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All For You

For the ladies...I cum All For You.
Attention: All horny females out there. Did you ever just want to sit back and watch your mate masturbate for you? That’s been a fantasy of mine for quite some time. Just to sit (or lie) there and jerk off until I cum. All the while my significant other sits across from me watching. And if she wants to make it doubly exciting, she could be doing herself right along with me.

I swear, I would do it from the beginning when my cock is still in its flaccid state, to end, milking out every single drop of white, gooey cum that I possibly could.. We could do it as a role-playing adventure, whereas you actually ‘force’ me to jerk off until I explode with pleasure. Or you could play the shy, demure girl who has never seen a cock up close before.. Who knows? Maybe I’ll just tie you to the bed and force you to watch me cum!

Just watch as I pull my cock from my boxers. Right now it’s just a stubbly three and a half inches. But wait, after just a few stokes, watch as it expands to it’s full six inches. Isn’t it amazing the things the human body can do? I continue my steady up and down motion, not too fast-not too slow.

Every so often I have to stop and fondle my balls (every guy likes his balls squeezed and kneaded). That actually makes my cock jump with anticipation. Then it’s back up to the cock again. I wrap my thumb and forefinger just behind the head of it and continue my stroking. My grip is firm but not tight (if that makes any sense to you). Imagining that you are watching my every move has me totally excited.

I pull up on the head and a bead of pre-cum appears at the hole. I release my cock just long enough to use my forefinger as I run my fingertip over it and rub it in on the underside of my shaft, just below the head. My hand returns to my cock again, this time stroking a little faster.

The funny thing about being a guy, we know exactly what we like and how to do it (I’m sure females say the same thing). We can make ourselves cum in about two minutes or we can tease ourselves and hold out for two hours. I personally prefer teasing myself and stretching it out for a longer period of time. It makes the orgasm that much more intense.

So, as I continually stroke myself, without missing a beat I use my fingertips and gently squeeze the sides of my cock. Another gob of pre-cum appears, so I must be doing something right. This time though I leave it alone. I’ve decided to let it all pool at the head of my cock. Eventually it will run down. I squeeze my balls again.

Can you see my cock throbbing now? Watch as I move my hand away…it bobs as if keeping pace with my heartbeat. You’re watching me, and it just makes me want to shoot my load that much more. But still I continue my long and painful tease. Keeping in mind that this is basically all for you.

Once again I begin by grasping my cock and moving my hand up and down. Take note that as I get closer to cumming the faster my hand moves. I imagine you moving closer to me. You want to see it close up.

The pre-cum has finally found a path down my shaft and you can see the wetness of it as my cock glistens in the afternoon sun. I let you know I’m getting closer. And if you want me to hold back, now is the time to tell me. I let loose just long enough to give my balls a few final squeezes, causing my cock to jump with anticipation.

I wrap my hand around my hard, pulsating shaft once again. I start jerking myself off with a bit more conviction now. I am totally thrilled with the notion that you want to watch me cum. My hand moves faster up and down. Have you noticed my breathing changing? It’s a bit raspier now, and a little bit heavier. Every now and then I let out a sigh, just as a sign to let you know I’m getting closer.

Now with my left hand I reach down and begin tugging at my balls, pulling at them. I have to let go of myself momentarily…I don’t want to cum just yet. I am so close. If you were to reach out and touch me, I’m sure that would set me off. But not yet, I want to tease us both one last time before I cum. I want to be absolutely certain that that’s what YOU want. So are you ready for the big finale?

Okay, here goes…I put my head back and grab my cock, but this time I slow the pace down a bit. I want you to be able to witness the cum shooting from deep within me. I want you to watch as I empty the contents of my balls. I want you to watch each and every spurt that leaps from my prick.

So again my left hand massages those balls as my right continues its slow, meaningful, manipulative jerk. Oh God. I grit my teeth. My eyes are squinted, but opened just enough so that I can see your reaction. I am actually panting now, trying to hold back mentally but I am losing the battle physically. I study your face, you’re both amused and flushed.

Watch me baby…I’m almost there…this time there is no holding back. I continue stroking myself slowly (I want to go faster but this is your time). Oh it feels so good. Oh God. I ask you one last time are you ready? I’m not, and I cannot wait for you to answer…Oh God baby, here it cums…one…two…three stokes and the first spurt shoots high on to my belly. Watch as each subsequent spurt of cum follows its lead. I can feel my balls twitch with every spurt. Four good-sized spurts of cum shoot from my throbbing member, followed by a few smaller ones. Fuck. It pools up on my stomach.

Oh God. It feels so fucking wonderful to release my load for you. My God. I continue milking my cock. I want you to savor it all. I did it just for you. Watch as even the smallest of drops escape from my cock.

Phew, now my cock is returning back to its normal, flaccid state. I hope you enjoyed my little show. If you did, you could always write your own little story as a kind of response. I’d be very interested in knowing if this had any effect on you, and if so, what. And who knows? Maybe we can do it again sometime.. Until then, this is Noahbody signing off.

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