture look shinier still. It feels so good. Massaging my balls and milking my cock, my balls begin their slow rise, closer to my body, as I know my orgasm is approaching. I attempt to pull the two of them, mashing them together. But there’s not much slack as my sack draws tighter. My God, ever so closer I get. Time to back off. Just a bit.

Then again, there’s that other side of me that just wants to let it go. Cum and be done with it. Let it shoot where it may. But then again what would be the fun in that? I continue stroking myself, slowly, teasingly. Up and down, bringing myself to the brink, over and over again. Building up to what eventually will be one giant, exhilarating orgasm. I wonder if you would watch me cum, or would you be too shy or inhibited. Oh God, I am so near.

I like the feeling of my hand gliding up and down my prick, I have a measure of control. Whereas if it were your soft, somewhat dainty hand, I probably would have cum already. My whole fantasy evolves around you; I look at the black haired girl in the picture, and wish it were you. More pre-cum slowly dribbles from my throbbing cock; again it’s back to the picture. My balls ache for release. The tension builds, I let go of myself only momentarily as I wait for those familiar sensations to subside just a bit. I marvel at how my cock mimics my heartbeat, my pulse if you will.

I close my eyes, and I see you, standing naked before me. I once again take hold of my still rigid cock. I imagine it is you taking hold of it. The grip it tightens as it begins once again gliding up and down my shaft. The motions start out slowly but steadily they increase in speed. God, how I wish it were really you. I open my eyes and again they take hold of the photo. The dark haired girl, with her legs spread wide. Seeking, searching, wanting some attention. My breathing is heavy and quick, for this time there is no turning back.

I move my hips in, closer to the picture. My orgasm is drawing nearer. My other hand reaches down and massages my aching balls. I pull on them, almost in an attempt to milk the cum out of them. Oh God, I am so close now. I can actually feel my cock throb in anticipation of its release. My thumb and forefinger grasp it, just behind its head. I push and pull even faster, wanting to cum. I feel my balls tense up. I know a few more strokes and it’ll all be over. I glance down at the picture again. My mind is racing with thoughts of you.

Finally my orgasm is upon me, as spurts of white gooey cum shoot across the picture. One, two, three very strong ones. The rest I aim for the wide opened black haired pussy before me. Soon the entire area is covered with cum. All for you Julie, all with you in mind. I continue stroking my pole, milking out whatever little bit I can out of it. God, it feels so good to finally have release. And it feels even better knowing that I came all for you. The only thing better would have been to have you here personally. Let me enjoy that tight little snatch of yours.

Now I get the unthankful job of cleaning this mess up. Carefully I lift the picture as to not let any drip on the bed. I walk it in to the bathroom and throw it in the tub (I need to shower anyway). I go back and lie on the bed, thinking about what I had just done, as the remaining cum slowly dribbles from my cock on to my leg. Eventually I get up and head to the shower, the water rinses the cum from the picture. As I begin to soap myself up, I find myself getting strangely aroused again. I give my semi-hard cock a few tugs and before long it’s hard again. Hmmmmm…should I or shouldn’t I?

You decide…e-mail me, what do YOU think?

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