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Ally's Travels Part Two

First-Class isn't the only pleasurable place on an airplane.
Ally ran through the door leading to the plane just as it closed shut. She ran down the walkway and burst into the plane. She walked down the aisle and found her seat next to Jennifer and Daniel. She put down her laptop and purse and flopped into the aisle seat next to I.

"Dan's already asleep?"

"He was up all night yesterday night cyber sexing and then he went to work without sleeping and then he came here. So what happened?"

"Well I was sitting in the cafe, and all of a sudden, guess who sits next to me."


"Darell Turner."

"Oh my God! From the 9th Grade?"

"Yes! And he's still a hunk!"

"Oh my God what did you guys do?"

"Well we talked for a few minutes and then shared some memories. Like the time he lost his virginity with me in the school utility closet on prom night! Then I remembered I had a plane to catch. So we stood up and exchanged goodbyes, and we hugged. Jen he was so sexy! I wanted him to fuck me right there! Then while we were hugging I could feel his cock through his pants and he was hard!!"

"No way!"

"So I brushed my hand against it and looked up at him and smiled and asked him if he liked what he saw. He was very surprised and started to stutter. So I took him to a unisex bathroom and showed him what I learned since our last sexual encounter."

"You guys had sex?!?"

"Yes we did! We walked to the gate and I gave him my number and kissed him. I swear, if it weren't for the plane, I would have dragged him back in that bathroom and have him fuck me again girl. He even slapped my ass when I started walking away!

"Ally, you truly are a sex goddess. You can have sex anywhere!"

"I've been told a few times."

"Hello passengers, we are ready for takeoff, please fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride."

For the next three hours, Ally went over the sex she had with Darell, and each time she remembered the encounter her clit lit up on fire. She was hungry for relief. She checked if I was asleep. In the darkness of the plane, she slipped one hand into her skirt and the other in her blouse. The danger of what she was doing made her all  the more excited. She started to tease herself, slowly going up and down her thighs, brushing her slit. She started twisting and playing with her nipples. She then stuck a finger in her hungry pussy and gasped with pleasure. She took it out and licked her finger clean. She loved the sweetness of herself. She stuck another finger and started to move in and out of her pussy while twisting her nipples between her fingers. A quiet moan escaped her lips as she pleasured herself in the darkness. Her fingers started to work faster to satisfy her insatiable sexual  desire. She started to breathe harder and she was moaning audibly. Her fingers increased the speed and  soon her moans were causing others to stir. She could feel an orgasm building up. She had to control herself before she had her orgasm. She ran to the bathroom and was so intent on pleasing herself, she forgot to lock it. She quickly lifted up her skirt and moved her thong to the side.

 "This is the second time in a day I'm in a bathroom for sexual pleasure" she thought to herself.

  Daniel couldn't believe what he just saw! Seeing Ally pleasuring herself had been one of his fantasies since the first day he met her. Daniel Always wanted to have sex with her, but he never could work up the nerve to ask her. He decided if he didn't go now, he would never get another chance. Seeing Ally masturbating motivated him to walk to the bathroom. He could hear Ally inside moaning. He opened the door a crack and was shocked at what he saw. He saw Ally going through an orgasm on top of the toilet. He looked around and saw the floor was wet. He thought it was water.


Daniel saw a stream of cum fly and land on the floor. His cock was so hard it hurt! He left the bathroom and ran into another. He pulled out his cock and remembered Ally cumming. He cummed all over the bathroom sink. He felt a bit relieved. He cleaned up and came out just as Ally came out the bathroom.

"Hi Daniel! I didn't know you were up."

"I just woke up."

Daniel watched Ally sashay down the aisle, the outline of her ass visible through the skirt.
He walked back to his seat, brushing Ally's nipple accidentally while going to his seat. A moan left her mouth and Daniel quickly wet to his seat. He quickly powered his laptop on and put it in his lap to hide his stiffening cock. He watched through the corner of his eye as Ally fell asleep. He replayed everything that happened in the last hour in his mind...

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